Saturday, January 23, 2010

Photo Was Sooo Prophetic!!!

Hey Ya'll,

So, you ask why the title of the post?  Well, the second paragraph should explain it to you.  By the way, the photo that I was referring to was the photo of the Cat driving the car in my last post!! 

Well we made it!  But it took us 4 hours, just to get to Boomtown!!  Which is a few miles West of Reno.  We stopped there for a lunch break.  Now, this trip usually only takes about 1.5 hours!!!  The problem was the Ski & Snow Board enthusiasts!!!  There was a ton of cars driving up into the Sierra!!!  But because of the snow, they had chain control's in effect.  This caused most of the vehicles to stop & put on their chains.  It took us 3 hours to drive 20 miles!!!!!  Luckily, we were in our 4x4, & 4x4's were allowed through so long as they had snow tires on.  We have all terrain tires, not snow tires, & we were expecting to be forced to put on the chains at some point.  But just as we got to the chain enforcement check point, they lifted the requirement for 4x4's.  So we didn't have to stop & apply chains.  Yea!

But we weren't expecting snow showers until we were closer to the Summit.  The snow began at about the 2000 ft level & snowed all the way to the Summit!  Luckily, that is when the traffic ended!  As that is where the Ski Lifts are!!!  So the rest of the way was a piece of cake!  We still didn't get to where our Son is living until 2:30 & we left our house at 8 am!!!

Then we had to unload the U-Haul, put his bed together, then turn in the U-Haul.  We get to the U-Haul place to turn it in, & they are closed.  The person who runs the place Is Sick!!  So all we had to do was leave the trailer out front & leave our documents in their mail slot!  After all the rush!  Ahem!!

So, once we did this, Carolyn & Russ took us to a nice Mexican dinner (yum).  Then we had to drive back into Nevada to Carson City.  Tomorrow morning, Walt will go to his Mother's to help her go through his Dad's stuff.  I am going to stay at the Hotel, which is really nice by the way.  It is one of the nicest Hotel rooms we have stayed in, in a long time!  So I did as you suggested Tracy (TJ) & requested a late check out & I have until 2 pm tomorrow to vacate the room!!  This way I won't have to sit by myself for too long waiting for Walt to get back.

Then, we drive back to Reno & check in to our Hotel there!!  As my appointment is Monday with the Surgeon's NP for my 2nd Fill!!!  Here's hoping that I get at least 1 cc if not 1.5 cc's!!  Then we have to decide whether or not to try to drive home after the appointment or stay Monday night or until Wednesday morning!!  It all depends on the weather.  I am hoping that we stay until at least Tuesday, I really don't want to drive over the Sierra's in the late afternoon when icing could be started.  We know that it is supposed to snow too.  Anyway, I will keep you posted!!  We need to get back by Wednesday at the latest, as my FIL'S Memorial is on Friday & we have some arrangements still to take care of.

Well, I better go for now, we have to go to bed!  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)


THE DASH! said...

Busy day - and YOW that trip took forever!!! Good thinking about not driving back on the ice.. drive safe, kay.. see you when you get back home.

Dinnerland said...

I agree with Dashy up there!! Holy cow that took a long time... glad you're safe.

Band Groupie said...

Good luck with the second fill...hope it does the trick!! Be safe! -BG

Nessa said...

Last time I drove over the Sierra's it was snowing and icy, definitely not my idea of a fun drive. I think my knuckles just about burst through my skin, my hands were clenched so tight on that steering wheel. Good luck on the fill and drive careful!!!

Debi said...

Thanks everyone! Yes is was definitely a long trip! We were pretty exhausted by last night.

Walt even allowed me to drive the last hour from Hallelujah Junction to Carson City. And he knows that I don't see well at night, especially in an unfamiliar area!

I am hoping that we wait until Wednesday to drive home as it is supposed to be a clear day with no rain or snow.

The Former Fat Girl said...

I cant imagine taking the drives that you do..bless you for your patience !!
Just checking in and hoping your fill goes great !!

Debi said...

Thanks! I need all the patience I can get when we drive up to Reno!!