Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I'll Love Ya Tomorrow!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, tomorrow will finally bring me my Long Awaited "FILL".  Remember that I had to have an "unfill" back in mid October?  Well, ever since then, for one reason or another, we kept having to postpone and move my appointment, further and further out.  Well, tomorrow is The Day!!   I will either be really happy about it, or....maybe not!  LOL  Who knows for sure.  It has been so long since I have had any real restriction, that I may have to reteach myself how to eat with it!!  Also, tomorrow will give me the good news/bad news on my weight.  Whether or not I totally screwed up over the last 2 1/2 months or not.  Here's crossing my fingers....

Today we ran around town again.  Picking up mail, shopping, fighting....well, not like what you think.  We stopped in at the Storage Unit to try to find some papers, and it is really hard when you are stressed, to try to do anything together in a confined space.  Speaking of confined spaces, sometimes we do really well here in the RV, sometimes....not!  But over all, we are doing ok.  Today was a day that we both wanted to strangle the other a few times.  So when Walt goes down to Sacramento on Sunday for a few days, it will give us both a few days to be apart.  This way when he returns, we will be ready to be "together" in a small space, for a few days again!!  Now don't forget, we have been together almost 24/7 for the last 10 days!!!

So, we are supposed to get some snow tonight/tomorrow.  Just in time to drive to Reno tomorrow for my Fill appointment!  Thank goodness that my Walt is here now, as I have never driven in snow/ice conditions.  Plus, I don't have anything to drive right now!  All we have is the Truck which Walt will be driving back down to Sacramento on Sunday, then I will be RV bound until he returns.  Unless I want to walk.  And since the closest store other than the small mini mart at the gas station here at the RV Park is about 3 miles away, I don't foresee this happening, especially in this weather.  LOL

Well, I better go for now, it is hard to concentrate with the wind blowing us around like crazy.  I will post more tomorrow.  Till next time....
Aloha My Friends  :)

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