Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Urologist Appointment & A False Start !!

Aren't they just the cutest kittens?  Unless this was your yarn they just destroyed!!!

Hey Ya'll,

This morning I went with my DH to his Urologist appointment.  He has been having some symptoms that could be either nothing or something very bad.  We are clinging to the thought that it is something minor (even the Urologist thinks so).  So my DH has to have some Blood Work drawn & then start some drugs that the Urologist thinks might stop the problem.  If it doesn't, then....we will go from there!  But my DH is certain that it is the something minor!  I refuse to think the worst at this point.  We have too many issues to deal with right now to worry needlessly. 

Anyhoo, I had started another painting session this afternoon, on our Friend Aggie's painting.  I am painting her some  Plumeria Blossoms.  Or should I say, I am attempting to paint some Plumeria Blossoms for her!!  LOL  But after I had started painting & began adding the paint to bring in the Pink colors, I realized that I didn't have the right color to make the shade of Pink that I wanted! (drats!)

So I removed the unwanted paint, cleaned my brushes & made a run to Aaron Bros to pick up some paint.  I bought a true Red & a Magenta color hoping that I will get the right color Pink, out of at least one of these!!  Now, I haven't been buying paints lately as we are a bit strapped for cash right now (and good quality Oil Paints are expensive), but luckily I remembered that I have a Gift Certificate for Aaron Bros that my BFF Nadene, gave me for painting her Butterfly painting for her!!  So I used a bit of that for my paints.  So....tomorrow I will attempt to paint again!!!

While I was out, I decided to go to Jo-Ann's Fabric store to purchase some yarn for the Baby Afghan I will be making for my Niece's Baby Boy, to be born in a few months (with coupons of course)!!  Luckily, I found some extra yarn here at the house, that I forgot I had, that I can make myself a hat or two with as well!!  Winter always makes me want to Crochet!

So by the time that I managed to get back home, it was after 4:30 pm & I don't like to start a painting session that late as my sessions usually last a minimum of 4 hrs, & have gone as long as 10 hrs!!  So if I can't start painting by 2-3 at the very latest (unless I know that I will be doing something minor).  Then, I won't start.

Anyway, I wanted to say hi, and I hope you all had a great weekend!  Till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)


Dinnerland said...

Well, I hope everything is OK with your DH. Not sure what is going on, but from what you said, I'll just note: My father (and colleague of my too) both had Prostate cancer at an early age (55 years) and had surgery and are completely fine afterwards. My father has never looked back and healed very well. That was over 10 years ago.
Whatever the case-- good luck and here's to hoping is is NOTHING serious!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is ok with your DH. The painting and crocheting sound wonderful, I wish I had those talents.

THE DASH! said...

Poor DH... just another thing on the list of things for you to worry about. Thinking of you guys, Debi. Hope everything turns out ok. x

Sandy Lee said...

I just started oil painting after years of Tole painting with acrylics and love my teacher. Trying to get used to mixing colours instead of having someone give me the paint. I'm doing a portrait of my DD when she was 6 years old (shes 26 now). It is taking forever but I am a perfectionist. Hopefully I can speed up and just start painting at home.

Sandy Lee said...

Also meant to thankyou for your comments on my blog. I don't know who I will eventually tell. I think I am still in the "will this time work" phase. Besides I will still be eating less and exercising more ;-)

carla said...

Fingers crossed for your DH I am sure it will be fine...

Keep up the good work

Debi said...

Thanks everyone! I didn't want to give too much information, as some of our friends, & a co-worker of my DH's reads this blog. So to protect his privacy, I am keeping the information at a minimum for now. But if it turns out that it is something more, I will post it.

Sandy Lee, that is great that you are Oil Painting too! I too am a perfectionist. I see Oil Paintings & think, why can't I just paint like that? It seems that they can just paint strokes that from a distance makes the painting look like something, then you look at it up close & see that they were not perfect strokes.

But I like my paintings to look like what I am trying to paint, whether you look at it from a distance or up close. Meaning that I am too much of a perfectionist to just let myself go & paint freely!!

So if you are interested in seeing my paintings, go to my December 16th post titled, "Onederland!! Yippe!!" I show a photo of all 7 of my paintings & the start of a couple more. For the most part, I believe each painting gets better than the last. At least I am getting more comfortable working in the medium.