Friday, April 15, 2011

Tomorrow We Go Home!!

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Hey Ya'll,

Well, today was another full day here in the lovely city of Sacramento, CA!!  I left the house early, so that I could start running around before my hair appointment.  On my way to the hair appointment with Roxanne, I went to a local shoe store to purchase 2 new pairs of Thongs for Summer, after all, I practically live in Thongs during the warm months!  They are my Birthday gift from my MIL (thank you Shirley!!).  One pair is more for walking around in comfort (and are supposed to be the kind that provides toning and shaping....we shall see).  The second pair is also comfortable, but provides less support, so they are more for fun.  I will for sure use THEM in Hawaii, around the pool and beach!  Above are the photos of them, aren't they cute???

Then I went back to Bed Bath & Beyond, to purchase another one of those Pillows that I purchased yesterday, for myself!  I was right, Walt loved it.  So I am sure that I will too.  Then I raced back to the freeway to drive to my hair appointment.  Roxanne was ready for me, and I was never so glad to see her!!  My hair really needed her TLC!  LOL  Thanks Roxanne!!  We love you!!

An hour later, once out of my hair appointment, I headed over to Joann's (a craft store) to pick up some more Yarn for my projects.  I love those 40 & 50% off coupons!!  Then it was off to Sams Club, where I fueled up the car for our trip home tomorrow, and to purchase my 2'x4' folding table so that I can get back into Painting.  Now maybe I can finish Russ's painting as well as Walt's painting, and start working on Kat's next painting, that I have promised her!!

After leaving Sam's Club, I ate half of a Cheeseburger from Sonic Drive In (it's a local fast food joint where the car hops still use roller skates!), on my way to my parents house.  Let me tell you, it tasted like Heaven!  But I resisted trying to eat it all...LOL  After arriving at my parents house, I saw my Mom and was in shock at how much she appears to have gone downhill.  I am so worried about my Mom.  She is really looking bad, I mean bad in the sense that I am afraid that I could receive a call at most anytime, giving me the worst news possible....however, bad as it sounds, and as much as I will miss her, it will also be a relief.  She has been in so much pain for so long, that I know that at least she won't be in pain any longer.

After leaving my parents house, I stopped off at a different Fry's Electronics store than where I went the other day, since I was hoping to be able to get the Trackball/Mouse I need that isn't wireless (which is all the other Fry's store had).  But apparently they don't sell them anymore, so I had to pay double the cost of the original Trackball that I purchased the other day, to purchase one in Wireless form.  Hopefully it will work for me.  If so, then at least it will be worth the money.  THEN....I was on my way home (to Kat's house).

Arriving just in time to beat Walt home.  Then shortly after, we left to go pick up our friend Hannah for dinner.  She was taking us out for our Anniversary.  We ended up going to BJ'S Restaurant near where she lives.  I had the Spaghetti in Meat Sauce.  It tasted so good!!!!  Even if I could only eat a small portion of it.  So I definitely have plenty of left overs for lunch tomorrow!  Yea!  I am SO looking forward to it!!  For dessert, Walt and Hannah split one of their decadent desserts while I had a single scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.  Luckily for me, my favorite flavor of Ice Cream is....Vanilla!!

Tomorrow we are leaving to return home.....home, who would have thought that I would be calling a 40' 5th Wheel RV, home.  But it is my home now, and I am so looking forward to getting back.  This week has been fun, but it has also been so exhausting!!  At least at home, I can sleep in my own bed, etc.  So as soon as the movie that I am watching on TV, "Sex In The City II" is over, I will go to bed.  After all, I still need to pack up before leaving tomorrow.  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)

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