Friday, February 5, 2010

Not Much Happening Here!!

This is how I feel right now!  Skinned & pissed off!!
Hey Ya'll,

Sorry for the drama!  Not too much happening here, unless you take into account that I have at least 6 projects either underway, or that I am about to begin on!  I have sooo much to do that I am literally spinning.  I have trouble focusing at times like these.  My DH is under the impression that more is better.  He feels that the more he can pile on me to do, the less trouble I can get myself into!!  Unfortunately, when I have too much to do, I just start shutting down...too much to do & not enough time to do it in, means that I am not getting anything done well, or timely.

Right now the only thing that I have to look up to is the crocheting projects I have going.  I am currently making a Baby Afghan for my Niece.  She is due on April 1st & it is a boy!  The other project I am getting ready to start is another Afghan for my Step Daughter Kat & her Husband, Elliott.  These projects gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day!

Today, on top of one of the projects I am trying to finish for DH, I have been doing laundry!!  I have just put in the 6th load of the day & I still have at least, 4-5 more loads to do before I can go to bed!  Luckily, I stay up late anyway.  So I plan out the loads that are louder, like my DH's Levi's, to be done earlier so that they are not clanging in the dryer after he has gone to bed....maybe I should rethink this, in the future & make sure that he doesn't get any sleep either!!!!  LOL  (NOT!!)

Anyway, here it is just about 8:30 pm & I still haven't had the time to eat dinner.  My DH is not letting me get out of doing our nightly walk, even though I am probably getting more exercise by doing all the laundry!  So I am now waiting for him, so that we can get this walk over with, I can get back & eat something, & continue to "do the laundry".  I better get off here, I am becoming Debbie Downer for sure tonight!!!  Sorry for the bitching on this post.  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :) 


Girl Bandit said...

Sorry to hear that things are getting you down. How is the weight loss going? Those walks have to help

THE DASH! said...

Poor you, why do we always seem to load so much on ourselves that we bough under the weight? Crazy. I so hope things get a little easier for you. It's awful when we can't stop to take a breath. Take care, chickee.. thinking of you xxxx

Debi said...

Thanks Guys! The walks actually help most of the time, but sometimes it can be aggravating when I really don't have the time for it, & DH insists we go! He said that we could just take a short half mile walk. But once we got out, I decided to go ahead and do a full mile tonight.

I will be really stressed for at least two months & possibly up to six months. But I expect the worst of my stress will end in about two to four months.

Then, hopefully I can get back to some normalcy & start blogging again, which means REALLY following all my favorite blogs and commenting on them as well.

Right now, it is really just hit & miss if I have time to read any & if I can take the time to comment as well! It is so difficult! Because once I start reading, I want to read them all!

Oh well! Time will be a healer of all things I guess.

Sandy Lee said...

I love your posts but understand if you don't have time. Just post every month that you are alive and kicking! We won't drop you off our lists.

Good for you for getting in the walking. You will thank DH when it becomes such a routine, you will be pulling him out the door :-)

Debi said...

That's funny you said that! I usually have to remind him that we should take a walk!