Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Can You Say...OMG...NO!!!???
My Guardian Angel???

Hey Ya'll,

Well, today was not a great day, but it has ended up ok.

To start this tale, I need to begin at the beginning.  As I said in my last post yesterday (I think), that Walt drove down to Sacramento until the end of the week.  He usually sets all the temperature's on all the devices before going to bed at night, to keep us warm and hopefully without tripping the Circuit Breaker.  You see, we are currently having a problem with the Circuit Breaker, and haven't as yet totally resolved it.  So when I went to bed last night, I set the temps myself, etc, the way he said to.

Now this is where a lot of you may think that I am a whack job or crazy, but I don't know of any other explanation.  I think that I either have a Ghost here with me, or a Guardian Angel.  I will be explaining why I believe this, trust me.  At 3:45 this morning, I woke up to a loud bang in the RV.  While Walt is away, I usually am very aware of sounds/noises, since I am alone, and all I heard was the one bang.

Well, when this loud bang happened, I immediately woke up!  I had left a flashlight next to the bed in case I needed to get up during the night.  So I turned it on and looked in the Bedroom, then pointed it down into the Living Room and into my Office.  I couldn't see anyone or anything in particular out of place, so I got out of bed to go investigate the sound.

As soon as I got out from under the warmth of the blankets, I immediately realized that it was REALLY COLD.  I looked at the clock in the Bedroom, that also gives a temperature readout.  It said that it was only 33 degrees in the Bedroom!!  So I went down into the Living Room and realized that the Circuit Breaker had tripped during the night, which meant that the Heater's weren't functioning.  And the clock in the Living Room showed it to be about 43 degrees in the Living Room.  So of course, the first thing that I did, was to reset the Circuit Breaker so the Heat would come back on.

When I did this, I realized that the Snap-N-Lock Bread Container had fallen down from the top shelf onto the floor.  This is what made the loud bang that I had heard.  Now let me tell you that this container was not even close to being able to "just fall off".  Walt is tall, and he placed it up there where it was completely stable.  So the only explanation could be either, 1) we had an Earthquake,  or 2) a "Ghost"/"Guardian Angel" made it fall down.

Let me also tell you that I do not believe it was an Earthquake, and this is why.  An Earthquake would have made the Glasses and Plates rattle around in the Cupboards.  And believe me, in an RV, an Earthquake would have shook it pretty good!  And like I said, I am usually acutely aware of any weird sounds during the night, especially when I am alone.  The Kitchen is only about 12' away from the Bed, so I Would Have Heard The Dishes Rattle if we had had an Earthquake!

I didn't hear anything but the bang, no jostling of Glasses, etc.  So I am under the impression that "something" was trying to get my attention, so that I could wake up and turn the heat back on!  I went to a Psychic Fair about 20 years ago, and was told then that I had a Guardian Angel with me.  I believe it was my Grandmother, maybe she is still with me????

After turning the Heat back on, I went to the bathroom since I was up and then went back to bed.  This morning I woke up at around 9:30 and the Heat/Power was still on, but I noticed that the Water lines was frozen in all but one of the sinks/toilets!!  The only one that wasn't frozen, was the sink in the front Bathroom in the Master Bedroom.  So I contacted Walt and advised him of my delima.

He advised me to turn the Heat way up to about 75 degrees, and open up all the Cupboards that has the Water lines running in them.  He also advised me to put the Bedroom Ceramic Heater in the second Bathroom, to get the Toilet and Sink in there unfrozen faster.  Especially since it is the only toilet that I can use right now!!  Otherwise, I would have to walk over to use the Women's Bathroom in the Park, everytime I needed to go, until Walt came back on Saturday and fixed it!!!  Not the best option, but at least I did have an option. :)

Luckily, the outside temps managed to get up to the low 40's today, so the Kitchen Sink lines unfroze fairly quick.  And after an hour or so with the Heater in the Bathroom, the back Bathroom's Sink and Toilet unfroze as well!!  So.....all's well, that ends well I guess!  What a day.  I sure hope that I don't have to experience this very often....Well, I guess I should go for now, I need to eat Dinner.  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :) 
This Angel reminds me of my Grandmother


THE DASH! said...

EEK! That sounds kinda freaky - especially in the dead of night lol. Sounds like things are going great though - apart from a contrary circuit breaker. Stay safe xxx

~Lisa~ said...

I firmly believe in Guardian Angels! I love this story - thank you for sharing...

And, I love that painting, too! I had it above my bed when I was a little girl. My Aunt who was a Sister had given it to me when I was three.. Thank you for giving me beautiful memories!

Debi said...

Cara, yes it was kind of freaky! But I am glad that it happened, as I really needed to get the Heat back on!! Since it was almost at freezing temp's already!! LOL

Lisa, thanks for not thinking me crazy, but I do feel that things have happened in my life that couldn't be explained by anything "normal". And I thank God that I was helped again!!

And I picked this painting because it spoke to me for some reason. Perhaps because it reminded me of my Grandmother??

Maria said...

I'd say you definitely have someone looking out for you!

Debi said...

Thanks Maria! I certainly hope so!