Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Beautiful Blogger Award

The Beautiful Blogger Award

Wow!  I find it hard to believe that I was nominated for a Beautiful Blogger Award, by 4 of my fellow blogger's!  When I saw this award being sent around, I truly didn't think that with so many great blogs out there, that I would be given it as well!!  I am humbled and excited at the same time!

1) I would like to thank  Tracy, Metamorphic Journey for nominating me for this award!  She is the closest to a band buddy that I have found so far, as we were banded only one day apart!!  AND, she has lost more weight than I have!  But all silliness aside, you have always been there with advice and support whenever it was needed, thank you Tracy!!

2) Next I would like to thank Stephanie, Dreams Of Skinny High Heels.  She loves to travel like I do, and especially loves Hawaii, so I feel a kind of kinship with her.  She lives in Florida (can you spell jealous)?  She is in the last days of Pre-Banding, as she is being Banded on Monday, Feb 22nd!  So I will keep good thoughts for you Monday, Stephanie!!

3) I would also like to thank Nikki, To Be Or Not To Be...FAT Is The Question.  I can't say enough about Nikki!!  She is an Army wife having to live apart from her Husband, while taking care of her sweet Step-Daughter.  Which makes her a very strong and determined young woman.  Nikki was only banded a week ago on Feb 12th, and should be enjoying her new Band.  But she found out today, that what was causing her so much pain, is an Inverted Port!!  Because of this, she has to have minor Surgery to repair it!  So other than the fact that she has been such a supportive friend, I can say that I am totally envious of her getting to live in Hawaii!!  :)

4) And last but certainly not least, I would like to thank Dawn, What I Weighed In High School.  Dawn was my 3rd Follower and although her Banding wasn't until just recently, she always managed to follow our blogs and give her great advice and support to all of us that was Banded before her.  She is also so lucky to be one of the few Bandster's whose Husbands were Banded with her!!  They were both Banded on Jan 27th.  And I was Banded on her Birthday!!  Dawn, you are finally on your way!!

Here are the rules:
* Thank the person(s) who nominated you for this award;

* Copy the award and post it in your blog;

* Link to the blog of the person who nominated you;

* Tell seven interesting things about yourself;

* Nominate seven bloggers and;

* Post links to the blogs of your nominees

So, I guess I need to post 7 interesting things about myself. 

1.  I love to fly!  Both in large aircraft and small private planes.  I grew up flying with my Dad, in his small 4 passenger plane and always preferred to fly over driving!!  My husband Walt and I started taking flying lessons about 9 yrs ago.  I finished ground school, but only logged 10 hours of actual flight time.  My husband is a pilot.  He has his Private, Commercial, and IFR certifications.  I may not be able to fly legally, but I can fly our plane with Walt flying with me as Pilot In Command.  I can also land us in an emergency (which is what counts!).

2.  I have been married 4 times (yikes!).  The first was when I was barely 18, and it lasted 5 1/2 years but produced my beautiful daughter Christa.  The second marriage was for all the wrong reasons, and I ended it after 5 1/2 years as my husband refused to grow up and support us!  The third marriage was to a man from Jordan.  We were also married for about 5 1/2 years and probably would still be married today, except that he wanted to move back to Jordan to be with his family, and wasn't sure he would return.  I refused to move to Jordan, especially with my young daughter, so we divorced.  I met my current husband Walt, 19 years ago and we have been together ever since.  Oh and we were married on a Friday the 13th!!

3.  My lowest weight as a young adult was 89 lbs and my highest weight as an adult was 226.8.

4.  I love to dance, and when I was younger, I wanted to dance professionally.  I am hoping that once I lose more weight, I can at least dance a few dances with Walt, before I have to sit in pain.  Since I have been able to walk up to 2 miles without my walker Post Surgery, I have every hope that I will!

5  I have taken up painting in oils and love it.  I also crochet and I used to ride dirt bikes while camping with my family as a teenager.

6.  I love to travel!!  All forms of travel.  I have been to Hawaii 7 times.  I have been on 4 Cruises.  I have Cruised to the Mexican Riviera, the Eastern and Western Caribbean and a 12 day Cruise from Vancouver, Canada to Hawaii.  We have traveled to England, France, and Ireland.  We would still like to travel to Scotland, Germany, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, among others!!

7.  And last but not least, I love, love, love Hawaii!!  SURPRISE!!  BUT!  I don't like being in the sun!!  My idea of paradise is sitting in the shade, reading a good book listening to the sound of the waves.  Ahhh.  The reason I can't be in the sun is that I was not smart as a young kid, teenager or young adult and never used suntan lotion to protect my skin, and now I am in constant fear of skin cancer.  I have already had two pre cancerous spots removed from my nose and two suspicious moles removed.  Lesson learned, use sun protection!!

And now I need to nominate seven bloggers.  But how to narrow it down to just seven!!  Everyone deserves this award.  But I will list my top seven, under duress!  

1.   Amy, Once Upon A Time...In The Land Of Cheese And Sunkist.  Amy's blog was the first blog that I read and I found her to be really fun, fun loving and funny!!  She is not afraid to make fun of herself and is a great inspiration and motivator to others.  We all look up to and Heart Amy!!!

2.  Gen, I Heart The Band.  Gen was my first Follower and has always been the sweetest, kindest most supportive friend we have!!  She is so sweet and has a beautiful family, that she loves doing things with.  She has a fantastic way of looking at things and is always positive.  Gen, you are shrinking before our eyes!!  I hope your recovery from Surgery is smooth and easy, so your vacation to Mexico is the best!  I Heart You Gen!!

3.  Cara, The Dash.  Cara is everyone's best friend from Down Under!  She is like the den mother we all wish we had as kids.  Cara is always smiling, always willing to give support and is very generous with her compliments.  I consider her my "special friend".  I Heart You Cara!  Hugs

4.  Vanessa, Dinnerland.  Vanessa is always very supportive and has had to overcome so many obstacles to get to her Surgery, not to mention what she is going through now!!  She is always there for everyone.  She is a very driven, focused person and not afraid to tell it like it is!  Which is why we Heart Her.  Vanessa, I hope your finger and arm gets better soon!

5.  Roo, A Brand New Roo.  Roo is such an outgoing and adventurous woman!!  She is very sweet and always supportive.   She is not afraid to work and travel alone in a Foreign Country!  Did I mention that she has lost over 30 kg's in only 6 months?  Fantastic!!  Roo, you are one of the nicest women I have been in contact with and I Heart You!  You will find the perfect man for you yet!  Don't give up.  Any man would be lucky to have you for his own. 

6.  Dee, Kajun Gumbo/Nawlins Lady.  Dee is such a beautiful Southern Woman.  She is fantastic, and loves her family so much.  She always gives such great advise and is always complimentary and supportive!  She has lived through Hurricane Katrina, although she lost her home to it!  She is still in the process of getting her home rebuilt.  She is awesome and someone I would love to meet someday!  Dee, we all Heart You and hope your home is rebuilt soon!

7.  Sandy, The Weight Loss Rollercoaster.  Sandy, you are by no means the least of my choices!!  I love you all.  Sandy is Canadian (I love it), and always very sweet and supportive to everyone that needs supporting.  She was just Banded on Feb 10th after some very last minute stress, from a possibility that she may have to postpone her Surgery, due to an abnormal EKG.  We were all so happy for you, that it turned out ok!!!  And don't worry Sandy, the weight WILL start to fall off!  Just give it some time!  I Heart You Sandy! 

Now that I have taken several days to write this, I hope you aren't all tired of waiting for it!!  By the way, I have finally reached a new low since Surgery!!  I am getting close to the 180's!!  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)


Dinnerland said...

Deb, you saved the best for last!! A new low after surgery.... amazing amazing amazing. You must be so proud and I am proud fo ryou... 180's here you come.
And thank you so much for the nomination for beautiful blogger award. So sweet and kind!!!

THE DASH! said...

You know I consider you someone special too and the fact you nominated me makes me a bit teary. Thank you for your sweet words from the bottom of my heart. xxxx

Barbara said...

Deb loved reading your 7 things.. I didn't know you loved flying so much.. how cool is that. Hope to some day make it to Hawaii.. but who knows.. great post .. so interesting.

Nikki said...

AWWW DEBI! Thanks :) You make me sound so great! LOL.

I will have to ask you to send me some of your enjoyment for flying... I hate it, but do it MANY times a year! LOL

You know...I am going to be driving around the Island tomorrow taking random pix and stuff...I can totally email you some? =D I know how much you love it out here...I have no issue spreading a little Aloha! =D

Debi said...

Thanks everyone! And Nikki, I would love some pics from you!!

Bonnie said...

Great job on the new low. And thanks for sharing the 7 interesting things. Loved reading them.

Debi said...

Thanks Bonnie!

DawnB said...

Thanks so much Debi for your kind words!! Here's to you & Walt dancin' soon :)

Debi said...

You're welcome, and thanks Dawn!!

Gen said...

Thank you so much Debi! I forgot I was your first follower - lucky me! I do remember encouraging you about posting your first pictures by your pool!

Congrats on nearing 180s, that is the best!
And thanks for all the interesting info about you!

You were on my list of nominees too - but I think I am not doing an official list, too many I don't want to leave out! Contrats on your BB award!

Debi said...

Thank you Gen!! I too almost didn't post any nominees as I hated to leave anyone out!! Everyone is worthy of the nomination!!