Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Just A Thought......

Hey Ya'll,

Well, Walt left for Sacramento yesterday, so that he could be sure to make it with no problems.  There was supposed to be snow this morning over the Sierra's, and since our 4x4 Truck is still in the shop being repaired from his accident last month, he didn't want any problems driving down, since the rental vehicle we have is a car....with no chains.

Today we had high winds, here in the Carson City area.  Like I have said in prior posts, I believe that this valley where Carson City sits, gets winds all year round, not just seasonally.  Today's winds was exceptionally high, and knocked power out in the whole valley again!!  This was at least the 3rd time in 2 weeks for us to lose power.

The main problem that is caused by the power outages for me, is the loss of Internet.  Sometimes for only an hour or two, other times it lasts for several days.  Which means that I go into Internet withdrawals.....LOL  So of course I lost my Internet today, but luckily for only about 3 hours.  And once the power and Internet came up, I discovered that the high winds caused some damage to our Cable reception (like no signal at all)!!  So I was without Cable TV for several hours beyond, when the power was restored too!!  This was not a great day for me, but it could have been worse, had the power or Internet not been restored at all!!  LOL

I finished Crocheting my Mom's Reindeer.  It was made from one of the patterns I have for the Itty Bitty Animals.  It was meant to be 3 1/2 inches tall, and I made it 12 inches tall (not including the antlers).  I hope that she likes it!  It was supposed to have a Holiday Ribbon around its neck, but I decided to make one using a strand of Christmas Red and a strand of Christmas Green yarns together.  I had planned to give it to her for Christmas, but she is not doing very well, so I am going to give it to her the next time I am in California....

Now for a question to all the Bandster's out there that may read this.  If you knew what you know now about your Band and it's problems, etc.  Would you still have the Lap Band or Realize Band Surgery?  Or would you opt for the Gastric Bypass, or Gastric Sleeve?

I ask this because I have been reading where quite a few of us Bandster's, has begun to have problems with our Bands.  Some have even had to have the Band removed, and a Revision Surgery with either a GB (RNY) or GS Surgery performed.  I have also read that the life expectancy of the Band is about 10 years.  Although many say it could stay in, for the rest of our lives with no consequence or problems.  The ones that say 10 years, says that within 10 years, most of us will have to have a Revision Surgery anyway.  Either because of complications, or because it is no longer working for us.

Because of the problems that I have already begun to have, Walt and I have talked about it, and if (and that is a BIG IF), I have continued problems through the years, and it ends up that I do need to have the Band removed.  Unless they come up with some other Surgery that is better with even less expected complications, I would probably go for the Gastric Sleeve.  This way I would at least keep my Stomach (albeit only about 15-20% of it), which would cause less trouble in the way of malnutrition, since the food still flows through the Stomach and not Bypassed.

Anyone have any thoughts on this???  Pro or con?  And to answer the question myself....if I knew what I know now, I might have allowed my Surgeon to perform the Gastric Sleeve instead of the Band for me.  I am not sure though if it was one of the procedures that was available to me then.  But I do know that he does perform them now.  Mostly as Revision Surgery, to prior Lap Band and Realize Band patients.  Which makes me wonder.....is this an inevitable future Surgery??

Well, it is getting late, I should go to bed....till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)


Justawallflower said...

I have had absolutely zero issues with my band (I'm only six months out) and I know nobody that has hgad any issues with theirs. One person that I have followed had some issues, but for the most part is doing great now. I would do this surgery over in a heart beat! And if eventually I do have to have it removed, I hope I have make great lifestyle changes by that point that I'm able to maintain my weightloss on my own at that point.

Debi said...

Thanks Just A Wallflower!!! I too hope that I would have learned how to eat properly even without the Band. But I know me, and it wouldn't take long for me to start inching my way back up the scale!!

~Lisa~ said...

Hey Debi! I am not banded, but am anxious to read some responses on this topic.. I'm glad to see you're back on the net too!

I love the reindeer!! Such talent!

Debi said...

Thanks Lisa! Banded or not, you have always been such a great supporter!