Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nutritional Evaluation

Hey Y'all,

Well, I just completed my Nutritional Evaluation last Saturday the 12th.  I was even more afraid to do this than I was to do the Psych Evaluation.  This is because, the Psych Dr only asks what kinds of diets you attempted, etc.  I knew that the Nutritionist knows all of the different diets & I was terrified that if I said I had tried such & such diet, that she might want me to elaborate on what I ate while on it.  Well, some of these diets I had done 20-30-40 years ago!  So I couldn't remember the details of them!  Luckily, she only wanted to know what kind of diets I had tried, but she didn't ask any details!!  Yea! 

However, I did find out some interesting things about myself at this visit.  She placed me on a huge, very old looking scale (I had never seen one like it) & she said that I actually weight less than what the Dr's office scale read.  Not by much, of course.  It showed me weighting 1.6 lbs less.  She also took measurements of me in different areas of the body as well as pinching the excess skin in several places & measuring the excess to determine my body type & my excess fat, etc.

Now, I am only 5'3"mind you, or 5"3.4" according to the Surgeons office, but the Nutritionist said that I am considered big boned!  Say what?  Me, big boned?  She said that I would be considered big boned even if I were a man!!!?  She said that this is actually a good thing (phew!).  It is the reason that I have always looked like I weight less than I actually do!  I could always go to the fairs & have my weight guessed & I always won as they under guessed me!  But because of this, she said that I need more protein than the average boned person.  So I am anxious to see what the Surgeon's office says I need to intake for protein after the surgery.  And as for my excess fat %.  I honestly don't remember it exactly, but I think it was something like 44%.  She said that I need to lose about 17% body fat.  Does that make sense?

Anyway, the visit was much easier than I anticipated, again, as usual!!  So for those of you who still have this to go through, don't panic, j u s t  b r e a t h.  You will get through it too.  I promise.  Well, I better get off for now, I have one more post to make, then I can go back to reading others posts.  By the way, is there anyone actually reading this?  Sometimes I wonder if there is or not.  So far, I haven't had any comments on my posts.  I hope they aren't too boring! :)

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