Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Psych Evaluation

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I am separating these posts by the separate events leading up to the current date, as most of these things have already occurred. 

My Psych Evaluation was on Wednesday September 2nd.  I was terrified to go in as I have never been to a Psychologist before & had no idea exactly how thorough he would be.  I had read many blogs & their experiences varied greatly.

So, this is my experience, for anyone who may see this blog someday, I hope it helps you.  The Doctor took me back to a small room with a couple of chairs in it & a computer.  He instructed me to read each of the set of multiple choice answers & select the appropriate answer for each set.  While I was doing this, he sat there reading my paperwork that I had to fill out prior to arriving there to save time.  When I was finished, he took me to the office in the next room & I was advised to take a seat on the sofa while he printed out the list of my answers & read over them.

After a few minutes, he returned & the session officially began!  He mostly just went over my questions/answers & asked me about some of them.  He asked me things like, if I believe that I can commit to this surgery & it's diet/life style change, why can't I just commit to this same diet on my own (well, if I could do it on my own, I wouldn't need this help, now would I?)?  He also asked me why I feel I will be successful this time when I hadn't been successful long term in the past. 

I had to keep back the tears as I told him that I have recently lost 2 cousins due to Diabetes & I don't want to follow in their footsteps.  I want to live to see my Grand Children grow up & have children of their own, etc.  I actually did break down for a couple of minutes, so he showed me where the tissues were & discretely looked away for a moment.  I also told him that my husband is 100% behind me & I also have 2 great friends that will be there for me as well.  In the past, it was always just me, with no one supporting me.

All in all, it went very smoothly.  It was much easier than I thought it would be.  My appointment was much shorter than some others I had read about.  My appointment lasted 1 hr total!  After we finished, I asked if I could get a copy of his report for my own personal files & he agreed (I half expected him to say no).  He told me he would fax over his report to the Surgeon the following morning & I was shocked to receive my copy of the report the day after that!  I was terrified to read it, but he basically said that he had no problems recommending me for the Surgery!  Yea!  I was sooo glad to have gotten it done & over with!

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