Saturday, February 6, 2010

What A Night!! :)

Sorry, I couldn't resist!!  I have been eating a LOT of beans lately, and this is how I feel!!  LOL
Hey Ya'll,

Well, I survived last night!  Once we got outside, my DH said that we could just go for a short half mile walk.  He just wanted to get me out of the house for a bit.  But once we started walking, I decided to go ahead and walk a full mile anyway.  I am sure he was thrilled that I did.  And ultimately, I am glad I did too!  As soon as we started to walk, DH noticed that I was not in the best of moods.  I told him that I was just really tired & feeling overwhelmed!  I also told him that I had just posted a Bitch Post about him to get it off my chest.  He just laughed and said that he hoped it helped.  It did!  Of course, as soon as we got back home, he had to go onto the computer to read it!!  LOL

As for the laundry, I ended up washing 11 loads!!  I couldn't go to bed until the last load was in the dryer, so it was 4 am when I finished.  But because I was so involved in the laundry, I had forgot to get my Bi Pap Machine setup.  So I had to tiptoe into the bedroom and setup my Machine trying not to wake DH!  So it was actually 4:15 when I got into bed and sometime after 4:30 when I got to sleep.  I had e-mailed DH just before I went to bed, to let him know how late it was, and begged him to let me sleep in a bit, as I had been up for over 17 hours and had worked, most of the 17 hours as well!  So he let me sleep in until 12:15 pm!!  This gave me at least 7 hours of sleep.

My DH just got home from getting some parts for the truck, so I need to go & start working again!!  Till Next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)   


Girl Bandit said...

11 loads of deserve the sleep in

Debi said...

Thanks GB!

THE DASH! said...

11 loads?? HOLY MOLY!! No wonder you were tired! Hope you got a lovely sleep in.. (the pic was funny too.. lol love the cat pics you always add in to explain how you are feeling - quite clever!!)
PS thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog, Debi. You are a wonder and a doll xx

Gen said...

OMG 11 loads? I have 4 kids and have never done that much in one day! You must be exhausted! Good job on the walk!

Debi said...

Thank you Cara and Gen! Yes, I didn't realize how much laundry had piled up until Walt complained that his underwear was getting low!

Luckily with these new machines, I seem to be able to do a lot in one day! But I do tend to start by noon, then finish somewhere between midnight and 4 am.

Cara, you are welcome! You are such a doll, always so bright and uplifting. Always generous in your comments. Very funny! The perfect friend from down under, even if we have never met face to face!!

Gen, you are a ray of Colorado sunshine and someone I consider a friend too! You are one of the others that always gives humongous support when it is needed. I consider you my friend from Colorado that perhaps someday I could meet. Who knows, once Walt and I start our new journey, I may be traveling through Colorado at some point!