Sunday, September 20, 2009

What's Next

Hey Y'all,

Photos at the end of the post.
I would like to say I'm sorry to my 2 followers, because I haven't posted anything in a while.  I will try posting a couple of pictures if possible.  There hasn't been a lot happening since my last trip over the Sierra's.  But I do have one more trip to make before we can send off for my Surgery approval from my Insurance Company.

My next trip to Reno is next Friday, the 25th.  I am scheduled for two different tests and I must be fasting before the tests (surprise, surprise).  The first test is an H Pylori test.  I believe this test is to determine whether or not I have an ulcer.  The second test is an RMR test (Resting Metabolic Rate).  "It represents the calories your body uses to maintain vital body functions (heart rate, brain function, breathing)".  Meaning, "it is the number of calories a person would burn if awake, but at rest, all day without activity or exercise".  Does this make any sense?

Once I am done with the two tests, I have about 1/2 hr before I need to sign in for a 2 hr, Steps 2 Success Class.  This is the class where the Nutritionist goes over what to expect in your diet both pre & post-surgery.  Among other things as well I believe.  I will post after this day to advise.  This will be a long day & don't forget that I haven't eaten anything yet!  But we are planning on staying at a friend's house in Truckee for the night, on our way home, so that should be fun! :)

But for really good news!  I reconnected with my best friend whom I had lost touch with about 19 years ago, when we both moved away from So Cal.  I finally found her again!  She is living in beautiful New Hampshire and my husband & I are flying back to the East Coast to visit with Kelly & her family next month!  Hence, why I don't want to set my Surgery date until late November or later.  I have to go on a 4 week liquid diet prior to Surgery & I really just want to be able to eat normal & enjoy this trip!

We will be staying a week on Cape Cod (Kelly and her husband Rick will stay at least a night or two with us there).  Neither my husband or I have ever been to the East Coast & always wanted to see it, especially in the Fall, when all the beautiful Fall colors are out.  Then we will drive up to where they live in New Hampshire for another 4 nights.  A town near them has an annual Pumpkin Festival which actually put this town in the Guinness Book of World Records!  This town in called Keene.  So we are really looking forward to going back & visiting them!  I am sooo excited that I can barely contain myself!  :)

This photo was taken of my husband & I at the top of the Palm Springs Ariel Tramway in late January 2009.  I have probably gained 10 lbs since then.

This photo was taken of my fantastic husband Walt & my sweet Step-Daughter Kathlyn (Kat), at the rehearsal for her wedding 04/14/08.

This one is of Walt & my beautiful Daughter Christa on the left & Kat's BFF Courtney on the right.

This one is of my Step-Son Russell (Russ), their mother Carolyn & Kat.  Yes, Carolyn & I get along great!  In fact, we joke & call each other sisters, much to Walt's horror sometimes! :)
This photo is of Courtney (Court), my Daughter Christa & my beautiful Grand Daughter Emily!  Emily was one of the Flower Girls & the only one to behave perfectly!
This one is Kat & Elliott on their wedding day, 04/15/08!

Our sweet Emily in her Flower Girl dress.  She was still 5 yrs old here, she just turned 6 in August.
This one is of Christa, her husband Mark (thank god, he shaved the Lincoln beard after this photo was taken!), my handsome Grand Son, Walker (he was still 8 in this picture, he will be 9 on Tuesday the 22nd), and Emily, isn't she just adorable?
This photo was taken during our vacation with friends at a fantastic resort in Mazatlan, Mexico in November 2007.  The woman sitting next to me is Dorene, our friend's Mother.
This one was taken last June right after my Best Friend Nadene & her Mom, Virginia & I arrived in Las Vegas!  Can you spell HOT?  It was like 110 degrees in the shade!  This photo shows off my tattoo I got last year, unfortunately not it's best shot.
This is a better picture of the tattoo.
Here is a different view.  Can you tell I like things Tropical? :)

This is Nadene & Virginia in Las Vegas 2008.

Well, I guess that I've probably bored you to tears by now.  Isn't it funny how most of us who are overweight, rarely allow pictures to be taken of us?  Well, I will begin having my picture taken more often now.  I will definitely have some "before pictures" taken before I begin my 4 wk pre surgery diet for posterity!

Till Next Time,


Gen said...

Thanks for the pics! Fun to see these. Cool tattoo and nice calves!

Good idea to take a bunch of before pics. I wish I had done more.

You will love the East Coast in the fall. You are visiting at the very best time!

Debi said...

Thanks Gen! I can't wait to leave to go back. My friend & I will be talking non stop, catching up, I am sure! Ha Ha. The poor boys will have to figure out what to talk about amongst themselves! :) As for the tattoo, I am glad I got it, but boy did it hurt! It was 3 straight hrs of pure hell! But I would do it again! :)

Nikki said...

Oh My Gosh! I love the tattoo...its beautiful! and Yes...very tropical...VERY Hawaii like!

Debi said...

Thanks Nikki!