Sunday, February 28, 2010

3 Month Post-Op Comparisons :(

Is it safe to look?

Hey Ya'll,
Well, I am only about 10 days late in posting my 3 Month, Post-Op Measurements.  At least they are finally being posted!  I haven't lost much weight since Surgery, but at least I have lost some inches.  Not too many, but a loss is a loss, right?  Well, without further ado, here they are!!

                                 Before        Month      Month       Change Since
                                Surgery           1               3                Surgery

Breast                        50.0"          47.5"        47.5"              -2.5"

Under Breasts           43.0"          40.5"        40.0"              -3.0"

Waist                         48.0"          42.5"        42.5"              -5.5"

Hips                          50.0"          47.5"        46.0"              -4.0"

Upper Arms     
(L)                            17.5"          16.0"        15.0"              -2.5"
(R)                            17.0"          17.0"        16.0"              -1.0"

(L)                            11.5"          10.5"         10.0"             -1.5"
(R)                            12.0"          11.0"         11.0"             -1.0"

Upper Thighs  
(L)                            26.5"          24.5"         24.0"             -2.5"
(R)                            27.5"          25.0"         24.5"             -3.0"

(L)                           16.5"          15.5"          15.5"            -1.0"
(R)                           16.5"         15.75"        15.75"          -0.75"

(L)                           10.0"           9.0"            8.5"             -1.5"
(R)                            9.0"            8.5"           8.25"           -0.75"

Neck                        18.0"          17.0"         16.5"            -1.5"

Total inches lost to date is, 32!!  Not great, but not too bad either.  After all, a loss is a loss!  LOL  

Well, I have been very busy lately with tons of paperwork!!  Every time I begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, my DH piles a ton more requests on me!  Sometimes I think that I will never make it to the end of the tunnel!  But!  I do know that the worst of my never ending chores will be done within 3-4 months!!  Thank god!  Now lets hope that I make it till then. :(

For down time, so I can relax from the never ending work.  I am still working on my Nieces Baby Afghan as well as my Step Daughters Afghan.  Plus, I have begun another painting.  I am still working on Aggie's painting, but I needed to start on my next painting, so that I can finish it before we potentially move to a place where I won't really have the space to work on it.  

This painting will be my largest painting to date and is another variation of my MIL'S Lake Tahoe Photo.  This painting will be about 2'x4'.  It was supposed to be our painting, but if we downsize like we planning on doing, then it will be wayyy toooo biggg forrr ussss!!  LOL  So we are planning to give it to DH's employer so they can hang it in their office.  Aggie, if you are reading this, don't tell Barry as it is supposed to be a surprise!!  Because who knows, Walt may not be willing to give it up!!  Anyway, I better go, I have a TON of work to do!!  So, till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)




DawnB said...

Hey Debi-

32" is Fantastic - way to go! You are doing an awesome job with your band. I would love it if you would post a pic of one of your paintings. You are so lucky to be creative!

Band Groupie said...

Great inches lost!!! Never thought about measuring ankles. I wanna see pics of the paintings!

Shrinking Mommy said...

great losses! you are getting there step by step! where are the comparison pics?

Debi said...

Thanks guys!

Dawn and BG, I will post the Painting pics for you soon.

Heidi, glad to hear from you again!! I had posted the comparison pics earlier in the Month, but decided that it was a good idea (yours by the way), to re post the comparison pics so that they are posted closer to the measurements post.

Duh! I should have thought of it myself! LOL

Bonnie said...

Awesome job!

Debi said...

Thanks Bonnie!!

carla said...

Great job 32 inches is amazing!!!

LDswims said...

Great job on the inches lost - and you are right, a loss is a loss. Slow and steady wins the race!

I can't wait to see pics!

Debi said...

Thanks Carla and LD! I agree, I have not been trying to lose weight fast, I am eating my normal diet, just smaller portions so that I don't feel deprived of anything. It means that I am losing at a slower pace, but that is ok. So long as I am losing!

Girl Bandit said... us pics and congrats