Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hida Scan News & Whew!!

The Itty Bitty Monkey For Walker????

Hey Ya'll,

Well, I woke up today and I had already received a call from my local PCP's Office requesting that I call back.  Somehow, I knew what the outcome would be.  It was NORMAL!!!  My Gallbladder is functioning at 78%, so they consider it perfectly normal.  So that is good news, yet....what caused all the pain I had????  Anyway, at least we know it isn't the Gallbladder or Liver, since the Hida Scan tests for both. 

So today, my task was to pack the two Bookcases in my Office.  Once Walt got home from work, we loaded up my two Bookcases, as well as the two Bookcases from his Office.  Then we took them over to our Daughter Christa's house, for them to use in their classroom.  Christa Home Schools our Grandchildren, so they are always needing more Book space!!  Walt figures that we just gave them about 2000 inches of Book space!  Christa just got back from a Home School Conference with a lot of new books, so she is thrilled with the new Bookcases.

Unfortunately, it was fairly warm today, and since we are trying not to use the Air Conditioner, I was working and sweating my *** off today!!  So by the time we got to their house, I smelt REALLY BAD!!!  Luckily, they had some Air on in their house, so I was able to cool down for awhile.  While we were there, Christa, the kids and I played around and decided to measure our heights.  I am 5' 3.5", Christa is 5' 2.25", Walker (who will be 10 in late September) is 4' 10", and Emily (who will be 7 on the 26th of Aug) is 3' 10".  So Walker, at less than 10 yrs old, is only 4" shorter than Christa!!

By the time we got home, I was cooled down, thanks to Christa's house.  So I no longer felt the need to go swimming.  However, if we had decided to go swimming as soon as we got home, while it was still fairly warm out, I would have gone swimming with Walt.  Unfortunately, he waited until long after he ate dinner to go in, and I no longer felt hot enough to go in, as it was now dark.  And unless it is still at least 95 degrees out, I don't go swimming at night!!!

Here is a funny story from last night.  About 2 nights ago, I was sitting in our 3 person swing, talking with Walt, while he was in the pool.  It was after dark of course, but I could still see a BIG SPIDER climbing up, directly in front of me onto the canopy overhead.  I was able to see it by the light of the pool!  I quickly moved to the side, and jumped up, out of the way!!

So yesterday, after I raised up the shades on the patio just before dark.  I went over to the swing & completely checked it out for Spiders.  I didn't find one!  So last night, while Walt was in the pool, I decided to go sit on the swing again.  Having checked it out earlier, I felt better, but not 100% sure, so I took out my handy dandy flashlight. 

You know the kind, the ones that you wind up, so that it doesn't need batteries?  Well, when Walt heard me walking out towards the swing, winding it up.  He burst out laughing at me!!!  Then continued to laugh, the whole time I was rechecking the swing and canopy for Spiders!!!  Men, they just don't get it.  I have this thing about Spiders and Bugs...ugh!!!   So there was no way that I was going to sit on the swing, until I was certain that it was Spider free!!  Anyone else have Husbands/Boyfriends like this????  Making fun of me because of one of my phobias!!!  Men!!

And I have some bad news about my Brother.  He is having Surgery again on Friday morning, to remove part of his Big Toe.  He had injured his Foot a few years ago, and the Doctor he went to, totally screwed him up by refusing to refer him to a Specialist soon enough (try 6 wks!). 

So now he is Handicapped because of it.  He can no longer run or even walk normally.  He loved to play Baseball, and now can't because of his Foot.  He can't twist it or turn it from side to side at all, so walking straight is all he can do.  He makes his living by driving a Big Rig, and only recently began driving again as it was either drive or lose everything!!!  He is hoping that his Foot can hold out long enough to be able to afford to purchase a used Automatic Big Rig, as driving his with the Clutch is killing him.

The Surgeon has basically told him that he feels it is time to take the Foot and give him a Prosthetic Foot, but my Brother isn't ready to accept this yet.  So the Surgeon has told him that if they don't take at least part of his Toe, the Foot will become Infected, which will expedite the necessity of taking the whole Foot.  So they will be taking part of the Toe, hoping to hold off the inevitable, longer.  So please send your thoughts his way on Friday morning!!!  Thanks all in advance, I know that I can count on your good thoughts.

Well, I gotta go, I need to start working on my Grandson's Crocheted Monkey that I want to give him.  Assuming I can figure out how to make it about a foot long when the pattern only calls for it to be about 2.5 inches long!!!  The pattern claims to be an Intermediate level pattern, and dummy me, I want to go and make it SO MUCH LARGER!!  Why do I always do this to myself???  Wish me luck, I will need it!!!  The photo of it, is of course, above.  Till next time.......

Aloha My Friends  :)   


Nikki P said...

Happy to hear your test came out all good.
God I just love that little monkey.

Debi said...

Thanks Nikki!! Yes, I started it tonight and it looks like it will turn out! I will post a photo of it when I am finished!!

Dinnerland said...

I am sorry to hear about your brother... good luck to him in this recovery process.

THE DASH! said...

Thinking about your brother and sending good vibes that everything is A-OK.
Also god news about the gall bladder. Strange though. Wonder where that pain DID come from? One of lifes mysteries i guess. xx

Brie said...

Ewwww spiders!! I think spiders are one of the few animals that I cannot stand. My hubby picks on me, too!! Don't they get that spiders are CREEPY?!

I am glad your test came back normal and I will keep your brother in my thoughts this week. Hopefully he will have a speedy recovery!

Good luck with the monkey!!

ChristineKingery said...

Good luck to your brother! I hope you have fun crocheting!

Debi said...

Thanks everyone!! I knew that I could count on everyone.

Walt said that he thinks it is possible that I may have passes a small Gallstone. I suppose it is always possible!

I started on the Monkey last night and I think it will work! I will post photos of it when I am finished. :)