Friday, January 14, 2011

A Warm Welcome To...Kellie !! :)

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Hey Ya'll,

Well, I have a new Follower, and I tried soooo hard to find her Blog to no avail.  As ya'll know, I like to give a shout out, as well as invite others to check out the new Blog.....but for the life of me, I can't find her Blog!!  Her name is Kellie, but that is all I know.  :(

So Kellie, if you read this, please leave me a comment so that I can find your Blog, as I would love to Follow you too!!  Of course, if you prefer to remain anonymous, I totally understand.  Until then, "Welcome to my Nightmare".

Aloha My New Friend  :)

*****I was just informed by Sandi, that Kellie's Blog is: Something About Kellie.  She was just Banded on November 15, 2010 (almost exactly a year after me!) and she lives in Australia.  So if you aren't already Following her, please check out her Blog and give her the support she can use! 


Sandi said...

Hi Debi, this is her blog:

She commented on my blog as well so I am already a follower!

Welcome again Kellie!


Debi said...

Thanks so much for the info Sandi!!

Something About Kellie said...

Thanks Debi! and Sandi for passing on the info!

Debi - because of your blog I have found so many new bloggers to follow, which of course equals more support and inspiration!!

Thank you :)

Something About Kellie said...

oh and the support and inspiration INCLUDES YOU TOO!!

lol :)

Debi said...

You're welcome Kellie!

We all can use help and support, and who better to give it, than from someone else who is going through it too!!