Monday, February 8, 2010

Hello to Shelley !!!

Hey Ya'll,

I was checking in again, and found that I have a new Follower!  Her name is Shelley, and her blog is called, "Shelley Shrinks".  However, she did not have WLS like the rest of us.  She is from Australia and has been on the Weight Watchers program since January 09, and in this time she has lost a bit over 74 lbs!!  So Shelley, I would like to welcome you to our world of Weight Loss Surgery.  I am fairly new, having only been banded since November 19th, 09, but if you have any questions, just ask.  So, "welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)


Dinnerland said...

Hey Deb, sorry I havent' been by to comment in a while... just wanted to say hello.
My first fill is tomorrow, hope things are going along well with you.
I will check back through your last few posts....

Debi said...

Thanks Vanessa! I too have been really busy & have rarely had time to read everyone's blogs, let alone make many comments!

Hope you Fill tomorrow is as painless as mine have been!!

Gen said...

Debi, I love how you acknowledge each new follower. I wish I had done that but I got a bunch all at once for some reason!

Okay, are you going to beg your surgeon for a good fill next time or what? I went from 4 ccs to 6 ccs and it was awesome. (Now I am at 7.4 ccs). Good luck with the next fill!

Debi said...

Unfortunately, they are conservative and she said that from this next fill on, they would only give small Fills of .5 cc's or less!!

Meaning that the most I can get would be the .5 cc's, which would put me at 4.5 cc's. Which I am guessing, is still not enough to notice any Restriction.

And yes, I do try to acknowledge each new Follower! But sometimes it is hard, as some show up in silhouette with just a name and it is really hard to figure out who they are!

And as you know, unless they have their settings set so that you can follow their link to their blog, it is almost impossible to find them! However, I usually try to dig a bit, and see if they left a comment on anyone's blog.

If they did, I can almost always find them!! I guess I should have been a detective! LOL But I really try to know my Follower's if at all possible.