Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fill Postponed, and The Calories!! Oh My!!
I realized after reading some comments, that I forgot to mention that this beautiful painting is NOT one of mine!!  I only wish it were!  And it is one that I may try to duplicate in the future.....

Hey Ya'll,

Well, my next Fill was scheduled for yesterday, but I had a fairly bad Stuck episode on Wednesday, so I made the executive decision to reschedule the Fill.  :(  The reason being, since I had such a bad day, I was afraid that if I went ahead and got the Fill, that my Band would still be swollen and irritated, causing me to be even more TIGHT after the Fill, causing me to have to have an "Unfill", which I do not want to do again, if I don't have to.

Alert, Alert, don't read the rest of this paragraph if you are squeamish!!  So now maybe you would like some details on my Stuck episode.....I made myself a Chicken Pot Pie for lunch.  I didn't even eat it all, before I realized that I was Stuck.  I hadn't been Stuck in awhile.....well, let me tell you, it was not pleasant.  It was one of the worst episodes that I have had.  And I have had a few BAD ones!!!  LOL  I was in severe pain off and on, for about 7-8 hours!!  I literally threw up several times (I mean REALLY threw up!!  Not just Slimming).  Each time I managed to throw up, I would feel better.  Then within a half hour, it would start up again!  So I basically lived in the bathroom on Wednesday.....not my idea of a good day.....LOL

So I called in, and changed my Fill appointment for February 11th.  At least I will be able to make sure that I am recovered from the Stuck episode.  :)  Walt and I will be driving down to California on Sunday the 6th for a Super Bowl party, near Clear Lake!!!  I really wanted to get out of it, I hate driving far.  I had managed to get out of it for the last two years, but last year, Walt promised them that I would be there......thanks Walt!!!  But the good thing about it, is that we will be able to visit with Family as we will be staying with one of our daughters in the Sacramento area for a few days.

So Tracy, of Banded Adventures.  If you read this, are you still interested in getting together for Dinner??  We could meet you either Monday or Tuesday.  Please let me know????

Yesterday, we spent the day on the Bike, riding around town and getting it Licensed at the DMV.  Since Nevada allows for more than one type of Handicap placard, etc.  We went ahead and got a Handicap License Plate for the Bike.  This way, when I am riding it alone, I can park in Handicapped spaces.  I also have a Placard that I can hang in the Truck.

Today, we met Carolyn and Russ, for lunch in Reno.  For those of you new to my blog, Carolyn is Walt's ex-wife, and Russ is his Son.  Don't worry, Carolyn and I get along just great!  In fact, Walt always jokes that my Sister called when she does.  :)  Carolyn invited us to Lunch.....on her!!  Isn't that so sweet??

The problem is that we met for Lunch at Claim Jumper.  If you have never ate there, they serve HUGE portions!!  But that is ok, I ate a bit less than half of my lunch, Walt ate some of it too.  But the problem occurred at the end of Lunch....we ordered a HUGE Dessert to share.  We ordered the, I Declair (Baked fresh daily, Sweet pastry filled with a buttery Bavarian custard atop Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Hot Fudge & homemade Whipped Cream).  I would have posted a picture of it, but they don't show it on their website!  But it is at least 10-12 inches long!  Like I said, it was huge, and the total calories in it is.....2314!!  So even at 1/4th, I ate close to 600 calories just in the Dessert!!!  Oh My!!!  So....when was my next Fill???  LOL

Well, I better go for now, I need to relax as tomorrow we will be taking the laundry to the laundromat.  We have at least 9-10 loads to do!!  Wish me luck!  Till next time......

Aloha My Friends  :)


Ms. M said...

Ugh, sorry about your stuck episode.
That's great that you get along so well with his ex. My friend is in a similar situation and I know it makes things soooo much easier, especially with kids (of any age) involved.
Ouch on that dessert! I've had that happen before. All ya can do is move on... :)

~Lisa~ said...

Oh how awful that you were stuck like that... I'm glad you made the executive decision not to get the fill...

Oh my... I am sooo glad you didn't post a picture of that dessert!! Holy Moly!!! I would have died just seeing it!

Lonicera said...

Debi, is that your finished picture at the top of your post? What a gift you have...

Debi said...

Ms M, thanks.

And yes, it took a few years for us all to be comfortable together. Mostly it was Walt's hatred of her that we had to overcome. But Walt and I have been together for about 20 years now, and through the years, I have been able to sway his feelings, giving him the woman's side of the situation, and how she was probably feeling and thinking. So after about 10 years, we began doing things together as a family!!

Lisa, yes, being that stuck is awful!! But it does occasionally happen! And I am glad that I didn't get the Fill so soon afterwords either.

Caroline, NO!!! I am sorry to say that that painting is not mine! I would love to say it was. And someday I am hoping to possibly tackle it to try to copy it! I should have posted that it wasn't my painting! Of course, when I copy a great painting, I always make it mine in some way, by changing something in it. But unless I can change it significantly, I don't claim legal rights to it!! I will sign it, but not copyright it!

All, thanks for the sentiments on the Dessert!! And maybe it was best that I didn't show a photo of that giant thing!! I swear, it had to be close to a foot long and about 6 ins wide and at least 5-6 ins high!!! LOL