Saturday, May 14, 2011

Photos Of Me On My Dream Bike...The Can Am!!!

*****Sorry, but I removed all the photos, as they were just too horrible!!  I am placing them in a new post this week so that you can actually see them without the BLUR!!!*****

I didn't realize until I saw the photo, how my Jacket makes me look huge!  Like I am pregnant or something!!  LOL  I really am not this big anymore....I'm really sorry, but these photos are not Clear At All!!  But if I didn't enlarge them, you wouldn't be able to see me at all!!  As these photos are not able to enlarge by clicking on them!!!  :(

Hey Ya'll,

Well, Walt and I decided to go for a ride today on the Bike (or should I say, I wanted to go for a ride).  We didn't want to go too far, but just out for a nice ride, and have lunch while we were out.  So we rode up to Reno, and walked through the local RC Willy's Store.  For those of you who have never been in one, it is fantastic!  Of course they didn't have what we were looking for (nor did we expect them to), but we still love to walk through the store.

On our way to RC Willy's, we stopped into the Motorcycle Store there in Reno, that sells the Can Am Bikes that I fell in love with, so that I could sit on one again.  I had planned on taking my camera with us, so that Walt could take my picture on it, but of course I forgot it!  So Walt had to use the camera on his cell phone.  I managed to get them uploaded to my computer, but I wasn't able to see them large enough to be able to tweak them, as far as picture clarity, etc.  So I just hope that you can actually see me in them!!  Other wise, I will have to have Walt upload them for me later....and post them again!

Now this is a funny true story.  For years, Walt wanted to buy another Bike.  I always said no way!!  I grew up riding Dirt Bikes, but never felt comfortable riding on the streets in traffic.  I trusted Walt, it was the crazy drivers out there that dart out in front of you, etc that I was concerned with.  Well, a couple of years ago when we were having such high Fuel prices (like now), it was costing us a fortune to fill up our Truck in Diesel Fuel (about $110-$130 a tank, per week!!).  So I told Walt that he could buy a "Commuter Bike", meaning something of "Normal Size".  So of course....he went and bought a Gold Wing.  Just one of the largest Bikes you can buy!! definitely lowered our Fuel purchases!!

But for a long time, I really didn't want to ride with him.  He finally convinced me to purchase a Helmet and Riding Gear so that I could ride with him up to Portland, Oregon last year.  I had a really good time, so of course he proceeded to convince me, to get my own Motorcycle License (remember those hilarious photos I posted in my blog???).  But he was always wanting to buy me a "Big" Bike!  I kept fighting him on it, as I just don't feel comfortable trying to ride a Bike that I can barely keep upright sitting still.  Meaning that my feet will not sit flat on the ground.  I am usually lucky if more than just my tip toes are on the ground!  So there is no way in the world that I want to have to worry about trying to keep a Large-Heavy-Bike, upright while sitting at a signal, etc.....Until that is....I sat on the Can Am!!  NOW I WANT THIS BIKE!!  I even want to go for long trips on it, like Cross Country!!!  I think that Walt feels he has invented a Monster!!  LOL

So now we have to decide whether or not to save up for my Bike first, or save up to buy a Brand New RV that is almost Custom Made for us!!  It would provide a larger Living Area by about 15'x4', and most importantly, it would increase the usable space in my Office, to almost double what it is now!!  We are hoping to only have to pay about 2/3's of the total cost, maximum out of pocket for it, with our RV as a trade in (since it is almost new).  So hopefully in a couple of years, we will be able to buy our new RV and my Bike!!  Fingers and Toes are permanently crossed!!  LOL

After Walt let me day dream of owning the Can Am again (by sitting on it), and then walking through the RC Willy Store, we rode over to a 50's style Diner for lunch.  Now let me tell you, today was breezy bordering on Windy when we left home.  By this time (at the end of lunch), it was super Windy!  And we weren't wearing our full riding gear.  Meaning that all we had on was our street clothes, plus our Riding Jacket, Gloves, and Helmets.  So we were starting to get really cold!!  And we had about 40 miles to ride home....

It was so Windy, that they had a Wind advisory up telling all high profile vehicles like Diesels, RV's etc, to take an alternate route around the Washoe Valley (which is between Reno and Carson City).  Since the Wind blows like crazy down the center of the Washoe Valley!  Luckily Walt heeded my request as we were leaving Reno, and decided to take the alternate route home.  Even then, it was almost too Windy for us!!  In fact, after we got back onto the Highway, driving through Carson City, a gust of Wind came from the side, and almost knocked us over!!  We actually went from riding on 4 wheels to only 3!!!  Again, luckily we were almost home....And not too soon.  By the time we got home, it was getting pretty cold!!  And like I said before, here in this Valley, the Wind blows practically every day, and a lot of the time, we have very high Winds with major gusts, like today and tonight!!

Lately, Walt has been having a lot of pain in his teeth.  He was hoping to hold off until we had Dental Insurance again (this is another long story for another time....), but the pain has been increasing, and he doesn't want to wait any longer.  I told him not to wait, so he called a local Dentist here (our friend who was our Dentist in California, retired last year :(  ) that our Optometrist recommended, and he was able to get in this Monday morning.  I will go with him, in case they do something that makes it so he shouldn't drive himself home.  Per my last Post, the Truck is in the shop again :( we will be taking the Bike!  Thank god I am getting used to riding it....

While we are in Minden (which is South of Carson City) at the Dentist, we will probably make a pit stop at the Optometrist Office as well, to have our glasses readjusted.  You just can't tell when you first start to wear them if they are fitted properly, until they have been on for a while, then you can feel where they are wearing too tight, etc.  And of course, both of us needs our Glasses adjusted.

Oh My God!!!  Walt just walked in and took out his toiletries from my Bathroom!!  It didn't register with me at first, but our main Bathroom, that is in the Master Bedroom, is finally FIXED!!!  So now he doesn't have to use my toilet ALL THE TIME!!!  LOL  YES!!  There Is A God!!  Well, I need to go for now, I finished making another Reindeer for Walt's Ex-Wife Carolyn (who is my friend), and an Owl with a Graduation Cap on it for our Son who is Graduating from the Junior College this month.  He will be transferring to a 4 year College soon.  I will take photos of it, and post it tomorrow or the next day.

Now I am getting ready to make my Mother In Law a Shawl.  She went to the local yarn shop and bought up the yarn that she likes, and gave it to me and said that she would like a Shawl!!  LOL  Luckily, I consider this a compliment, and I am more than happy to make it for her!  So I had to go online and find a pattern that I liked, as my Crochet Pattern books that would have patterns for shawls are in Storage!!!  I will post the photo of it when I am finished with it.  Hopefully I will be able to start it tonight.  If not, then tomorrow!!  Till Next Time....Here are the rest of the photos of me on the Can Am Bike today.... :)

Aloha My Friends  :)


Kiwigirl said...

that's not a bike! It's a monster! Looks like Fun!

Sheila said...

That looks like some futuristic mode of transportation...COOL!!! Looks actually comfortable. Glad you guys didn't get knocked over by the wind...that is scary. Sometime you should weigh before and then gear up (gloves, jacket, hat, etc.) and weigh after you are outfitted and see what the difference is. Then you can say, hey the gear adds 15lbs!

~Lisa~ said...

That wind experience sounded awful! I'm glad you made it home safe 'n sound!!

Can't wait to see pics of your handiwork!

Debi said...

Kiwigirl - LOL!! I agree, it looks more like a Monster, but it IS FUN!!

Sheila - Yes, it definitely looks like something futuristic!! And it gets a lot of looks from other vehicles out on the road too!! And yes, it IS very comfortable, which is why I love it! And yes, the wind yesterday was very scary!

I took your suggestion, and since I had my Jacket and Helmet where I could easily get to them (meaning that I hadn't put them away as yet). Just the Jacket and Helmet weighs 7.8 lbs!! The Pants and Boots probably weigh about the same, so you are probably right in how much more weight they make me appear!! LOL

Lisa - YES!! The wind yesterday was VERY SCARY!! I too am glad that we made it back in one piece! I will post pics either today or tomorrow. Walt is in the Living Area working on his Computer, so I don't want to bother him as yet...