Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tomorrow Would Have Been A Beeautch!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, we are back in Reno again, and we have just returned from eating dinner.  So now we are back in our room nice and comfortable in our pj's, and I just checked the weather for the next couple of days, to see when the best time would be to head back over the Sierra's home.  Walt wanted to drive home right after we get out of my Fill appointment.  But that wouldn't be until at least 1:30 if not 2 pm.  And I really wasn't looking forward to driving over that late as the roads could get icy later in the day, as the temps start dropping and the roads get all shaded over from the trees and mountains.

So...luckily for me, the weather looks to be the worst tomorrow!!!  I first checked our area at home, as it is the pre-programed link.  And it showed Heavy Rain!  So, if it is raining heavily where we live, then the Sierra's is usually pretty bad.  So next I checked weather for Truckee as it is the only big town going over the Sierra's, on I-80 near the Summit, where the snows are worse.  Truckee is in California, but it is on the Nevada side of the Sierra's.  And Truckee is expecting Heavy Snow!!!  Which means that the Summit could potentially be even worse as it is a bit higher in elevation, and the storms are usually worse on the California side!!! 

So....Walt agreed that it would be too rough to drive over (Assuming they even allow it.  Often, when it is snowing this bad, they close the roads to traffic).  Tuesday is still supposed to be snowing, but it is listed as Snow Showers (which is what it was when we drove here), so it should be ok with a 4x4.  But in case they upgrade the storm on Tuesday to be worse, we still have a room reserved for Tuesday night & Wednesday is supposed to be clear of rain or snow!!!

So, other than watching the weather constantly for any changes, not much else is happening.  Except for Tomorrows 2nd Fill Appointment!!!  Yea!!  Cross you fingers & toes that the NP gives me a decent Fill!!  I am only at 3 cc's & it is doing NOTHING for me!!  LOL  I will keep you posted tomorrow as to what I got.  So, till tomorrow.

Aloha My Friends  :)


THE DASH! said...

Crossing of the fingers and toes for you your fill. Safe drive back home!!

Tina said...

my fingers and toes are crossed that this is a good fill too....


Dinnerland said...

Me too! Good luck Debs... I hope this does the trick... I KNOW you'll get there!

Gen said...

Good luck! Push for a big fill! 3 ccs is nothing, you need twice as much. Good luck with the drive home.

Sandy Lee said...

Save drive home. Living in a place where snow is bad at times (Ottawa, Ontario) I always check out the weather first before leaving for a journey of more than 2 hours. It isn't that we can't drive in the 4x4, it is that they don't always clear the roads. Hope your fill goes well.

Debi said...

Thanks everyone, I will post my outcome later today.

We will be very careful driving home tomorrow!!!

I agree Sandy, it isn't that we don't like to drive in the snow conditions (which I don't, Walt doesn't mind it), but the road conditions aren't always the best!!