Saturday, April 2, 2011

And The Story Continues...With Your Help!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, since I went on the bland diet, the Reflux has quieted down quite a bit.  But unfortunately, not totally.  However, I haven't had a bad incident where I have the really awful tasting, Acid/Bile Reflux in days.  And that is definitely a good thing.  I am still debating whether or not to tell my Doctor's office about my Reflux issues.  On the one hand, I feel that I probably should, so they can make the determination of whether or not to pursue the cause.  On the other hand, if I do, I am afraid that they will not give me another Fill.  And yet, should I have another Fill if I am still having issues???  Any thoughts on this pro or con??

My hubby Walt is here again for a couple more nights, then he will return to Sacramento.  However, he will come home on Wednesday of next week, so that he can take the CDL Exam with the DMV on Thursday of next week.  He is hopeful that he will pass it the first time....cross your fingers and toes!!!

We had planned on working in our Storage Unit this weekend, trying to start clearing out what we no longer want.  But today came, and we just didn't feel up to it.  Nor do we want to deal with it tomorrow.  So we will start conquering it next week after Walt takes his CDL Exam.  We need to clean out a lot of STUFF!!  We have a 10'x20' Unit and we literally have to take things out just to step into the unit!!  Walt was hoping to be able to step down into a 10'x10' unit by now.  But then, I could have told you that wasn't going to happen!!  LOL

So right now, I am watching the only sport that I really love to watch on TV.  I am watching the NHRA Drag Race Qualifying from Las Vegas.  Tomorrow is the Final Eliminations.  I have only been able to actually attend one race, and that was at Las Vegas in 2003.  I was so excited!  I actually got to meet Shirley "Cha Cha" Muldowney (The 1st Lady Of Drag Racing), and have my photo taken with her.  That race, was the next to the last race for her, as she retired that year (she called that season her Last Pass Tour).  I was so glad to have been able to see her race at least once!!
Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of ''KISS''       2003_last_year_0008
Shirley Muldowney with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS on the left (and yes, we did see Gene Simmons there that weekend (he was sponsoring a couple of cars)), and her racing in the photo on the right.
Shirley with STYX and Ted Nugent       album_0112
Shirley with STYX and Ted Nugent on the left (sorry, I didn't get to see them while there, and STYX was always one of my favorite groups!) and Shirley today.  Can you believe that she will be 71 yrs old in June???  And yes, she is tired of her retirement from racing, and is hoping to get sponsorship so she can start racing again!!  :)

And let me tell you, just watching the race on TV doesn't do the power of these machines justice!!  Until you are there, and your whole body vibrates from anywhere you are, while they are racing, not to mention that if you aren't wearing good ear plugs, your hearing is definitely in jeopardy!!  It actually HURTS if you don't have your ears plugged up really good.  Just think of the power of the Nascar cars, and multiply that by 8, that is the power of these machines!!!  They can go from 0-300+ mpg in under 4 seconds!!  And did I mention that the Top Fuel and Funny Car classes only race to 1000 Feet, not a 1/4 Mile like the rest of the classes????  To give you a perspective on their speed, the #1 qualified Top Fuel (Larry Dixon (my favorite)) cars speed/time was: 312.78 mph/3.904 seconds.  And the #1 qualified Funny (John Force (also one of my favorites) cars speed/time was: 309.27 mph/4.136 seconds.  Sorry if I gave you more information than you ever wanted to know about Drag Racing!!  But I can't help it.  :)

Anyway, I guess I gotta go, till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)


Yana said...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell your doctor about your reflux issues. It is definitely connected with the band and getting a fill when you have such bad reflux is a terrible idea!
The doc will probably not give you one, and put you on prilosec, etc.

Reflux can indicate you are too tight, there is stomach acid backing up into your esophagus which can cause esophageal spasms which are the WORST pain I have ever had. Also can lead to cancer!

Loosen up that band, resolve the reflux, and then get a few more fills, slowly!!!

Gen said...

So sorry Debi, I just recently started having these issues. It sucks. I know if I get an unfill I will probably gain, and my reflux is not all that bad - its just there. For the first time ever, really.

Hope you get this figured out. Yana's advice is good.

Debi said...

Yana, So great to hear from you! Yes, I will probably tell the Doctors office, especially since I have had the issues for so long. I too feel that it is connected with the Band. And since I HAVE BEEN TAKING Prilosec, for years on a nightly basis, it really concerns me too!!

Gen, so great to hear from you too!! You're lucky that your issues with Reflux have only just started! Take it easy and eat slow and probably cut down on the amount of food you eat at a time!! Otherwise, you too may need to get an Unfill!