Monday, April 25, 2011

A Warm Welcome To...Karen :)

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Hey Ya'll,

Well, I meant to welcome Karen much earlier today, but as I was typing it out, we had another power outage!!  This makes it 3 times in 2 weeks!!!  The worst part is that when we lose power, our Internet goes too!!  :(  So now that we have our power and Internet back.....I want to give a warm, belated welcome to Karen.  Her blog link is: Sunshine's Heart

Karen had Gastric Bypass on 2/05/09 and has lost 182 lbs!!  In fact, she is now below her goal weight.  If you haven't already checked out her blog, please do!!  Go Karen!!  So Karen....."Welcome to my Nightmare"!!

Aloha My New Friend  :)


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Thanks for the welcome and the shout out. I appreciate it very much. :)

Debi said...

You're welcome Karen!!