Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This Will Be A Long One!!! Part 1

Remember this photo????

And this is what I will be riding once we get the Trike Wheels on it!

Hey Ya'll,

I am apologizing up front for this post.  I will tell you that it will be a long one, as I want to cover a lot of stuff and I don't want to make 7 separate posts in one day!!  So I am going to combine all 7 and bore you to TEARS!!  In this post, I am planning on covering another PB (oh my!), an update on my Gallbladder, my Motorcycle License Test, and update on Walt's Ear Infection, our Trike Wheels, another horrible Power Outage and last but not least, my BFF's Surgery tomorrow!

****First off, I want to give a brief shout out to one of my BFF's!  She is the BFF in my icon photo with me.  Kelly is having Surgery tomorrow!!  No, not Lap Band Surgery, but Surgery none the less.  She is having Surgery on her Shoulder.  She did some serious injury to it, and was advised that if she didn't do the Surgery, she would ultimately lose most, if not all of the use of her Arm!  Scary, huh?  So if all of you could send her some good thoughts tomorrow, I would really appreciate it and so would Kelly!!  Kelly, I really wish that I could be back there with you to help you out in your recovery.  But I can't.  :(  So please follow your Surgeon's orders and do not overdo it too fast.  I want you to make a full and quick recovery!!

****Well, a couple of nights ago, I had another PB!!  It should never have happened of course.  All I had was a barbecued Hamburger Patty for gods sake!  Walt barbecued it almost perfectly.  It was of course, a tad under cooked for me, but still edible.  But for Walt, it would have been considered WAY, WAY, WAY OVER COOKED!!  So I couldn't say that it was too dry and thus, STUCK!  No way, it was still plenty juicy.  No, I just ate it too fast and didn't chew it to death!!  So I have no one else to blame but myself!  Unfortunately, Walt ended up walking in on me several times when I was bending over the waste basket in my office, sliming!!  Once was an accident, but since he knew what I was going through, any visual he saw afterwords, was on him!!

****Now, for the Gallbladder.  Well, my CT Scan was on the 2nd of July, and I woke up on July 8th to the phone ringing, and it was the Doctor's Office calling me with my test results.  And....NORMAL!!  WTH?  The Nurse said that the Doctor thinks that my 3 hours of pain was inferred pain from the Lap Band Surgery (or something like that!)!!

If this is the case, then why did it take so long to have them?  I mean, when I had my pain episode, it was 7 1/2 months AFTER the Surgery!  Is this something that has happened to anyone else?  Where you had inferred pain so long after Surgery, but not really before??  Is it possible to have this kind of intense pain so long after the Surgery and still be connected to it?  I mean, the only pain that I had from my Surgery was the Port pain that I had.  I didn't even have any gas pains, etc.

However, even though our PCP thinks that this was just a referred pain episode, I am planning on discussing it with Laurie (MS, CNS, APN, CBN - Nationally Board Certified Medical-Surgical Nurse), who does my Fills, and see what she thinks....What do you think???

****Well, I managed to survive the day yesterday at our local DMV Office, taking my Motorcycle License Written Test!!!  Even though I had an appointment for the test, I was still there for 2 hours!!!  And I had to go back today!!  Well, I believe the woman who took my money, thought that it was crazy that a "middle aged woman", would want to get a Motorcycle License.  She kept saying, "you are going for your Learners Permit, right"?  I said, no....I used to ride dirt bikes all the time when I was younger, and I have already passed the Motorcycle Safety Course given by the CHP (CA Highway Patrol).  I am obviously over 18, so I don't need a Learners Permit, just give me the Freaking test!  Of course I didn't say that and I kept a smile on at all times! LOL  You never want to piss off a DMV Employee, they can really cause you grief.

So, finally she gets it through her brain, that I am going for the License, not the Learners Permit, and gives me the standard Eye Test using the cardboard eye chart over head.  I passed it...barely.  By this I mean, I passed it.  My left Eye is more Far Sighted and my right Eye is more Near Sighted.  So using both Eyes and just the left Eye, no problem-o!!  But the right Eye was blurry.  But not so much that I couldn't read the sign.  So I passed.

Now, for those of you who are terrified for your life, should I come across your path on the road, don't worry.  Even though I am not required to wear RX glasses while driving.  I have used RX Sunglasses for many years, and most of the time, I use clear RX glasses at night as well.  I just don't want to be branded as, "Having to wear Corrective Glasses" unless or until necessary"!

So I went over to the next station and stood in line to get my Test.  The man took me over to take my new Photo, get my Finger Print and Signature.  Then he gave me my Test to take.  After I was a few questions into it, I realized that it was for a regular Driver's License, not the Motorcycle License.  So I went back to him, and said that I was supposed to take the MC License test.  He looked at my paperwork again and said, yes, but they are requiring me to take both, so he gave me the MC test as well.  Do you see a theme here??  I am a middle aged woman, taking a Motorcycle Test.  So I should be tested for both.

So I take the tests.  I was freaking out on the MC Test.  They were asking questions that were not in the MC Riders Handbook!!  But I knew that they had gone over these things in my Safety Class.  Unfortunately.....I forgot to study the guide I got from that class.  I only read the CA MC Riders Handbook.  Boy was that a mistake!!

The good part, was that I passed the regular DL Test with no mistakes!  But, I missed 5 out of 25 on the MC Test!!  I was only allowed to miss 4!!  Luckily, he said that I could retake the test yesterday, so I agreed to do this.  Of course, he gave me a different test.  And again, there were a few questions that I knew were talked about in the Safety Class (back in APRIL!!!).  Sorry, but my memory isn't as good as it used to be, so I was praying that I would pass it the second time.

When the man came back after grading it, he said, "do you really want to know"?  I said, yes and no.  So he said that I missed....3.  So I PASSED!!!  Thank goodness.  I really didn't want to take it again!  But then, late last night, I pulled out my temporary paperwork that I have to carry with my now destroyed DL (they punched a hole in it), I realized that they had made a mistake.  They marked it that I have to wear CORRECTIVE LENSES!!!!

So I drove back this morning, hoping to get it corrected easily, before it was too late.  But they said that it was indeed too late.  The DL was already being processed!  She said that I will probably have it within a week.  So once I receive it, I am to take it in so they can change it.  She said that they will probably give me a more thorough Eye Exam and if I pass it, then they will re-issue the DL with the correction.  Otherwise, it will stay.  Like I said before, do you see a theme here??  Over Weight, Middle Aged Woman, going for a Motorcycle License.  Now they are trying to force me to wear Corrective Lenses too!!

Oh well, at least I passed it.  And let me tell you, now I know why others have told me the Test was difficult.  Because they hadn't gone through the Safety Course, they didn't have the introduction to the information needed to pass!!  Somehow I don't think that they should have so many questions on the test that isn't discussed in the DMV Motorcycle Riders Handbook as the Safety Course isn't a requirement, and it is expensive, so many choose not to take it.  But who am I to rock the cradle???

I changed my mind and decided that I needed to break up the post into 2 parts as it is already so long to begin with!!  So...off to part 2!!


THE DASH! said...

Pfft referred pain from the lapband? That sounds like she's taking a shot in the dark. You sound so busy girl. Good to see you again though, and your post wasn't boring. It was cool.

Debi said...

Thanks Cara! I don't think that it is referred pain either, especially after so long!! So I will be talking to Laurie about it when I see her, to see what she thinks. Our PCP isn't a Surgeon and since the CT Scan is "normal", he thinks it is nothing. Go figure!