Friday, April 8, 2011

Small Unfill, And A New Low!!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, last night I continued running to the B/R every few minutes, all the way up until about 2 am!  So I attempted to sleep in my Office Chair, which sits right outside the B/R door!  I laid the Chair back as far as I could and covered up with blankets.  But I just couldn't go to sleep, every time I thought that I would, I would have to get back up!  So since my "issues" finally seemed to be slowing down at around 1:45, I decided to go to bed and try to get at least a small amount of sleep.  Especially since I had to get up at 5:45!

Luckily, I did go to sleep around 2:15, but was awakened at 4:15, when Walt got up to go to the B/R.  So as soon as I became conscious, my Bowels said, "So you are awake!  Good, we need to go again"!  However, I did manage to go back to sleep once I was finished, until my alarm went off. ARG!!  Which means that I finally got about 3 1/2 hrs sleep....but at least I did get to sleep.  I wasn't sure that I would, and neither did Walt!!  LOL  And yet, again!  Once I woke up this morning, I was back to having my B/R "issues".  But luckily, it was truly winding down by this morning, and after going about another 4 times this morning, it wasn't too bad......but I still wouldn't want to repeat this experience! 

So we left at 7 am for Reno, and checked into the Doctor's office by 8:15.  My appointment was for 8:45, but they are really good about taking us back to be seen, if we arrive early.  Which we really like.  And as we expected, the Doctor gave us A REALLY-LONG-TALKING-TO about the Band, and how it is really supposed to work.  Not that we are supposed to have the Band so tight, that we CAN'T eat!  So after this, he said that I am doing ok, not great, but not too bad either, and most importantly, my Band wasn't Slipped, just over tight!  He said that my pouch was slightly enlarged, but only because I was so tight, causing the pouch to expand a bit.  But he expects it to go back to it's original shape, now that the Fill was removed.  And they were happy that since my last appointment on February 11th, I have lost 8 lbs!!  Of course, I think that about 5 lbs of it was yesterday!!

So he talked some more (or should I say....yelled some more!!  He gets excited and talks so loud, that you can hear him from several rooms away!!)(how embarrassing, now everyone in the office knows what we were in for....hang my head in shame and humiliation), and told me that he wants me to start counting calories again (which is a good thing), and to eat a 1000 calorie per day diet!  He also had Laurie come in and remove .5 cc of my Fill.  Which gave me immediate relief.  I was able to eat today with no problems....ahhh!  He said that if I stick to the 1000 cal diet, I WILL LOSE WEIGHT!!  So I am going to do it!!  I am scheduled to go back in on April 20th for Laurie to assess how I am doing.  Hopefully I will have lost at least another pound or two by then!  If I can, I will be in the 160's!!!

Last night, I was surprised to see the scale read 169.8 before I went to bed!!  Of course I knew that it wouldn't last, and by this morning, it had gone back up into the low 170's again.  But I must tell you that I am now weighing in at 171.6!!!  This is my lowest since Surgery.  And I can say this, because this is not the weight that I weighted this morning....before eating and drinking, and....nude!  This was tonight after eating, drinking and in my pj's!!!  So I am going to take it!  Maybe I will see another small drop overnight???  I can hope can't I???  LOL

After my Doctor appointment, Walt and I went to eat a late breakfast/early lunch.  I ordered the Pot Roast, which came with Carrots, Corn, Potatoes, and 2 Rolls.  I substituted the Potatoes for Cottage Cheese.  Then I ate about 1/4 of one of the Rolls, (I know, bad girl) and about 2-3 ounces of the Pot Roast, half of one Carrot, about 2 bites of the Corn, and 2 bites of the Cottage Cheese.  I gave the rest of the Cottage Cheese to Walt (because it wouldn't last without refrigeration anyway to bring home), and asked for a to go box for the rest.

During the meal, because I was barely eating my food, the Waitress came over to ask if it was ok, she was afraid that I didn't like it!!  I informed her that it was fantastic.  Then after I asked for a to go box for practically the whole meal, she again asked if it was ok.  I told her that I had had Surgery and wasn't able to eat much, but that it tasted just great.  So she felt much better.  And now I have at least 2-3 more meals left from my left overs.

Tonight, we drove to Walt's Mom's house, so that we could go to dinner with her and one of my Sisters In Law.  We drove over to the Country Club at her housing development, for their once a week gathering.  They charge you $5 per person, which gives each of you a drink coupon, and they provide something to eat....well, most of the time they actually have real food.  But tonight they only provided light fare.

They had a Salad that I wouldn't eat, except for a couple of the small Tomatoes in it (what can I say, I AM a picky eater!), as well as finger foods, such as Crackers and Cheese with a couple choices of Meat (Peperoni and Salami), then some diced Cantaloupe, thinly sliced Oranges and Grapes.  All of the Fruit was excellent, and I had a little of each.  I also had 4 of the Crackers with a total of 5 pieces of the Pepperoni and 2 slices of Cheese.  All in all, it was a good tasting meal, but wasn't enough to keep me from being hungry a couple of hours later!  So after we got home, I ate a 1/2 cup serving of Oatmeal.  And after all this, I weighted 171.6!!!

Tomorrow, our Son Russ is coming to help us go through the Storage Unit.  We are hoping to be able to get rid of some of the stuff in it (for good), and to make room for my Electric Piano.  Currently the Piano is in the RV, but since neither of us is currently playing it, we figure that it would give us more space in the RV, and one less thing that we would need to move while we transition from Carson City to Reno in 3 weeks!  So tomorrow we should all get a good workout.  And of course, Russ will expect to be fed for his trouble!!  LOL  This is always his preferred method of payment.  To be taken to a Restaurant!  Especially since the town where he lives, has next to nothing in the way of what you would consider a "Great Restaurant".  So anytime that he goes out of town, he wants to EAT!!! LMAO!!!

Well, I should go for now, got lots to watch on TV before I go to bed....till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Jen from Oregon said...

glad you are feeling better. are they still treating you for reflux?

Kathy said...

That is such great news Debi. I am happy for you. Great numbers on the scale too huh? Is the reflux still happening or did it subside with the slight unfill? Have a great weekend.

Nella said...

Happy to hear all went well! Now go out DANCE baby! Shake it, shake it!

Gen said...

OMG I am SOOO sorry you had to deal with those bathroom issues! That sounded horrible! But yay on the new low! Glad your band is good. What is the status of the reflux?

Tina said...

Good Lord!! I just read this post and the last...what a horrible experience! I wish they would warn people better! They should have told you to get to a bathroom for the next 3 hours or better yet got you an outpatient room so you had somewhere to go with some privacy. I am glad your restrictions is better!


Kiwigirl said...

Glad you are feeling better... sounds like a nasty experience, but at least you have the band sorted now!

Debi said...

Thanks EVERYONE!!! I'm sorry that I haven't posted in several days, but our Internet Service was out all weekend and this is the 1st time that I have had access to a Computer!

Yes, the Acid Reflux has completely gone!! I feel so much better now.

And yes, I think that they should have warned me of the side effect of the Solution that I had to drink!! Thank god I had nowhere to go and was able to stay there close to a restroom....LOL

I will be posting a new Post either tonight or tomorrow. We are in Sacramento right now and I don't have constant access to a Computer.