Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Where's Dinnerland?

Hey Ya'll,

I have been desperately trying to get caught up with everyone's blog.  It may still take a few more days to totally get caught up.

But I noticed that I was unable to catch up with Vanessa's blog, "Dinnerland".  Does anyone know why she pulled her blog?

She was just recently banded & I hope that all is well with her. 

Vanessa, if you are reading this, please let us know that you are ok!  I tried to make a comment on your blog on the 5th at my SIL's house, on her computer (my DH forgot to bring our laptop) but it wouldn't let me make a comment then, so I figured that I would make my comments after I we returned home & I was able to get to my computer.

Well, if anyone knows what is wrong, please advise!  She was always such a prolific writer & liked to help out!!  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)


TJ said...

She is back now.

TJ said...

But you probably realized that. I just noticed your blog was posted yesterday, but it just showed up in my "new" list today. Mine did the same thing and I think many others did too by the look of the time stamps. Something must have been up with blogger last night.

Lady Lap Band said...

Hey Debi!!

Hang in there your fill day will be here before you know it! I just blogged about my fill today but I was going to eat my arms off last week so I ate something small every couple of hours to curb my hunger and it really worked, you should try it. I still consumed the same amount of calories I just spraed it out more throughout the day. Stay strong!!!!


Debi said...

Thanks guys!

Tracy, apparently Vanessa did block her blog temporarily, but opened it back up! I am glad that she did! We all need to both give & receive support at this time.

Breanne, glad to hear that you got your Fill today! Can't wait for mine. I know that you are right about eating several smaller meals, rather than eating a few larger ones.

Technically I am ok, I just start craving things I shouldn't be eating at all!!!!! So if I couldn't eat them easily, it would be much better for me until I can get myself under better control!