Monday, July 5, 2010

A Big Shout Out To Misslofly !! :)

Hey Ya'll,
I just wanted to shout out a big welcome to a new Follower!  She goes by Misslofly, and her blog link is: My Life.  She is a true newbie as she has not even been in contact with a Surgeon as yet.  So she really needs our help and support!

Misslofly, I tried to leave you a comment on your blog, but after I finished, and it was saved, I noticed that it was no longer showing up in your blog comments!!  I tried a second time as well, and still it is not showing!  So unless you have it setup to where you need to approve all comments first, and I didn't see it.  Then of course, disregard this part of my post!!  LOL

So Misslofly...."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

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