Monday, May 9, 2011

Poor Walt....I Fell In Love With....

Hey Ya'll,

I hope that all you Mothers out there had a fantastic Mother's Day yesterday!!  And if you aren't a Mother yourself, I hope that you had a great Mother's Day with your Mother....Walt and I drove to my Mother In Laws home to pick her up for a lunch date.  She wanted to go to a local Casino, so that we could eat at their Cafe.  Whats funny is that all three of us qualified as Seniors there, so we all got the Senior discount!!  At some of the Casinos here in Carson City, the age to get a senior discount is.....50!!

On Saturday, we drove into Reno to do some shopping, and while we were there, we stopped into the local Can Am Dealer so that I could sit on the Spyder Touring Bike.  It is a Trike (sort of), except that the two wheels are in the front instead of the back!  Poor Walt, as soon as I sat on it, I FELL IN LOVE!!!  It seemed to fit me like a glove.  It sits lower to the ground than our Gold Wing, and the seat is a bit narrower so that I can sit on it better.  I didn't feel like I was stretching my legs and hips to sit on it!  And the handle bars were situated perfectly!  I could sit in a normal position without having to stretch my arms forward.  It Just Fit Like A Glove!!!

So the next test was for me to actually ride it....let me tell you, another reason that I loved it was that it  is a Semi-Automatic!!  Meaning that you can order it, in either the standard Manual Transmission, or the Semi-Automatic ($1500 extra-but worth it)!!  It has a kind of Paddle that your Thumb pushes when you want to shift into the next gear (and a Gauge that lets you know what gear it is in).  No Clutch, no Foot Peg for shifting!!  And it has Power Assisted Steering, and even better, it has a Reverse Gear!!!  Our Gold Wing turns like a TANK!!  This Bike, turns like a dream, and has ABS Brakes.

And the best part can either choose to down shift manually, while slowing down using the Thumb Paddle, or just brake, and the Bike automatically down shifts itself, when it senses that it is at a slower RPM and Speed!!  So it is sooo simple!  You up shift using the Paddle, and just brake and let the Bike automatically down shift to help slow you down.  Also, by doing this, it automatically puts the Bike in the proper gear for the speed you are at.  So lets say that you are slowing for a Red Light, then it turns green before you get there....the Bike is already in the proper gear, based on your current speed, so all you have to do is throttle up!!  How simple is that???  And of course, it has Cruise Control, as well as Heated Seats and Heated Hand Grips (trust me, on cold days, this is a fantastic feature)!!  And I would definitely pay for the upgrade, to have Satellite (XM) Radio!! 

Like I said, I felt comfortable on it immediately.  It seemed to be made for a woman.  The Seat was very comfortable, and the reach for the Handle Bars is perfect.  I don't have to stretch out my Arms, thus causing pain and discomfort across my Shoulder Blades like the Gold Wing does.  I couldn't get the smile off my face all day after the test ride!!  I even had dreams that night that Walt and I were riding cross country on our Bikes.  When I told Walt this yesterday morning, he said "well, I guess that you really did like it!!  I guess we will have to save up for it"!!  So, now I know my dream bike is the Can Am Spyder Touring Bike.  Of course, we won't be able to buy it immediately, as it will cost around $30,000.  Walt looked online, and found someone selling their 2010 model as they wanted the newer 2011 version, but they wanted so much, that you could practically just buy a brand new one!!

Now on to the next thing.  Our Truck is still in the shop, but we are crossing all of our fingers and toes, that it will be completed this week, in time to be able to tow our RV to the new RV Park this coming Saturday!!  But, we have decided that come Hell Or High Water, we will be moving this Saturday!!  Even if we have to hire someone to tow the RV for us!!  We did get a quote, from someone to tow for us, and get this....he wants $150.  Walt thinks that it is a bit high, since they only have to tow it 43 miles.  But when you are desperate, you are desperate.  We may check Craig's List as well, to see if anyone could use the money, that has a Truck that is capable of towing our 40' RV.  They would need a 1 Ton Truck with a Fifth Wheel Hitch.

We finally bought a small Vacuum for the RV on Saturday as well.  We wanted to find one small enough to fit easily into our small coat closet, so we were considering a Stik Vac.  But we wanted a vacuum that had at least a Crevice Tool, as the RV has many spaces that you can't get the vacuum head into, and none of the Stik Vacs we looked at, had the extra crevice tool.  So we went a small step up, and bought a small upright from Eureka, that does have a couple attachments.  Walt put it together yesterday, so that I could use it to clean the RV, while he is gone working in Sacramento this week.  So now you know what I will be doing today, and maybe tomorrow as well!! LOL  This is crucial, since I will have to move a lot of STUFF, in order to be able to vacuum thoroughly.  And the RV hasn't been vacuumed since we first brought it home from the Dealer!!  So it has 4 1/2 months of dust and dirt!!  UGH!

Anyhoo, I guess that I better go for now, as you can see, I have lots to do, and sooo little time!!  LOL  Till next time....I will leave you with a few photos of my DREAM BIKE!!!  And don't forget, the front end has the two wheels, not the back like a traditional Trike!!

Aloha My Friends  :)


FitBy40 said...

That thing looks so cool!

Debi said...

Thanks Ronda!! Yes, it is sooo cool! I rides like a dream too. Sigh!!

Epiphany said...


I want a Harley trike when I'm child free!!

Kathy said...

Go Debi Go!! I even thought it was cool reading about it. How exciting for you. I hope it works out for you and you can buy one soon. I hope you get to move on Saturday. Maybe the truck will be ready and you can use your own truck to tow it with.

Debi said...

Epiphany - I know how you feel...We have always loved the look and sound of the Harley's!!

But...unfortunately, it will still ride like our current Gold Wing, dressed out as a Trike! Since the two wheels are in the back, and are stationary, which makes it harder to turn the Bike.

I am sure that you are much YOUNGER than I am and will have no problem with it. However, since I am so much OLDER trying to wrestle the Bike around isn't for me anymore....which is why I LOVE the Can Am Touring Bike with it's Power Assisted Steering, awww just Heaven!!

Kathy - Thanks Kathy!! Maybe someday Walt and I will ride through your area again, and we can stop by and have lunch! If I have my bike by then, I could take you for a short ride!!

And, cross your fingers, but it looks like they may have figured out the problem with our Truck, and we MAY just have it back this week!!!