Monday, September 28, 2009

Backyard Pictures for Gen!

Hey Y'all,

I just realized that you might wonder why I always open my blog this way.  No, I am not from the South, but a large amount of my family are, and I have just always liked this greeting! :)

Gen asked me if I had a pool in my backyard.  So here are a few pictures of our backyard.  We live in a Suburban area where the houses are fairly close together, so Walt and I wanted to make it as pleasant as possible.  We also wanted a large pool so everyone could have a good time.  I forgot to tell you that the pool is a saltwater pool, which is why you see the staining on the concrete, making some areas lighter.  
This is most of our patio area, with Walt's pride and joy, the outdoor kitchen.  We were setup for a barbecue.  
This one shows my favorite area of the backyard. My swing. I love sitting out on it in the evening looking up at the stars. Or at least what stars we can see in an area so lit up! :)

This one shows the rest of the pool. You can see the Hot Tub which is in the Gazebo at the far end of the pool.
Well, I hope you like the photos.  I know the backyard is small, but we do love our pool area! :)
Till next time,
Aloha :)


DawnB said...

It looks soooo relaxing - lucky you!

Debi said...

Thanks Dawn, we love it.