Saturday, April 23, 2011

What A Busy 2 Day's Weve Had!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well first off, I forgot to report that Walt passed his final Skill and Driving Tests, for his Commercial Driving License (CDL)!!  So he wanted me to be sure to thank all that sent him good thoughts, he is sure that they helped!  So now he doesn't have to worry about spending most of his free time at the Truck Driving School, when he is here in Nevada....Now it will be MY TURN!!  I have yet to take the written test for the CDL, but I will be taking it in the next couple of weeks.  Once I pass it, I will start the Truck Driving School too.  And hopefully I will be able to pass the DMV'S non written exam without any trouble!!  LOL  But I realize that it is a BIG IF!!  Hopefully I will be able to pass it within 3 attempts at most!  LOL

Oh and did I mention that Walt also took the written tests (and passed I might add), to get endorsements for Driving a Tanker, and pulling Doubles and Triples???  That is something that I have NO INTEREST in going for!!  He is just one of those super over achievers, and he feels that since he has the CDL, why not take the written tests for the others and get them as well!  Like I said, I have no interest in going for them too.

I forgot to mention that last weekend when I was out practicing riding our Bike (Gold Wing Motorcycle), that I got my first vehicle pulled over for me???  This is because our Bike is huge and White and we have an Oscillating Head Light (which is totally legal in all 50 States (on low beam)), which makes some vehicles think that we are a Cop.  So some people pull over to the side of the road to let us pass, or they believe that we want to pull them over!!!  So when I got up to the older gentleman's car (who had pulled over) and continued on by, he wasn't too happy!!  But hey, like I said, the Lights are legal.  And most important, they make it easier for other vehicles to see us!!  So I had my first pull over!  And then on the same day, I had my first wave acknowledgment from another Biker!!  And it was a young man on a Harley!!

Yesterday we finally made it to our Eye Exams!  We have been trying to get in for several months, but something always would come up, like Walt couldn't get back from California in time, so I would have to cancel and reschedule.....I'm sure that they thought that we were never going to make it!!  We really needed the exam too, since our last exam was 2 years ago.  After the exam, we started looking at frames yesterday, and we both found a frame that we liked a lot, but they will be expensive!!  Walt's glasses will be somewhere between $470-$500.  My pair will be around $405.  And that is if we wait until Thursday of next week, so that we can take advantage of their Spring Trunk show!

They will have some "new styles" available to choose from as well as more Sunglasses to choose from too.  And any frame that we pick next Thursday will be 40% off!  This is why we are waiting until next Thursday.  Also, if we decide to purchase my Sunglasses that same day, they too will be 40% off!  Since we have decided that my Distance vision (in daytime at least) is good enough without a Prescription (yes I verified it with the Optometrist, and I can still pass the DMV Eye Exam) I will just purchase straight Sunglasses with no RX in them (saving a LOT of moola!).  I will use my RX Distance glasses to drive at night still, as I have trouble seeing well at night (I'm practical, not stupid...).

I found a pair there that I liked for Sunglasses, and they cost $161, which would make them $96.60 after the 40% off!  This is assuming they are Polarized.  If not, it would cost another $125 to make them Polarized.  And in that case, I will choose another pair that IS Polarized.  But before we go back to the Optometrist, I want to go check out what they have available at Costco and Walmart, in the way of higher end Sunglasses like Ray Bans, Oakleys, Maui Jim's, etc.  I am sure that I will not find Maui Jim's and possibly not Oakleys at either Costco or Walmart, but I still want to see what they have.  Then when we go back to the Optometrist, I will know if I want to purchase my Sunglasses through her as well as my reading glasses.  I have had Maui Jim's in the past, and LOVED THEM!!!  But I know that I am looking at $200 minimum for them....

Today we drove to Reno, and met our son Russ and Walt's Ex-Wife Carolyn for lunch.  For all the newbies reading my blog.  YES, we do get along with Carolyn, and finally after 20 years can say that we are now truly on a friendship basis with her!  She has become "one of the family" through the years.  She has been invited to all of our family get together's (even when it is with my family), for at least 11 years!  Walt even jokes to me, after he had talked to her on the phone, saying that he talked with my Sister!!

We told her about Walt's Ex-Fiance (Carolyn is the one that took him away from her!) trying to get Walt to at the very least have an affair with her!!  And yes, she is STILL trying to get him back.  Last night she texted him, and asked him if he thinks about her!!  And she told him that her offer to pay for him to fly to San Diego (where she is currently living and working), for a visit with her still stands (I was not included in this invitation)....Of course, if she paid for him to fly there, she would be expecting more than dinner and how the times have changed!   I just wonder if her Husband and Children is aware of this (they live in the Bay Area outside of San Francisco)????

Do you remember (for those of us slightly older (ahem) women), when you were young and dating a man in the early stages of a relationship, and you just knew that he would be expecting to get laid after he took you out to a fancy Restaurant??? LOL  Neither Carolyn nor Russ could believe the gall of the woman!  And Carolyn offered to go with me to beat her up!  LOL  The Ex-Wife and the current Wife against the Ex-Fiance!!  Would anyone be willing to pay for a seat at that confrontation???  I think that Walt feels puffed up like a Peacock, with so many women willing to fight for him! LOL

Oh and before I forget, on the freeway while driving home today, two birds flew into our rental car committing suicide!  One of them hit us directly in the Windshield!  And thank god it didn't even crack it....but the poor birds!!  We had no way to keep from hitting them, they were flying, then turned directly into us!  I think that the other bird hit us in the front grill.  Well, I better go for now, got lots to do....till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)


Justawallflower said...

We have a Victory Vision, and although nobody has ever pulled over for us (that would be sooo cool), we do get a lot of people who flash their lights at us when ours is on dim! I have my motorcycle endorsements, but I have never driven anything as big as the Victory, but once we get back to Ohio I'm going to start practicing.

Cat's Chic Chat said...

Wow, what a newsy update! I'm so glad for Walt that he passed, congratulations. I have confidence in you too that you'll do great!

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