Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WTH???? Are They Crazy???

Hey Ya'll,

First off, I want to show you my latest 2 Ballet Bears that I finished.  The one on the left in Hot Pink is for our middle Daughter, Kat.  And the one on the right in Pink, is for our Grand Daughter Emily.  Do you think that they will like them??  I hope so!  Remember that the pattern for them only calls for them to be 3"'s tall.  The way that I made them, they are 10"'s tall in the sitting position!!

Well, here I sit, listening (or should I say feeling) the winds outside.  It has been windy these past 2 days, real windy.  I have a feeling that this valley is windy all--year--round.  LOL  Walt and I went for an evening walk both last night and tonight before it got dark here in the Park.  And let me tell you, with the wind chill, it was really cold!!  You would think that it was still winter.

We drove into Reno this morning for my follow up appointment with the Surgeon's office to see how I am doing since the Unfill on the 8th.  Well, I have lost another 1.8 lbs!  And I have not had any issues of Acid Reflux at all!!  I feel so good knowing that I can go to bed and not worry about when it is going to hit, and how bad it will be.....yuck!

BUT!!!  I was informed that my Insurance Company (Blue Shield PPO), has informed them that I can no longer get my Fills through their office!!  The Insurance Co is saying that I have to get all of my future Fills through a Hospital....can you believe this???  What are they thinking???  It is so much less expensive for all concerned.  Including the Insurance Co, and ME!!!  Yet, they are wanting me to have to go to the Surgeon's Office for a visit, so that they can agree that I can have the Fill and refer me to get it, (causing me to have to pay a co-pay just for this), then I have to get the Fill approved through the Insurance Co.  Once they approve it, then they will allow me to go to the Hospital, and have the Fill done with the Surgeon!  Meaning that I will have to sign into the Hospital as an Out-Patient, for every Fill, or Unfill from now on!!  WTH???

My Doctor's Office has been in long discussions with the Insurance Co over this.  As apparently, they have at least 9 or 10 of us that have retired from California with Cal Pers Insurance.....just saying.  So hopefully they will be able to talk some sense into them.  I'll keep you posted.

Tomorrow Walt will be driving back to Reno, to retake the parts of the CDL Exam that he either didn't pass, or hasn't gotten to take yet.  He has two more sections to pass.  The Skills Test and the Driving Test.  So please keep good thoughts coming his way!!  We would love for him to pass it this time, so that he doesn't have to keep going back.

Next it will be my turn.....yuck.  But first I have to pass the CDL Written Test.  I am supposed to take it on Friday afternoon, but I know for a fact, that I am not ready for it.  Especially since I have only been able to read through the CDL Book ONCE!!  There is soooo much information, and I am on information overload.  I haven't even had the chance to read through it a second time, so that I can try to start memorizing some of this crap!!!  And I just HATE to waste the money to take the Test, knowing full well, that I won't pass it!  Even though I would have at least another time or two to take it before having to repay.  But why pay, when you know you don't even have a chance in hell to pass it????  Are you reading this Walt???

Also on Friday, we are FINALLY going in for our Eye Exams!!  Yea!!  We have been trying to get in for months now!  Every time that we have had an appointment, Walt was out of State with the Truck, and couldn't get back.  Or something came up, that made us have to cancel the appointment and reschedule.  And I couldn't just go in without him.  For one thing, we like to go to the appointments together, so we always schedule back to back appointments.  Plus, we have only had the one vehicle available, and he always had it in California!  Remember, I have only had the Bike here, and with Winter and the fact that I hadn't ridden it out in traffic, until just this last weekend.  I wasn't about to try to ride it into the next town for the appointment.  LOL

Well, I guess I better go for now.  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Cat's Chic Chat said...

Awwww Debi!! Those ballarinas are beautiful. They'll love them.

As for the insurance, wow, that really stinks. I also have Blue PPO (different state though) I hope they don't change mine that way. I hope your Dr. office is able to straighten that out.

Good luck to Walt on the tests!!

Kathy said...

The ballet bears are adorable Debi. I can't believe that your insurance company is putting you through that just for a fill. Outrageous!! Thinking good thoughts for Walt's testing. Also good thoughts for you when you go back to the doctor. I go in next week for my upper GI so think good thoughts for me if you would plz...thanks

Debi said...

Cat, thanks so much! And I hope the Doctor's Office can talk some sense to the Ins Co too!!

Kathy, thanks! And I will definitely be thinking of you next week!!

And Walt wanted me to tell both of you thanks for thinking of him today!!