Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Walker!

Hey Y'all,

Well, we got home a bit ago from Walker's 9th birthday party, and I finally finished downloading my photos taken at the party. Most of my photos didn't take very well.  But Christa took a bunch with her more sophisticated camera.  So hopefully hers turned out better than mine!  Anyway, we had a great time, with great food.  Let me tell you, we had some watermelon that was sooo sweet!  We could have made a meal out of just that!  And Walt and I almost did! :-)

Just eating all this fantastic food, made me think about how my life is going to change in a short period of time!  But I am still looking forward to it.  However, I realized after I got home, that I didn't have anything to drink the whole time we were there!  So hopefully, I will be able to go drink free without tooo much trouble once the surgery is done.

Walker was sooo excited, and could barely wait for dinner to end so he could open up his presents.  His favorite gift was, his new bike.  Walt and I bought him a bike ramp to go with it, so I'm sure that he will be on it all day tomorrow! :-)  

Well, here are some of the photos I took tonight.  Try not to judge them too harshly, I am NOT a very good photographer.  :-)

This first photo is of Christa and Walt, Walt was making sure Christa's camera wasn't in her face!

This one is of Christa, Emily and myself.

This photo is of Christa, Walker and I, we had to hold him down to make sure we got this picture.

This is Christa's husband Mark, doesn't he look much better without the Abe Lincoln beard?

This was Emily's gift to Walker, she had saved a $1 bill from her gifts, and gave it to Walker in a hand made card, he really loved it!

This was the clothing part of our gift to Walker, doesn't he look really impressed?  What kid wants clothes instead of toys?

This is Mark and Walker with his new bike.  He was thrilled with it!

Isn't Emily cute?

This is the new bike ramp for Walker's new bike.

This is Walt, again holding Christa down for a photo!

And another one!

And this is my new car.  I've always wanted a blue car :-)

And last but not least of the photos, the look on Christa's face, tells it all!  MOM!  Would you PLEASE stop taking my picture?  HA HA :-)

Hope you enjoyed Walker's birthday party photos.  Till next time.


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