Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday Lunch!

Hi Y'all,

Today was a great day!  We took our daughter Christa, & our two adorable grand children, Walker and Emily, to lunch for Emily's birthday.  We had to miss her birthday party because of the Seminar we had to attend in Reno for the Lap Band.  So we had promised her a lunch, wherever she wanted to go!  She decided she wanted to eat Mexican Food.  Yum!  So we took her to a local Mexican Restaurant called Lorenzo's.  We had a really nice lunch and didn't leave for quite a while!   I think we were one of the last of the lunch crowd to leave.

Tomorrow is Walker's 9th birthday, so we will be attending his birthday party (just for their immediate family and the two sets of grand parents) tomorrow night.  They always have at least two parties, one on the actual birthday with the parents and grand parents, and one with the friends.  Well, as usual, I still don't have his gift yet, so I will be shopping tomorrow for sure!

I hate shopping in the heat!  We have been in another heat wave of about 100 degree days for 3 days again so far!  :-(  I absolutely hate the heat!  The only thing that makes it bearable is either staying inside where it is climate controlled, or swimming!

Someone made a comment at the Support Group Meeting I attended on the 14th, that they were always hot (like me)!  Will this improve?  Many of those who had already gone through LBS, stated that they too, had always been hot, but, are now almost always cold!!  Is this true?  I would rather need to bundle up than be overly hot all the time!  Please tell me it is true! :-)

Well, I took a few pictures of us at lunch, but they were taken extra fast and some are a bit blurry, so please accept my apologies in advance!

The first one is my daughter Christa, I had to beg her to let me take the picture!  

The second picture is of Walker and Emily, waiting to order the food.

The third picture is of Walker and Emily playing peekaboo with the menu!  Sorry, like I said, it is a bit blurry.

This photo is of my sweetheart, Walt and I.  Looking at this photo makes me sad that I have allowed myself to get to this point.  I can't wait for the surgery to begin my new life.

Well, fellow blogger's, I better go for now.



Robyn said...

Hi Debi,

First off, your grandkids are adorable! It sounds like you are close to them, what a great thing for both of you. I can relate to looking at pictures and feeling bad, wondering how you got that point. I totally feel the same way. But, we're moving in the right direction by getting the band!

Also, I realized I never commented on your last post (sometimes I read blogs with the intention of going back and commenting, but often forget), I love your tattoo. I have a very small flower on my foot, something I got during a rebellous stage when I was 15. I bet your grandkids think they have the hippest grandma around!

Debi said...

Thanks Robyn,

Actually, my daughter thinks I am nuts! She figured that I would be the LAST person on earth to get a tattoo! But at least the 1st one was hidden (it is across my lower back).

So when I got this huge tattoo last year, that screamed TATTOO! HA HA, she was beside herself. Well, her and her husband are super religious and believe that you should not mess up the body that God gave you.

But they are sooo addicting, aren't they? The 1st one didn't hurt at all (I figured out later, it was because of the pinched nerve in my lower spine), so I thought why not another one?

Well, this one screamed pain the whole 3 hrs it took to finish it! HA HA. You would think that I would learn, but nooo, I am already considering another one! Some people never learn I guess. :-)

Christa said...

Yes it's true, I don't care for the tat's. There is something about walking around in Walmart with your mom and her big tattoo....anyway, I'm pretty much over it now!