Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Poor Sweetheart, Walt!!

Here's Walt with our oldest daughter Christa, on the left, and Kat's best friend, Courtney on the right.  The photo was taken at Kat's Wedding Rehearsal.

Hey Ya'll,

Well, as my post title suggests, Walt isn't doing too well.  On top of dealing with all the problems with the Truck, and worrying about getting our RV moved to the new RV Park, etc, etc, etc.  He has been in constant pain from the Infection in one of his Teeth.  As I said in the prior post, our options for his Treatment would cost us from $2600-$3600.  Of course that involved either saving the Tooth, or pulling it and replacing it with a false Tooth with a Bridge, and Crowns on the Teeth adjacent to it.

Well, to save money, Walt has decided to just have the Tooth pulled and treat the Infection, which will cost us around $150.  Just to stop the pain!  Not only has he had pain in the Teeth, it has been causing him extreme Headaches, that lately pain medications hasn't been able to take away....Last night, I walked out of my Office (which I had the door closed so that our 2 TVs didn't bother each other) and found Walt sitting on the Sofa bent over with his Head in his Hands.  I really feel bad for him, and I wish that I could help him with the pain....I just feel so helpless.

He finally called the Dental Office this morning, and he has an appointment for this Friday at 3 pm.  I will of course go with him, as I may need to drive him home.  There is a possible problem that I can see happening on Friday.  We are anticipating that the Fuel Pump for the Truck, will be at the Repair Shop tomorrow, so we are hopeful that the Truck will be finished on Friday....assuming that the Fuel Pump is the only problem, and the additional parts don't need to be replaced (we won't know until the Fuel Pump is in and working).

So.....if the Truck is finished on Friday so that we can pick it up, I really hope that it is finished earlier in the day, so that we can pick it up at least an hour before Walt's Dental appointment, so that we have time to take it home, so we can ride back to the Dental appointment in one vehicle.  Otherwise, we would both need to drive home.  One of us on the Bike and the other in the Truck!!!  And who knows if Walt is going to be up to driving home after the appointment.  We don't know if he is going to put to sleep or not.  Only time will tell....

So, other than this, nothing big is happening here.  We are just sitting on pins and needles waiting for our Truck to be finished so that we can move up to Reno, and waiting to hear that we have our Hawaii vacation set, so that we can buy our Airplane tickets....more money I know, but we really need to get this set.  And I honestly believe that we BOTH could use the vacation in Paradise.  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends :)


Sandy Lee said...

Call the shop and see if they can rush the repair. Tell them you need it and why.

I feel for Walt as I had the same problem. The infection can cause all sorts of problems so I think it is your best bet. But what agony. Really. Wishing you both well.

Debi said...

Thanks Sandy.

I understand, I had assumed that Walt told the repair guy about our need to rush the repair, but apparently he didn't. However, he said that the guy isn't getting paid until it is done, so the guy will want to finish quickly!

And yes, he is in agony!

Clumsy said...

Awe, poor guy! I feel so bad for him, I myself went through the same thing a week earlier. Icing my cheek felt better than anything I think. Hope he feels better!

Debi said...

Thanks Clumsy!! He survived it, so we will see how soon the Antibiotics start to work in taking his pain away!! So far he is a grouch!! LOL