Monday, May 2, 2011

I Didn't Scare Walt TOOOO Much!! LOL

French Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

Hey Ya'll,

First off, one of our Band Buddies, Kathy from My New Beginnings.  Is going in for another Upper GI on Tuesday.  This the bad kind of Upper GI like I had to have last month!  This is to determine if she will need to have her Band Removed or not!!  She has been with a totally unfilled Band for the last 6 months, while the Doctor was hoping that she wouldn't need to lose the Band.  So please go to her blog and send her your best wishes.  Or at least think about her on Tuesday, and send her good thoughts that the results are good....

Well this morning, after Walt woke me up, we got ready to go out.  Walt rode the Bike (with me on it too!) over to one of the Casino's here in town, so that we could eat Breakfast/Lunch.  I had about a 1/2 cup of Tuna and about 1/4 cup of Cottage Cheese.  I feel that I did really well eating wise. 

After we left the Casino, Walt rode off towards Reno (per my request, he originally wanted me to ride from there).  We decided to take a slightly different route towards Reno than we usually take, just in case we have high winds next weekend.  Because if we have high winds, then Diesels and high profile vehicles like RV's, can't drive up the center of the Washoe Valley.  They are detoured along the Western Slope of the Valley.  But if we had to drive that route, we would eventually have to cross traffic to continue to Reno via the Hwy!  Try to cross a major Hwy towing an extra long RV (40'), and also for me to try to cross it, towing the Bike Trailer with very little experience!!  And trust me, we have high winds here on a regular basis.

So in case we are detoured off the main Hwy due to the winds, we have decided to take the less traveled, 2 lane road around the Eastern Slope of the Valley.  This way, once we meet back up with the main Hwy, we only have to turn right with traffic, not cross traffic!  This would be stressful enough, but much more doable!!  So, since we had never driven this road, I wasn't comfortable riding it for my first real ride.  So I had Walt drive it until it met up with the main Hwy, then....we switched places, and I drove back!  Luckily the road is mostly traveled by people who actually live in this area, so it wasn't too bad.

Then, I had to enter the Freeway!!  I had never ridden the Bike onto a Fwy, and I had to try to merge with traffic that didn't want to let me in too easily.  But once I was on, it wasn't too bad.  But even so, I didn't drive the speed limit of 65.  I only went about 60 (yes, here in Nevada, all vehicles and drive whatever the posted speed limit is....even Diesel's pulling doubles and triples!!).  Then....the Hwy ended, and I had to start driving in city traffic, with signals and all!!  I was terrified.  But I surprised myself, and did much better than I expected I would. 

Oh, and did I say that we were towing the Bike Trailer today???  I guess that Walt wanted me to experience towing it at least once, before I have to tow it BY MYSELF!!  Towing wise, I couldn't even tell it was there.  Which is both good and bad.  Good because it is a breeze to tow.  Bad because you can forget it is there, and not allow enough space when changing lanes, etc!!  We had decided to continue on through town, rather than drive straight back home, and to drive to Minden for a treat on the way home. 

We stopped at Dairy Queen, and I had a cup of Ice Cream, no toppings, no cone.  Walt had one of their new tiny Blizzards!  It was barely big enough for him!  But he didn't complain.  Then we started back toward Carson City and home.  This is when I had my only problem with Walt.  He was so good at only giving me encouragement up until then.  But since I couldn't turn left out of the shopping center we were in, I had to find a place to turn around so that we could head back home.

Unfortunately, the parking lot I picked to turn around in, was slightly sloped back from the street.  So that if I didn't keep the brakes on, we rolled backwards slightly.  I wasn't too concerned about it, as the parking lot was empty since it was Sunday.  But Walt started to show the side of him that we don't like to see, when he tries to help us.  He became upset that I had a little trouble keeping the Bike from rolling back.  The traffic was pretty heavy, and I was just trying to find a break in traffic so that I could pull out comfortably, and he was making it so much more uncomfortable.  I told him that this was my first time in this scenario, and trust me, if there HAD been cars behind me, I would have kept that Brake on for dear life!!

I knew that I should have followed my first instincts in getting turned around, and just drove to the closest traffic signal, turn right, find a place to safely turn around, then go back to the signal and be much safer pulling out with a signal.  He wanted me to do it the way we did.....I should know better, every time I don't follow my instincts, I have problems....But!  At least I did drive out in traffic, and on the Freeway.  I can do this.  Especially since I will be following Walt towing the RV!!

And what do you think of Osama Bin Laden being killed by the US???  It's about time they found him.

Well, it is getting late, I have other things to do, and I have to get up fairly early in the morning as we are having some work done on the RV before we move up to Reno.  So I will be spending all morning washing the 9 loads of clothes that we need done!!!  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)

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