Friday, May 13, 2011

I Rode The Monster....ALL BY MYSELF!!! And Lots Of Photos!

Here I am just taking off to go to pick up our Mail, and some Fuses for the Bike and Truck.

Hey Ya'll,

Well for some reason, I had problems with Blogger yesterday.  I couldn't do anything other than read my blog (Blogger claimed to be having some technical difficulties and was in read only mode).  So I was unable to post anything!!  Did anyone else have problems too??  Yesterday was a huge trial for us, especially for Walt!!  And today isn't much better!!

I was going stir crazy, I wanted to go shopping, or something, I needed to go to Joann's for some materials to finish items that I am crocheting.  I did have the Bike here, which of course, is still attached to the Trailer.  After talking with Walt on the phone, he told me to go ahead and ride the Bike.  And since the Joann's here in Carson City has an area in their parking lot without curbs to park up against, I decided to go ahead and ride the Bike there, as I could pull through from one space to the other, making it easy to park.  Also making it easy to just drive forward when leaving.  Normally we would be able to back up, but with the blown Fuse, currently it causes us to not be able to back up.  This is ore biggest problem with the Bike right now.  It is very hard to park the Bike so that we can pull through, and NOT have to back up!!  So I am leery about taking the Bike out unless I know that I will be able to park it where I won't have to worry about needing to back out of the space.....

But I got out there to the Bike (Walt was still in Sacramento), I took off the Bike Cover....and let me tell you, I was terrified.  I almost didn't finish the job, and actually drive off.  But I told myself that I would be able to figure out how to start the Bike, etc.  Normally, Walt does this for me, but yesterday I had to do it myself.  And I must say that I did ok!  I got a lot of looks from people, and some waves from other Bike riders, but all in all, I did pretty well.

And this morning, Walt had me ride the Bike into town again, in order to purchase some Fuses for the Bike and Truck.  I also stopped at the mail stop where we receive our mail.  We try to pick it up at least once a week.  I was glad that I did have the Trailer attached, as my Walking Cane that I had ordered arrived, in a box...the Walking Cane is one of those that you can both walk with, and then can sit on it when needed.  This one is a bit different though.  I am putting a photo of it at the bottom of the post.  It opens up and has a sling for a seat, instead of a hard small round seat.  I like it better than those types.  So now, I can take it with me, and when I feel the need to sit down, due to pain, etc, I can!!  And it is really light weight weighting only about 2.5 lbs.  Again, I had no problems riding the Bike by myself again today!!  I think God or some higher power was looking down at me today, and made sure the traffic was particularly light.  It is getting a bit easier to ride this huge monster of a Bike, but still a lot harder to deal with than the Can Am....that I LOVE!!!

Right now, we are waiting for a tow truck to arrive to take our Truck to the local Dodge Mechanic.  We will also be picking up our Prescription Glasses that we ordered 2 weeks ago.  We know for sure that Walt's is ready, and we are assuming that mine are ready too, since my glasses are a very simple RX.  Single Vision, etc.  Walt's are the Progressive Lens with a Prism in it.  So if his much more complicated RX Glasses are in, my simple pair should be ready too, right????  (They Were)  

The post from this point on, has turned mostly into a bitch session, about my hubby Walt, and our current situation.  So if you want to stop reading from this point, I wouldn't blame you!!

My poor Walt, was supposed to be home by about 7pm last night, but he had major problems with the Truck!!  We just got it out of the shop....YESTERDAY!!  And I have to admit, the Truck looks fantastic!  They even took out the dings, and dents from other mishaps.  So it looks like a new Truck!  Unfortunately, they didn't check out the Engine compartment well enough before releasing it  (nor gave it the test ride they were supposed to have done), and about half way up the Sierra's, Walt had to pull off the road....Something to do with the Truck not getting Fuel (or something like that) he had to wait for a tow truck to arrive, to bring both Walt and the Truck home.  He finally made it home at 11:15!!!!  He wasn't the happiest person on the block, and understandably so.


So today, we have been trying to figure out what is wrong with the Truck.  We were hoping to be able to fix it ourselves, but this is one of those, No Way Jose' kind of situations.  So we are now waiting for another Tow Truck to arrive, so that we can have it towed to another shop locally, that works on Dodges.  And of course, the owner of the shop can take it in today, but he won't be able to look at it until at least MONDAY!!!  We here we were supposed to tow the RV to the new park tomorrow morning....

I tried to broach the subject with Walt today, but he didn't even want to talk about it.  I tried to tell him, that if we didn't give the other RV Park at least 24 hour notice that we wouldn't be there tomorrow, then we will be charged for the day, AND they can cancel our Reservation!!!!!  But he didn't want to talk about it.  What can I say, he is so stubborn.  We should just bite the bullet, and pay the other guy the $150 to tow the RV to Reno for us, saving us the heartache of the possibility of losing our Reservation at the Park we want to be in.  Even though it would put us about 50 miles from the shop that the Truck will be in.

I can't tell you how much stress this has been causing me.  And it is so exhausting trying not to say anything that would make Walt blow up today....Later on, he would say, that we Should Have Done This...etc.  But for now, he just has to be stubborn, and do it his way.....which is sooo frustrating for me!!  I get depressed just thinking about it.  We have been talking about moving, and have had to postpone it for legitimate reasons.  But now....Walt promised that we would move this Saturday, one way or the other!!  And now he is hemming and hawing about it, and dragging his feet (not to mention a bit on the CHEAP SIDE)!!


Walt just walked in, and said that I needed to call the new RV Park, and see if we can extend our arrival to next week.  I told him that I think HE should be the one to call this time.  He wasn't happy about it, but he did.  And thank God they were gracious about us extending our arrival, yet again!!!  So they said next week will be fine.  Walt is hoping for the Truck to be fixed by Thursday, but I don't know....I am hoping it will be finished by Friday!!  Please cross your fingers and toes that it is finished before Friday of this next week (the 20th).....

And I just asked him a question regarding the Truck.  He can be sooo exasperating, if you don't ask the question just right, he goes into one of his tirades, and becomes a broken record, and won't stop until he has said it all!!!  I just asked a simple question, and of course he never answered it!  He said that since I knew EVERYTHING, that I should already know the I just turned around and walked away into my Office.  It is times like this, that I wish Walt was back in Sacramento.

At least the Truck would be at the shop that he knows and trusts, and we wouldn't be together rubbing each other the wrong way....well, at least I don't have to worry about getting up at the crack of dawn in the morning, just to get the RV ready to be towed in the morning....And now, we just got a call from AAA, and they expect our tow truck to be here in about 15 minutes, so I need to cut this short for now.  LOL  Short, get it???  It is almost a book already!!  LOL  Till Next Time.....I am leaving you with some photos that Walt took of me today getting ready to leave on the Bike, and taking off on the Highway.


We managed to get the Truck to the shop, and we stopped and picked up our Glasses.  Since it was getting late in the afternoon, and neither of us had eaten in hours, we stopped on our way home to eat an early Dinner.  We had a good talk and just enjoyed being together.  We really needed this.  So all is good in our little World again!!

Aloha My Friends  :)

Here I am getting ready to put on my Helmet.  We were these Gray Head Stockings under our Helmets.  Partly to keep the sweat from messing up our Helmet, but mostly (in my case at least) to make it easier to take the Helmet on and off!  This helps me to keep the Hair that I do have!!  It keeps the Helmet from pulling out my Hair....get the picture???

Here I am getting ready to put the Helmet on.  This is the part that I hate the most.  It is the most uncoordinated part of getting ready.  Trying to pull on the Helmet without unhooking the Intercom is a B---h!!

And now I have the Helmet on and getting ready to hop on the bike.

I am now on the Bike (duh!!), and getting ready to take off.  It is like....ok, the lights are on, I have it in 1st gear, did I forget anything????  Especially with Walt watching me, AND he has the Camera!!  LOL

Now, just to adjust the Helmet....

And now taking off making sure that I don't run over anything!!

If you click on the photo, you can see me pulling out into traffic on the Highway.

And again, you can see me taking off, and going through the gears to get up to the Highway speed of 65 MPH!!

Here is my new Walking Cane in the folded up, walking position.

And here it is opened up as the Seat, and yes, it is supposed to be able to support up to 250 lbs.  :)



Lonicera said...

Now that I look at it, it looks as though it would be quite fun to ride one of those things, that is on a totally deserted road, of course!
Re your walking stick/stool - my Mum had one just like that which she took everywhere with her. It meant she was happier to go out with us because she didn't have to keep worrying about where she was going to sit down...

Lonicera said...

Actually now that I look at the pic again, it seems shorter than Mum's - she would just lean and sit rather than crouch and sit, do you know what I mean? Hope it's just right for you!

Debi said...

Thanks Caroline!! Yes, the Bike is fun to ride....I just prefer the Can Am Bike as it is better suited for a Woman. This Bike is made for a Man, and the Seat is a bit too wide for me to be comfortable on it. The Can Am fits my body much better. Not to mention the fact that it has a true reverse gear, plus it is Semi-Automatic!! Which I like!!

And the Walking Cane/Chair. It isn't as short as it appears in the photo, I am 5'3" and it is the perfect height for me.

~Lisa~ said...

My word, Woman! Check you out!! I can't believe you're riding around on that big bike! Looks like so much FUN! Good job!

Debi said...

Thanks Lisa!! Yes, it is HUGE! But I am getting used to it...kinda!!