Friday, January 29, 2010

A Shout Out To DL Swims !!!!

Hey Ya'll,

I just logged in real quick, before we needed to leave for the Memorial, & noticed that I have a new Follower!  Her name is, DL Swims, and her blog address is: "A Journey To Embrace".  I started Following your blog last night, but it will take me a day or two (or three) to read it from beginning to end!  So everyone, please check out her blog and give her the support, that we all need!  Well, I have to go, so..."welcome to my nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)


LDswims said...

Sorry to be so late in responding. I have been working through your blog all day today and hope to be caught up tomorrow. I was noticing a trend that you seem to have of welcoming the new followers and am sad I missed this on the day of!

I've enjoyed your blog so far! I am through Nov at this point. I think we have quite a lot of similarities! Where in So Cal are you from? And where are you now? I have an uncle in Grass Valley and every time you drive to Reno I keep thinking...I wonder if you ever cross paths with him. He does all his medical stuff in Reno, closest VA for him...

Anyway...awesome blog so far. I can't wait to get caught up all the way!

Debi said...

I grew up in San Bernardino/Riverside area of Southern California. It is about mid way between LA and Palm Springs. I am now living in the Sacramento area.

It's ok to be behind, especially in a blog like mine that makes a lot of post! I know what it is like to be behind in reading the blogs too!! I am really behind in reading everyone's blog right now, and it may be months before I can really take the time to get caught up.

So it is really hit and miss if I manage to read a particular blog, and really rare if I can take the time to leave comments! I feel bad that I am not commenting, but I am trying to read as best I can, even if I don't always leave a comment!!! But I promise that I will get caught up eventually!

I got in the habit of welcoming everyone from the very beginning, and I feel that if I stop, those in the future, that I don't welcome may feel slighted. So I really try to be aware of new Follower's and welcome them as soon as I can.

However, sometimes it is hard to know who they are. As you know, sometimes you can't follow them to their blog. So when this happens, I try to see who they follow, and see if they left any comments in other blogs. If I can find a comment left by them, then I can find their blog about 99% of the time!