Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Do You Think Of My New Layout??



Unfortunately....I don't Smoke, Drink Coffee or take Prozac!!  LOL

Hey Ya'll,

I changed my layout a couple of days ago, and I hope that you like it.  I loved the Christmas theme I had, but it was for Christmas, and unfortunately, Christmas is over.  I didn't get around to writing a post to advertise the change as I have been busy trying to make sure that all of our accounts have our updated address, and that we get all the Utilities turned off, etc.

Not to mention trying to verify that I haven't missed a payment, on anything currently due!  Since our mail is being routed from the old address to the new, and you know how long it can take to get the rerouted mail!!  So I have had very little time to actually write a post, other than welcoming my newest Follower's of course!  As welcoming them takes only a few minutes and is very easy and fun to write. :)

So I think that I have all of our accounts taken care of....I hope!!  Now I get to start pulling our dreaded Taxes together....again!!!  It seems like it was just a month or two ago that I did the Taxes!  I Hate Taxes!  Need I say more????

Well, Walt went to Sacramento last Tuesday morning, and he was supposed to be back by Thursday or Friday at the latest.  But it will end up being 9 days by the time he returns on Wednesday!!  Luckily, I am not afraid to stay alone.  In fact, as a funny aside.  My Dad's youngest Sister Barbara, who is about 10 years older than me, was always afraid to stay alone, so when her Husband was going to be away for the weekend hunting, or working really late when I wasn't in school, she would call up my Parents and say....can Debi come and babysit me???  She was ok, so long as she wasn't alone....I don't mind being alone.  In fact, I kind of like to be alone, except when I don't want to be alone!  LOL

The problem this past week + two days, is that we had some issues that came up while Walt was away, and I had to deal with them alone.  Luckily, I was able to do this and will be looking forward to seeing my Walt again!

One of the issues has been pipes freezing.  Luckily, at least one of the toilets continued to be able to be used.  Until last night....the second toilet that I have been able to use, was FULL of "you know what", and I couldn't empty it until today.  So I had to go to the RV Parks communal restroom until this morning.  That's when Walt called me and walked me through dumping the waste.  It was really easy, once you know how to do it.  So at least from now on, when I am alone, if it needs to be dumped, I won't have a problem with doing it.  There wasn't any smell at all.  As I just had to open the valve that allowed it to drain down into the sewer line.  So nothing was exposed....Thank God!!

Another issue I had at first was the Heater.  It wasn't functioning properly.  Luckily, we had a great RV Repair guy "Ron" come over on Tuesday afternoon, and he fixed it up great for me, so I haven't had any problem staying warm since Wednesday!  Wednesday was the day after the Circuit Breaker had tripped during the night and I was awakened by my "Ghost/Guardian Angel" (see my post dated Wed Jan 5th for the full explanation), warning me of the near freezing temperatures Inside the RV!!

When I awoke at 3:45 am, it was only 33 degrees in the Bedroom, as the Ceramic Heater had also shut off when the Breaker was tripped.  So I feel real lucky to be alive!  So after Tuesday nights near tragedy, I made sure not to have too many devises on during the night, so the Circuit Breaker wouldn't be tripped again.  Which is great, since we have had morning lows as low as 3 degrees!!!  But easily in the low to mid teens most nights.

And the third big issue I had this past week, was tripping the Circuit Breaker (as mentioned above), which would shut off the Heat and Refrigerator, plus lights, TV, Computer.......get the drift???  LOL  Luckily, Ron also took care of this as well.  Or at least he worked it so that it wasn't as huge a deal until Walt could get back, and we decided exactly what we were going to do with Ron's help.  So after the first couple of days, I figured out what I could run at the same time, and not trip the Circuit Breaker, so all's good!  :)

In the long run, we will probably separate two of the Slides so that they are on their own Circuit.  This will allow us to run more things without the issue of tripping the Circuit Breaker.  Especially my Office.  By separating it, we can run my Computer, a TV, at least one or two of the Printers, etc and not trip the Breaker.  Anyway, I am probably boring you to death at this point!!!

So if you are still reading this, I should now confess my "Sins".  While Walt was away, I didn't eat like I should....I am totally ashamed, and I know that I should know better.  Now I need to pick myself back up, and get my ass back on track!!!!!  Any advice??  I am about 13 1/2 months out from Surgery, I should know better!!  But it is so hard to control myself sometimes, and with all that I have had to worry about this past week, I just fell back into my old eating habits.  And I ate, and ate, and ate "Junk"!!

Well, I should go, I have so much to do starting tomorrow getting the Taxes in order.  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)

 This kind of gives you an idea what the waste line looks like, this is not our line, maybe I will take a photo of ours and post at a later time....???


~Lisa~ said...

Hey Debi!! Love the new layout!! It's beautiful!! You're doing so well on your own, too - I'm proud of you!!

The only advice I would have is to start writing everything down again - that's what keeps me accountable - that, and the blogging world!

Stay WARM!!

Jessistt said...

Hiya, Beautiful layout! I am not sure I would have been able to handle all the stuff you did this week, good job!

Even after 13 months I am sure there are others who slip a bit like you did, stay positive, write everything down for awhile and keep your self occupied!


Debi said...

Thanks guys! I agree with you, I need to start being accountable for what I eat again! And writing it all down really shows how much is being consumed each day!

Lonicera said...

Love the new layout Debi - really pretty.
I've re-read your adventures with the circuit breaker, and I've just realised something. Why don't circuit breakers in RV's sound an alarm when they're getting close to overload? Clearly lives could depend on people waking up before it's too late, and surely it would be a simple thing to incorporate into the design?
Glad you're OK!

Debi said...

Thanks Caroline!

I agree, I wish that there could be an alarm to warn of power overload!

We have an alarm for Fire and one for Carbon Monoxide, so why not for Power Overload???