Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pancakes Are Evil !!!! :(

Hey Y'all,

Well, I had my 3rd Fill yesterday and at the time, I didn't think that it did any good.  I was able to eat about 3/4'ths of a Grilled Cheese sandwich and a few French Fries (I know, I know, slap me down now!!).  So at breakfast today, I had originally planned on ordering a bowl of Oatmeal.  But the restaurant had a huge party in this morning that wiped out their whole batch of Oatmeal, so I ordered their special.  2 Eggs, Ham and Pancakes.  Well, I ate the Eggs and Ham with no problems.  Then I cut the Pancakes in half, gave half of them to my DH, and started to slowly eat the other half.  I got about 4 bites in and realized that I was full.  So like the good bandster I am, I stopped eating immediately.

TMI ALERT, TMI ALERT!!  If you are easily grossed out, please skip the next 6 paragraphs!

Unfortunately, I didn't stop soon enough!  I shouldn't have eaten the Pancakes AT ALL!!!  By the time I was walking out of the Casino, I realized that I was more stuck than I originally thought.  In the restaurant, I felt a little tight, but not really stuck.  I decided to go back inside to the Ladies room just in case I needed a toilet or sink!  Once in the restroom and sitting on the toilet, I realized that I may actually be getting ready to have a PB episode.  Now I have only had one PB to date, so I had little to go by, but I was fairly certain that I was not going to leave there without losing something!!

I got a big wad of toilet paper together and shortly after, I bent forward and retched into the toilet paper!!  No food came out, just a ton of slime!!  So much so, that I couldn't contain it in the paper!!  It spilled over onto the floor in front of me!  Luckily, I was in there alone!  If someone had walked in, I think they may have thought that I was pregnant and my water had broke!!  I immediately felt much better, so I cleaned up the mess off the floor as best I could and walked out.

Now, I have only PB'd one other time, and it was a very mild PB.  I was not prepared for this episode!!  I always wondered exactly what the slime would be like.  I know that many other blogger's had reported having slimed a ton!  But not really what it was like.  To me, the slime was a little like an uncooked egg white, just not as thick.  It is gross and messy!  Oh, I almost forgot!  I also could tell that I was starting to PB when my eyes would start watering, and my nose needed to be blown.  By the end of the PB, I had to wipe my eyes and blow my nose several times.

So!  We got into our car and started driving to Walt's Mother's house for the day.  I didn't even get out of Reno before I realized that I may PB again!  Luckily, I had a bunch of napkins in the car from a fast food place.  I needed them!  This time I PB'd in front of my poor Walt!!  Before I knew it, he got off the freeway and pulled into a Taco Bell (I guess I grossed him out more than I thought!).  He told me to go inside and get some more napkins, but for me to I threw out the others first!  I went into the restroom and slimed into their trash can for a few minutes and thought that I was done, so I grabbed 15 of their large paper towels and walked back out to the car.

We got on our way again, heading to his Mom's place.  In about another 15 minutes, I lost it again and PB'd!  Luckily, I remembered that I had bought one of those trial size packages that had about 15 travel size trash bags in it from Target.  So I immediately put the paper towels in one of the trash bags.  Again, I felt much better.....until another 15 minutes!  Again, another episode.  Luckily we were within 15 minutes of his Moms place by then, so I was hoping to make it there before it hit again!!!

We did....but not by much.  I spent the next 20 minutes in her bathroom, bent over her sink slimming.  Finally, I started to feel worse and before I knew it, I bent over and actually threw up!!!  I finally expelled what ever was stuck!  A few small pieces of Ham and some mushy Pancakes!!  I can say that this time I felt immediate relief and that was the end of the problem!  Of course, it only took about one to one and a half hours to get it out!!  I don't know how so much slime could come out!  What I couldn't believe, was that through all of this, I didn't get anything on my top!!!  Usually that is the first place anything that doesn't make it into/or comes out of my mouth ends up!!

The rest of the day was fine.  We took his Mom to dinner later, and I ordered a bowl of Oatmeal to be safe, and I had no problem with the Oatmeal.  Now!!  You can slap my wrist about eating at all!!  I know that I am not supposed to eat anything the first 24-48 hours.  But I always do.  I just try to eat something that is easily swallowed.

So the rest of the day has been smooth sailing, that god!!  Although I wouldn't qualify this as a painful episode, it was definitely unpleasant and extremely messy.  It wouldn't have been so bad if I had been at home where I could ralph in private!!  I felt sorry for my dear Walt!!  He had to be witness to all but the last 20 minutes!  He said that he was very supportive and considerate.  I said, yes, you kept your mouth shut, eyes forward and tried not to look!  He said YES, that's the one!!!

Well, I will go for now so he can use his computer.  I will post my thank yous for the nominations tomorrow after we get home!!  Everyone have a great weekend, ya hear?  So, till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)


THE DASH! said...

Oh yeah, the sliming is HUGE.. where does it all come from?? I'm glad you're ok though. That is horrible when it happens.. and as usual, it's when we are out in public. Been caught myself a few times. :)

Jennifer said...

Oh. My. Goodness! That was a major sliming incident. I've never had it last so long. You poor thing! Yikes!
My own theory is that the 'slime' is our own saliva that is not able to go down through the pouch so it sits on top of the stuck food and just starts backing up. Oh, ugh...just thinking about it is terrible!
I have the same thing as you with the runny nose and watery eyes.
I'm glad you're feeling better now!

Band Groupie said...

Ouchie! That was a bad one! Wish I'd thought of just heaving onto the floor while I sat on the don't want to know...ugly!

Sally Hamilton said...

Debi - pancakes??? Ouch! In fact any kind of bread product is bad news for me. As is pasta. I steer way clear of them. I'm a new follower. My blog is Good luck on your journey and I look forward to reading about it.

Tina said...

woohooo...not bad. You just found restriction girl!! celebrate and start changing because your gonna lose some weight now.

Tina's top tips when you get restriction:

1. Get some ziplock bags-sandwich size is enough-carry them always. No muss no fuss you can zip them closed wen you are done with a pb or unsticking session and deposit them in a garbage can.
2. chew chew chew chew chew
3. it sounds like you had two things going on-the ham that you did not chew well enough and the pancakes. Your food will need more chewing from here on out. Every time you take a bite think about how you you feel the food in your chest area? do you have a runny nose..etc. every one's soft stop (thats what they call it) is different. Start looking for your warning sign that you are just right and not so full that the copious amounts of spit you produce to slide your food down will not back up and need to be pbd out.

I am soo excited for you (I know the event was bad but you are on your way now missy :)))

LDswims said...

I'm glad it finally worked itself out...that sounds horrible. Thanks for posting all the details...helps to go into this with eyes wide open, so to speak.

susieq4givn said...

wow...guess your at restriction. glad your feeling ok now..that is nothing I have experienced yet...I have just had a little experience, nothing like that though.

amandakiska said...

Thank you for posting all of this information. I was just banded last week and this is so helpful. I love that the band will keep me from eating too much. I really need that. Even though this sounds really unpleasant, I bet you will learn from the experience.

Bonnie said...

I will make sure I remember your post down the road when I get banded as a deterent for eating ham and pancakes. YUCK! LOL

Jenny said...

Wow! I'm glad you managed to get it out. I agree with Bonnie that I will remember this episode!

Gen said...

Tina has a bunch of great advice! You need to be careful with bread and pasta now, for sure, and also meat must be carefully chewed.

What a serious Slime-athon! So sorry! On the other hand, I am happy for you - this is the real deal! YAY restriction! Take it easy for a while with only liquids/mushies.

Thanks for your nice comments btw - you are always so sweet!

Debi said...

Thanks so much to everyone for their great comments as usual!! I totally agree that it seems like I finally have my Restriction!!! Well, I asked for it, and I got it!!

Tina, you are right and I will be carrying some zip lock bags with me at all times! I also will be picking up some more small car size trash bags so I can hide the zip locks in!!

Girl Bandit said...

Well it sounds like you have restriction. Sorry to hear it was so public and gross.

DawnB said...

Oh Debi - that sounds awful! I am so NOT looking forward to this :(. Glad your day got better!

Debi said...

Thanks Dawn! It sounded worse than it was. I didn't feel as much pain as I had expected, the worst was that I wasn't where I could pop into a bathroom until done!! Most of my PB'g happened in our car!!!