Friday, April 29, 2011

A Long Day Of Shopping!!


Here is my latest Bear!  It is the "Baby Bear" that I will be giving to my Grand Daughter...Her favorite colors are Pink and Purple.

Hey Ya'll,

Well, today was a very long day!!!  We went to two very large Sports Stores in Reno.  One is Cabella's.  We love Cabella's, and would almost always eat there at their small Cafe, when going to Reno for my Surgeon appointments while we were still living in California.  They have the best Chili!!  And some of the best hand made Sandwiches made with exotic Meats.

Today we went inside of Sheel's for the first time.  It is reputed to be (at least according to them) the largest all indoor all Sports Store in the "World".  Well, I barely stepped inside, as what I was shopping for was close to the entrance.  But it is huge and 2 story, with a Carousel.  My objective was to check out the expensive Sunglasses!!  Walt was there to price ammunition.  After trying on quite a few pairs of Sunglasses, I had narrowed it down to two pairs.  One is the Oakley Flak Jacket Polarized in Root Beer color.  They cost $210.....The second pair is from my favorite manufacture....Maui Jim.  I found that I really like the style Makaha in Tortoise Shell color with Bronze lens, and they only cost $159!!  After researching both, I have come to the conclusion that I will stay with the Maui Jim's, and here is a photo of them.


And this is what they look like on a real live person!!  Just picture them on an old broad, with extra short blonde/gray hair!!  LOL

Then we drove to the local Victory store in Reno, so that I could try sitting on their big Touring Bike that they sell.  Walt is hoping to replace our Gold Wing (which is close to 1000 lbs) with the Victory in the future.  But he is wanting to purchase a Bike that I can ride too, but without the training wheels!  Well....let me tell you, it ain't gonna happen!

I could barely sit on it with my tip toes on the ground.  Which is a definite plus from the Gold Wing, since I can't even put my tip toes on the ground at all with the Gold Wing!!  But it is still way too heavy, and I couldn't even turn the wheel straight while sitting on it.  So it is still way too heavy for me to be able to be in control of it.  And I feel that if I can't sit on it comfortably, with my feet at least mostly on the ground, and be able to move the Bike forwards and backwards on my own, (as I would occasionally need to be able to maneuver the Bike from a parking space, etc).  And if I can't do this without TIPPING THE BIKE OVER, then I am not going to ride it!!  And I am too short at 5'3", and not strong enough to be able to maneuver the Bike which is over 800 lbs, especially if I were to be stopped on a slight angle....just saying, it ain't gonna happen.  Sorry Walt.

I told him that I will just stay on the back of whatever Bike we have.  If he wants me to ride a Bike, it either has to be a Trike (if it is a BIG Bike), or one that I can sit on with my feet firmly on the ground, that I can push back and forth under my own power.  I would be happy put putting around on a Scooter, but Walt refuses to buy me one!  It would be something that I could zip around on by myself.  He is just thinking that we can't ride side by side easily, if he is on his huge Gold Wing, and I am on a little Scooter.  But I probably wouldn't be riding the Scooter if he was with me, I would be riding behind him!!  Here is a photo of the Victory Vision.

Once we left the Victory store in Reno, we drove back to Minden which is South of Carson City, to our Optometrist Office.  They were having their Spring Trunk Show tonight, and we wanted to order our new Glasses at this show, as we got 40% off the Frames tonight.  We were glad that we did, since Walt found a pair of Frames that he liked even better than the ones we had picked out last week.  So we feel that we got a great deal tonight.  We got both pairs (his and mine) for $725.  We paid this much for Walt's last pair alone, 2 or 3 yrs ago!!  So now all I need is my my Maui Jim Sunglasses and we will be set!! that we have spent a lot of money today....tomorrow we will be having lunch with our Son Russ.  He is driving to the Lake Tahoe area for a Seminar or something....for Mathematics.  So he is meeting us for lunch on his way home (or is it on his way there, I'm not sure which it is).  We are taking him to one of the local Bar-B-Que Restaurants.   Um mm.  Well, I better go for now.  I should be going to bed, although I want to stay up to watch the Royal Wedding, and it is hard to turn off the TV, since the Royal Procession is just about ready to begin.  But Walt would be pissed if I stayed up all night.  So I will just have to settle on watching a rerun of it tomorrow night, at a slightly earlier hour.  I won't get to see the whole thing, but at least I will get to see the highlights....Arg, MEN!!  LOL
Till Next Time.....
Aloha My Friends  :) 



Cat's Chic Chat said...

Very cool shades!! Also the baby bear is just adorable.

I haven't been into the Royal thing, though they are a beautiful couple for certain.

Debi said...

Thanks Cat! I love the Maui Jim's if you ever wear them, you will not want to go back to anything else!!

And thanks on the Bear! I think that my Grand Daughter (age 7) will love it!

And I can't help it, I love to watch the Royal Wedding stuff!

Sheila said...

Ooooh, I like your sunglasses choice! Very nice! You guys were all about the eyewear today, huh? :-) Your grandaughters bear is adorable!!

Debi said...

Thanks Sheila!! Yes, I love Maui Jim Sunglasses, and these are so lightweight and comfortable!! And we got a great price on our RX Glasses as well, since we got the Frames at 40% off!!

Yes, I hope that Emily will love this Baby Bear...

Silverhairedgoddess said...

Hi Debi

Just stopping by to say thank you for joining my Follower list - I have added my name to your list also - I am looking forward to getting to know you - we do have alot in common - we are even the same height :)!

I am now going to read thru your blog - talk to you later !

Debi said...

Thank you for Following me too SHG!!

I too will be reading up on your Blog!

Sam said...

Hi Debi,

Thanks for following and I like what I am reading so far on your blog, good luck with your bike delema :o)

I think the scooters are cute, but it would be even cuter to see a scooter trying to keep up with a gold wing or even the victory :o)

Debi said...

LOL!! Yes, Sam...wouldn't it be so funny to see that???

Thanks for Following me too!

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

I own 3 pairs of Oakley Flak jacket! I love them!! I can do anything with them and they still look like new!


Debi said...

Thanks HS! I was seriously considering the Oakley's, but I read a lot of comments that said they had issues with the lenses scratching easily, and the frames appearance not staying the best. So I am going to stay with my Maui Jim's....I do love Maui Jim's!!