Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Done !!! :)

Hey Ya'll,

Well, today we walked over to the Surgeon's office from our Hotel.  Luckily it is only about 2 blocks away, so we thought it would be a nice walk, as it had stopped snowing here in Reno by then.  After leaving the Doctor's office, we took a long walk back to the Hotel so we ended up walking about a mile today.  And this is not counting the walking inside the Casino, back & forth to our Hotel room.

Anyhoo, after I was weighed, the Nurse said that I was below "The Number", so she was really happy!  Meaning that I was officially under 200 lbs.  I was a bit over 200 lbs the last visit, & in fact, I was afraid that I had gained weight since my last visit.  I lost 3.8 lbs, so that means that I lost almost a lb a week!!  Considering how much I have been eating, I was sure that I had gained weight!!  So I am doing the happy dance right now!!!  And this is fully clothed, except for my shoes, which I always take off to weigh myself.

The PA seemed happy about this as well.  She was so happy about it in fact that she was only planning on giving me .5 cc's today!  But when we told her that I had NO RESTRICTION, & could eat anything I wanted including bread, steak, etc!!  Walt said how about 4 cc's.  She just about had a heart attack.  So I said how about 2 cc's.  She said, how about 1 cc, LOL.  I agreed to the 1 cc after she said that she hates to give too much at one time, as the stomach tends to swell after a Fill & she is afraid that with me living so far away, it wouldn't be good if I needed an Unfill.  So we agreed, & this now puts me at 4 cc's in a 10 cc Band.

However, it is obvious that from now on, I will not get more than .5 cc's at a time, because I will be getting much closer to what they consider the "sweet spot".  Which she says can be anywhere from about 4-6 cc's for most people.  When we asked how soon I could schedule my next Fill for.  At first she said 4 weeks from today.  Then Walt said what if this Fill isn't doing me any good?  So she agreed to let me set my next Fill for 3 weeks away.  So my next Fill is Tuesday the 16th of February.

So far I can't tell any difference, yet again!!  I know that I am supposed to be on liquids for the first 24-48 hours.  But, since I was eating the day after Surgery, I went ahead & ate dinner tonight.  I just made sure to eat items that I knew would be easily swallowed & tolerated.  I was able to eat at least twice the amount that I should be able to eat, before I felt satisfied.  But of course, I still ate way less than half what I would have eaten pre-band!!  So again, I have to try to control my portions through will power as I appear to not have any Restriction!!!  Unless of course it kicks in later, which as we all know, is a possibility.  Lets hope so!

While we were out & about getting dinner, we were trying to decide where to go eat.  We didn't want to leave the Hotel so we were choosing from all the restaurants, buffet's, etc.  Walt wanted to go towards the El Dorado's choices, but I knew that if we went that way, I would want a piece of my favorite cake they make there!!  And I told him this.  In which he replied, if I let you get cake, does that mean we can have sex???  I tell you, this is about all he has had on his mind lately!!  I told him that 2 nights in a row was enough!!  I am not a spring chicken anymore!  LOL

Anyway, if anyone is still reading this, I would like to request that you go check out a new blog I found today!!  Her name is, Banderific Beauty & her blog address is:  She is being Banded on February 11th & could use our help & support.  She is feeling a bit lost as her friends are tired of hearing her talk about the Band & she has questions.  Well, I should get off here, my DH wants to use the computer too!!  Till Next Time.

Aloha My Friends  :)


Athena's Melting said...

Thats awesome that you are doing so well...! I can't wait for my first fill :)

Amy said...

I just had my second fill and am feeling a bit of restriction, but my surgeon said most of his patients get there between fills 3 and 4! Maybe it'll be the same for us...fingers crossed!


Gen said...

Good job with the losses Debi! I know how hard it is when you have no restriction.

I don't know...I live a flight away and my Doc has not been conservative at all. He said their patients hit their sweet spot usually between 6-8 ccs, which has been true for me. But of course others need less.

I hope that 4 helps a bunch - I know I got about 2 weeks of restriction out of 4 ccs, hopefully yours will last longer.

Amy W. said...

THERE YOU GO! Congrats and CONGRATS! That is so awesome. I do hope you get some restriction. We should make stickers or something that we can wear once a bandster hits their sweet spot!

Band Groupie said...

I need a "Walt" with me at my fills LOL...what a great advocate! Hope this fill starts to kick in! -BG

Sandy Lee said...

So you didn't finish if you actually got your piece of cake! LOL

Debi said...

Thanks guys!!

Sandy, NO I decided not to have the cake. Partly because I knew I wouldn't be able to resist eating all of it, & I truly wanted a night off!!

P.S.) Walt wants me to let ya'll know that he isn't wanting sex now that I am losing weight, he has always wanted sex!!! Men, go figure!! LOL

RC said...

Hey Debi - thanks for stopping by my blog and for lending your support!! I appreciate it. congrats to you on getting below 200! That's a really big accomplishment! So glad you resisted the cake! that's hard to do! I just laughed out loud when i read the sex comment from your husband. just what my husband would say!

Debi said...

Your Welcome RC! Yes, aren't men all alike? You would think that they hadn't had sex in a year, if it was just a day or two!

BanderificBeauty said...

Dont give up it is one decision at a time till its perfected! And if you mess up forgive yourself and get back to doing good. To err is human :D Thank you so much for letting people know about me. You guys are all so wonderful and helpful!

Debi said...

Your Welcome Banderific Beauty!! And thanks for the support!!

Debi said...

This is a very long explanation/set of instructions for, "2010's New Life 4 Me!!!".

She was asking how to set it up so that she can tell when someone she is Following has posted a new post, so she can go read it.

So I am going to attempt to give some semi understandable directions!! At least this is the way that I do it!! If someone else has a faster way, then please let me know too!!! LOL

This section is on how to Follow someone:

1. When you are on the main page of the blog that you want to Follow. Highlight the URL address, right click on it & click COPY.

2. On your main page, at the top, click on Customize, then add a Gadget.

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8. Then click on Next, then Follow.

This should have you now Following this person on their blog as well as showing up in your blog as one's you Follow.

Now, to set it up so that the blogs you are Following shows on your main blog page so that you can see when they have posted a new post, do this:

1. On your Main page, go to the top and click on Customize.

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3. Add the Gadget called, Blog List.

Once it is installed, to add blogs so that they show up on your main page so you can see when they have posted a new post.

1. Go to your Main page, click on Customize.

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Go to your Main page & refresh. This should now be seen on your Main page. This way you can just click on the blog you want to see.