Sunday, September 27, 2009

Does This Help?

Hey Y'all,

Gen, I am going to try to make a scale like whats on my report.  This is the best I can do here.  Just be aware that the Slow, Normal and Fast are actually under another I.  So my number falls just to the right of the first I left of Normal.  I hope this helps!  :)


And in case I didn't say it in an earlier post, the only sport I love and watch (if you consider it a sport, which I do), is NHRA Funny Cars and Top Fuel Dragster racing.  My guy in Top Fuel, Larry Dixon lost to Tony Schumacher in the final race! UGH!! :(  But at least Robert Height, who is one of my favorites from the John Force Racing team (Funny Cars) won today!! YEA!  :) 

Did I mention that I actually got to go to watch the NHRA racing in Las Vegas a few years ago, and got an autograph from Shirley Muldowney as well as my picture taken with her!!!  :)  This was the next to the last race she ran before she retired!  Boy, was I lucky.  If we had waited until the next season, I wouldn't have met her.  Anyway, I am rambling, I hope you don't hold it against me.  lol  :)

Till next time,
Aloha :)

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Gen said...

Thanks Debi, that is really interesting how they do that RMR test. I would like to know what mine looks like, might help in terms of planning how many calories I should be eating. I guess if I get to my sweet spot it will not matter. Hope so!

Also, I wanted to brag a little and tell you that my home is a little bit like your friends', except we live among tall pines, and those trees at your friends' look a little different? We have tons of stars!

Meanwhile, I would love to have a backyard like yours Debi! Do you have a pool?