Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Scary Pictures!

Hey Y'all,

Well, I finally broke down and decided that it was time to let my husband Walt take some before pictures of me.  They were taken in my bathing suit.  Now before you start bad mouthing my choice of bathing suits, just remember that, I AM MIDDLE AGED, and I am entitled to wear the old ladies suits (oh, & by the way, this suit is a size 22!)!!!  :)  Soon, I will take some pictures in my underwear a bit more close up.  But for now, I figured that this would be scary enough! lol

This is my favorite spot in the back yard.  I love sitting here in the early evening, looking up at the stars.
This shows some of our new backyard landscaping.  We love Palm Trees and we have 4 different varieties of them.  We can't wait for them to grow to their full height.
The front view.  The Surgeon said that I am a true Apple shape, which is supposedly the worst health wise.  But at least I am fairly well proportioned.  Until the last 40 lbs, I didn't look too bad.  But now I can barely tie my shoes.
This one I hate to even show!
And now the right side :)
Check out that stomach!!
Aren't photos of the back side sooo flattering?
And check out that ASS!!  Boy, do I need to lose some inches!

Well, that is all for tonight, I will take my measurements in a few days.  Till next time,

Aloha :) 


Gen said...

Hey Apple, its me, Pear ;)

Good for you taking the Befores! Just so you know, your legs, arms, and butt do not look bad to me. As for the stomach, that is going to go way down! I lost a bunch in my stomach right away.

Can't wait to see your Afters!

DawnB said...

I commend you for doing this! I hope to have the courage to post my "Bathing Beauty" pics someday soon. Your backyard looks lovely!