Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This Will Be A Long One!!! PART 2


What A View!!

Hey Ya'll,

Part 2, here we come!!  For those of you still with me that is!!  LOL  I know how hard it can be sometimes to read such long posts.  But I am way behind in posting.  Part of the reason will be discussed in this post!

****Now for an update on Walt's Ear Infection.  I know that I told you I took him into the ER the weekend of the 4th for an Outer Ear Infection, then discovered on Tuesday the 6th that he had a Double Ear Infection, as he had an Inner Ear Infection in the opposite Ear!!  Well, the Antibiotics helped.  At least with the pain, but his Ear's are still plugged up.  So he has been taking Tavist D, trying to clear his Ears.  Unfortunately, he still goes, "what did you say"?  Like an old man!  LOL  I shouldn't laugh, I know.  I do know what he is going through though, and it is hard when you can't clear the pressure in the Ears.  But when it happens to me, it usually effects my Equilibrium!!

But big news, he will be riding several long days, to get used to riding long distances.  This is a requirement of our friend Don (he was one of my MC Safety Course Instructors).  Don will probably be riding with Walt back to Texas, to go pick up our Trike Wheels that we bought!!  Yes!  We bought them!!  But since it will be either 2, REALLY LONG DAYS, or 3 Fairly Long Days to get to Texas (and this isn't counting the ride back, of course), Don wants to make sure that Walt is physically up to it.  So he told Walt to take 3-600 mile rides, and do them on 3 consecutive days!!!  So he will be riding his ASS OFF this weekend!!  So he is really hoping to have the Ears under better control by then.

****Well, what can I say, I already broke the news about the Trike Wheels.  Walt e-mailed Don, after I texted Walt and informed him that I passed regarding my passing, and Don said "OMG, I'm getting off the road"!  And Walt said, "I'm blaming it on you"!!  LOL  Men, you gotta love them.....right?  And like I said, the Trike Wheels are in a small town in Texas.  The guy just bought his Bike, and the Trike Wheels were already on it.  He didn't want them, so he sold them to us!  Now I just need to learn how to ride our Humongous Bike!  Relearning how to control the power it has, etc.  I can't wait to see the faces I get riding it!

****Now, the reason that I haven't posted since the 7th, except to welcome my newest Follower, Christine yesterday.  Do you remember my post on June 2nd?  Where we had gone through a 14-15 hour Power Outage???  Luckily, we weren't having any real problems with heat yet.  We had been having a really mild Late Spring/Early Summer, so at least we weren't dying!!

Well, Thursday the 8th of happened AGAIN!!  Why???  Why only our area?  Just a few blocks away, they "Have Power"!!  Is there something out there that says, "Walt and Debbie are doing their best to save money this Summer, and aren't running their Air Conditioner, so let's make sure they don't have ANY ELECTRICITY AT ALL"??!! 

Again, thank goodness that it wasn't extremely hot, but it was hot enough to make it very uncomfortable.  Especially since we do run the Whole House Fan at night to cool down the house, and make it more comfortable to sleep.  And by doing this, the house at least starts out cooler the next day.  But with no House Fan at night, no cooler house the next day.  So by the next day, the house is really getting uncomfortable.  This time we were out of Power, for about 14 hours, again!!

Now, I was about 1/2 way into writing my post, guessed it.  The lights went out.  It was 11 pm and I thought, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, Not Again!!  This is going to be a REALLY LONG NIGHT!!  I immediately called in to our local Electric Co, and discovered I was the first one to report the outage.  I just knew that it was going to be an all nighter at least.  So I lit some candles and turned on our battery operated lantern, to draft some plans by, since I couldn't do anything on the Computer!  It just seems like someone is targeting our area specifically. 

Like I said earlier, luckily the temps only reached about 92 degrees that day, so all in all, it was livable.  Now, if it had happened just a couple of days later, we were in the 100's!!  Thank god for little miracles!!  And we are barely into Summer!  We have never had outages like this, in the 10 years we have been in this house.  And the ones that we did have only lasted 4-5 hours, not 14-15 hours!  And now, already 2 of them and both lasting over 14 hours each???  WTH is up with this?

****Since I mentioned the Drafting project, I guess that I should tell you what Walt's newest hair brained idea is......We both like different sections of 2-3 different 5th Wheels, so he is hoping that by the Fall, they will be so desperate to sell, that they will be willing to make some "Changes" for us.  I have told him that the kind of changes he is hoping for, will never happen.  However, he said that if we don't ask, they will not have the opportunity to say no!  Or yes for that matter.  But we do have a backup plan just in case they say no.

So I am drawing up some plans showing our "Dream RV" on Grid Paper.  When I am finished, I may post them on the blog so that you can see what I am talking about.  I have drawn up separate plans for each section, and I have drawn up one plan showing our entire "Dream RV" pieced together! 

My plans are as close to scale as I can make them, without actual known numbers.  Meaning we do not have the room sizes.  We have a few of the measurements/dimensions, so I am guesstimating the rest.  Luckily, I don't have to be perfect.  Once I finish them, I may download a free trial of one of the CAD programs out there for Macs, and attempt to put the plans on it.  I took 2 Semesters of CAD in College about 14 yrs ago, but my CAD program was for a PC.  And now we use Macs. :)

****About the only thing left for my to say is......Did I tell you I got my Kindle DX???  I love it and can't wait until I can start buying books for it.  So far I have downloaded about 18 free books, but the ones that I really want to read, I have to pay for.  Luckily, I have some money coming, in the form of Gift Certificates for Amazon.  I am expecting them any day!! (Imagine my tongue hanging out, like a Dog riding in a car, with his head hanging out the window!).  Am I excited?  Of course! that I have typed my fingers to death.  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends


Christine said...

First: How jealous am I over your motorcycle-licensing-ness!! I have been wanting to get my license and subsequent motorcycle for a long time now. There are classes all spring/winter/fall near where I work and I keep MEANING to take the darn class but my life is too busy to accommodate it at this point. Anyway, post lots of pics of your motorcycle riding because I want to see!

Secondly: You should really think about investing in a generator if your power goes out so frequently!

Thirdly: That's awesome about the RV! How clever of you to come up with your own floor plan! I would love to see the CADD-drawn floorplans (and final product someday!) when you get them done!!!

Debi said...

Thanks Christine!! Yes, I have thought about a Generator, but sadly, I think that we would be turned in for too much noise! This year just seems to be really strange for some reason, yet unknown. Luckily we will be out of the house by the end of the year at the latest! We will survive!

I will definitely keep all updated on my Motorcycle riding. :)

If I can figure out how to use the free trial CAD program, I will definitely post them!!

Christine said...

Oh this is completely random (sorry), but I see that you have a Diana Gabaldon book listed on the right side of this webpage. Are you a fan? I just read "Outlander" and really enjoyed it -- I'm looking forward to picking up book 2 in the series. Is her other stuff more fantasy-oriented? Like, Outlander was pretty much historic fiction meets time traveling ala Quantum Leap. What's her other stuff like?

Debi said...

Hi Christine,

All of the Diana Gabaldon books that I have read, books 1-7 of the Jaime and Claire series (An Echo In The Bone is book 7) are all linked and a continuation from one to the other.

And I love them all, and can not wait for her next book (book 8) to come out. However, she tends to take about 2-4 yrs to finish a book and go through the publishing process.

I have not read her other books though. Some of them involve characters from her Jaime and Claire series, but are books totally separate of the main series. I am not sure if I will read those books or not.

But yes, in answer to your question. I AM A HUGE FAN OF DIANA GABALDON'S!! I will also answer this on your blog, just in case you don't check back in for my response.