Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sending Out Award To Everyone!! And...Walt Is Leaving Again!

Hey Ya'll,

I just wanted to make a quick post to keep you all up on whats been happening here (which is not too much).

But first, I want to pass along this gorgeous Stylish blogger Award to every one of my Followers!!  If you haven't already received this award, have now!!  All you have to do, is pass it along to someone you feel is deserving, which I feel everyone is, which is why I copped out and gave it to everyone!!  Then, tell us 7 Things That We Don't Know About You!!

Now, as to what Walt and I have been up to.  Well....since my last post, we have been trying to find a Universal Remote, that we can program to use with the TV in our Bedroom (the original one died....:( ).  The TV is about 11 yrs old, and so far, we have tried 2 different remotes to no avail!!  However, we did find one that we figured we would use as a last resort.  I say last resort, because it is on the expensive side.  So it appears that it will have to be the expensive one!  We checked online on its website, and found that it will work with our TV.  But we won't be able to get it until at least Friday!

Today, our son Russ came down from where he is living with his mother Carolyn, "my sister" for those of you that have read my blog for awhile!  Otherwise you won't get the joke!  Anyway, Russ drove down to pick up our practically brand new, High Efficiency, Extra Capacity Washer/Dryer set.  Yes, some may think that we are crazy, giving an expensive set to Walt's ex-wife....but we have our reasons.  Anyway, Russ came and we loaded them up in Carolyn's truck, then we took Russ to eat lunch at a local Casino.

Afterward, Walt and I proceeded to return the last Ceramic Heater that we just bought yesterday, as we didn't know it until we had it home, and out of the box, that the lowest temperature you can set it to is 65 degrees!!  I'm sorry, but having our tiny RV Bedroom at 65 degrees in the Winter is just too hot!  Both Walt and I prefer to sleep with it a bit on the cool side, so we like to set the Heater somewhere between 57-59 degrees.   So off it went, back to the store.

We also had to return the Universal Remote that we bought yesterday.  During our rounds today, besides returning the Heater and Remote, we repurchased a new Heater and Remote.  And guess what???  Now that we are home, neither I nor Walt can get the newest Remote to work.  So Friday it will be off to the store, to return/exchange the Remote AGAIN!!!  We haven't unboxed the Heater as yet, so cross your fingers that this one will work the way we want it to!!!

I need to go for now, as I need to pack up Walt's clothes for his trip back to Sacramento tomorrow!  He will be returning on Thursday though.  But Thursday will be a particularly hard day for him.  He will be driving from Sacramento to Carson City twice!!  Yes, you read it right.  He will be riding the Gold Wing up, with our friend Dan following in his enclosed Van, bringing up the last of our "stuff" to be placed in Storage for awhile at least.  Then he will hitch a ride back down with Dan so that he can return with the Truck!

This way we will have all of our vehicles here!  Which means that next week we will be going back to.....(drum roll please) you probably guessed it right.....the DMV!  So that we can finish Registering the vehicles.  We can't register the Bike and it's Trailer without them being here, since Nevada has to visually inspect the VIN #'s!!  But at least at this point we will have everything Registered, and we will be totally out of California in every way except for the Work that Walt does there.  And he is looking for work locally so that he can stop commuting!!  I will also get a Handicap License Plate for the Bike.  This way we can park it in a Handicap space too.  I have a Placard as well, but I'm sure that you can figure out why, I won't use it with the Bike????  If not, leave me a comment asking me why, and I would be more than happy to tell you!!  LOL  Well, I better go, I do have a lot to do....till next time.

Aloha My Friends  :)


Band Geek said...

Ugh, so much back & forth! Hopefully Walt can find something close to home soon! Commuting is for the birds.

Debi said...

Thanks Jennifer! I agree, he hates the drive, and can't wait to find something closer!

~Lisa~ said...

Oh Poor Walt. I will be keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed that he finds something a little more close to home soon...

And don't you just hate returning things?? ACK! I feel for you!

Debi said...

Thanks Lisa!! Walt can use all the fingers and toes crossing that he can get!

And yes! I just hate having to return things, especially as many times as we have done it lately!! LOL

Sara said...

Hi Debi. So happy to see you at Tangled Happy! This is a really cool way to share your progress and help others. Awesome!

Debi said...

Thanks Sara! I love to Crochet and I am glad that I found your blog!!