Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's Hot In Here!!!!!

This is how I feel right now!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well tomorrow afternoon, is the Memorial for my FIL.  What this means is that, my MIL arrived yesterday & stayed the night last night with us.  She will also be staying the night with us tonight as well.  Now under normal conditions, having a MIL stay with you wouldn't be so bad.  But my MIL, bless her heart, is a bit on the crazy side & can only be tolerated in small doses.  LOL

Don't get me wrong, I love her, but she is not an easy person to be around for very long.  Last night, we forgot that she likes to have her house temperature set at around 80-85 degrees, even in the Summer!!  So she didn't "sleep very well".  So this morning, my DH informed me that he was raising the house temperature to about 68 degrees!!  We normally keep it at 58-63 degrees at night.  This means that I will wake up totally stuffed up in the morning!!  I can't sleep well if it is too warm!  So we have two totally different sleeping preferences under one roof.  And of course, we will give our guest her preference.

Luckily, she will be staying the following two nights at my SIL'S house (Friday & Saturday).  Then she will go stay at her Sister's house on her way home.  Like I said, I love her, but it is hard having her stay here.  It totally disrupts our routine.  Normally, we don't have any problem having guests stay with us.  But she is extremely eccentric & things must be the way she likes it.  We are just so glad that she didn't bring her dog with her.  We would not have allowed that dog to stay in our house!!

And for you dog lovers out there, don't take this the wrong way.  We both love dogs, but this particular dog is unlovable to anyone except to my MIL & now, deceased FIL.  This dog hated everyone else & would actually bite you when you tried to visit them, if they didn't keep her on a leash or in her crate!!!  She did bite my DH once & my BIL quite a few times!!  So the photo is me.  Not very happy & trying to hide in my office as much as I can!!

I also wanted to say that my DH & I are planning on making a major change in our lives.  It will take about 4-6 Months to fully execute, but we have a lot of steps to go through to do this.  I will elaborate further at a later time.  Please just be aware that because of this, there are a lot of things that I need to get accomplished between now & then, so most of my time will be taken up doing those things.  Meaning that I will not have enough time in the day to be able to fully keep up on everyone's blogs!!  This is the part that I hate! 

I will be lucky if I can read most of them on a daily basis.  But to actually be able to read them & most importantly be able to comment on them, will be next to impossible!!  So please be aware that I will do my best to try to keep up, but I may not be making many comments for awhile!!  I love you guys & hate to not be able to let you know that I am still here in blog land!!!  Well, I have to go for now, we need to go.  Till next time!!!

Aloha My Friends  :(


Sandy Lee said...

Noooooooooooo. You must keep on blogging even if you can't keep up with everyone! A solution to the hot, hot house (yes I have guests that think 60 degrees at night is cold)--Open the windows in your bedroom and keep the door shut. MIL can be cranky. Mine is gone now so don't have the hassles but we do what we have to do to keep the peace with their sons. Good luck on the adventure you are setting out on.

TracyZ said...

You are a very nice daughter-in-law to let your MIL have her way with your thermostat!! I think Sandy Lee's idea of opening a window in your bedroom and closing the door is a good one. I would hate to be on the receiving end of your utility bill this month!!

Good luck and best wishes on the major change! Can't wait to hear more about what you're planning.

Debi said...
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Debi said...

Thanks guys!! That is what Walt said to do. When I go to bed, I will open one of the windows in the bedroom area!

I will definitely keep blogging, at least when there is something to say, but I may not be able to comment much. And I will really try to keep up with your blogs as well!! But when you follow as many as I do, it is hard just to read all of them each day!!! LOL

Sorry for the deleted comment, after I posted it, I reread it & realized I had way too many misspelled words, & I couldn't handle that!! So I re posted with the corrections.

THE DASH! said...

Just do your best, Debi. We know you are around in spirit and that you are still with us. You won't need the extra pressure by the sounds of it. Exciting whatever it is going on! Let us know when you're ready. x

Barbara said...

Debi.. hope all goes well with the memorial. I too lost my FIL last month.. it's a tough time for all.. I had my MIL stay with us right after the burial.. usually she drives me nuts, but I didn't have the heart to complain because she was so distraught.. whatever she wanted I tried to make the whole week as easy as possible.. she gave me a big hug when she left (unusual for her).. I am sure your MIL will feel the same way. be well

Debi said...

Thanks Cara!! I will try to keep up with everyone & just know that I will be thinking of everyone even if I am unable to actually take the time to comment much.

Barbara, thank you for your understanding!! I am so sorry for your loss as well! I just usually grin & bear it whenever she visits. I do love her, but she is really hard to be around for very long. So far, except for when he was actually passing, she hasn't really shown any emotion. We expect that it may take a few months to really set in that she is alone now.

Girl Bandit said...

Good luck with all the changes. I am sure that everyone will understand that you need to make your lives better and we will look forward to seeing you comment again soon

Debi said...

Thanks GB!