Thursday, September 17, 2009

My First Follower!!

OMG!  I have my first follower!  Hi Gen!  Thanks for checking my blog out.  I have totally enjoyed reading yours as well.


Gen said...

You are so welcome! I know the feeling - the first follower. And today I hit 50 followers! Just a tip - the more blogs you follow, the more followers you will get. And don't be afraid to do a post asking for followers. I did it and it worked!

Robyn said...

Debi - Now you have two! I saw your comment on my blog (thanks for reading it). It looks like we're kind of in the same boat right about now. I'm hoping to get surgery next month, I'm finishing up my 3 month surgery prep required by insurance. I look forward to following your journey and sharing along the way!

Debi said...

Hey Robyn! Welcome to my nightmare, as Alice Cooper sings (of course, that's assuming you are old enough to know who that is)! I am moving things along as fast as I can to get my surgery date, hope yours is going well too. Luckily, I didn't have the requirement of the 3 mo prep from the Insurance Co like you do. The worst I have to endure is the 4 wk pre-surgery liquid diet! I have enjoyed reading your blog as well.