Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ever Have One Of Those Weeks???
Hey Ya'll,

Well, today it snowed as expected here for the first time since we moved up.  I took some photos, but have not uploaded them as yet.  Hopefully I will get them on tomorrow.  It snowed off and on in patches all the way to Reno and back.  By the time we got home, it was white here.  but we only got about an inch of snow at most so far.  But so far it is still sticking.  So it was really cold here between the snow and freezing cold wind!

At the Doctor's Office, I weighed in and to my surprise, I only gained 3.8 lbs in the 2 1/2 months since my "unfill"!!!  I was sure that I had gained at least 5-10 lbs, especially with the Holidays and all. :)  So Laurie gave me back .2 ml.  Now I have to readjust my eating again since I should have some restriction now.  Let's hope so at any rate.  LOL

Before I go into my post title, I want to state that I adore my husband, and wouldn't trade him in for anything.....well, almost anything!!  LOL  But there are some days that I just want to slap him up one side of the head, and down the other!!  Have any of you had these thoughts too???  Or am I just crazy?

The last couple of weeks has been especially stressful for both of us.  What with us trying to get the RV moved up from Mesa AZ, then packing the house, and moving the RV up to Carson City.  Then on top of all that, the stress of having to set the RV up for the first time, and trying to unpack, so that we could move about in it!! 

Walt has been really short tempered lately, and each day it seems to be worse.  He feels like he can say anything he wants to (including any foul language he so choose to say), but I am not allowed to respond in any way.  Which is extremely upsetting.  He wants to always have the last "word", and even if I know that something isn't right, and he should be aware of it.  If I attempt to tell him, he just goes berserk, and yells to shut up! 

I am very aware that I am not perfect either, and I have been very forgetful lately.  But no matter how much this is true, he does not feel it is a good enough excuse that I forgot something.  And yes, sometimes the things that I forgot could cause some problems.  However, if he does something wrong or stupid, I don't get mad, in fact I try to go out of my way to NOT get mad or upset (like the time we were in Paris and he tipped a guy $50 because he forgot the money changes!  He would have gone ballistic if it had been me that did it)! 

And being in these close quarters has not done us any good lately.  I was counting on him going to Sacramento on Sunday for work, so that we would have a bit of time apart.  But now it looks like he doesn't want to leave until Monday when the weather looks better, even though we have a 4x4 Truck.  Oh well, I guess I just need to keep my mouth shut, and bite my tongue until next week.....since nothing I say is the right thing right now....Anyway, I hope ya'll's Holidays are going better than ours!  Till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :(


Lonicera said...

Debi - Seen from this distance, it's amazing what you both have achieved in the last month or so. Downsizing as you have had to do is incredibly stressful, and as you say, you're both in a reasonably confined space - if you're arguing that is. It seems totally natural that you should both be finding it difficult to adjust, I'm sure Walt will calm down in good time and you'll be able to talk about it - and probably joke about it too! I'm sure writing about it in your blog will help you also.

Just been looking at the photos in the link you gave on your ltsa post - what a truly beautiful place! Those mountains are spectacular.

I hope your new year is a peaceful one.

Debi said...

Thanks Caroline!

Yes, blogging my frustration does help, at least I can say what I want to in it with no hurt feelings.

Walt said that although he does read my blog daily, that I can say whatever I want to, as it is kind of like a diary and he will never hold anything that I say against me! Isn't he just a sweetheart?? At least some of the time!

And yes, if you like the desert, it is beautiful here. I don't particularly like the desert, but even I can see the beauty of it sometimes. The real beauty of the mountains here is on the opposite side. Which is Lake Tahoe, it is truly beautiful there!!

Sandy Lee said...

Oh yes, I know the hubby comebacks. But we can't live without them for some reason. Keep blogging. It helps get it all out. How about setting up your laptop in the bathroom :-)

Debi said...

Thanks Sandy, but I don't have a laptop. I have an Apple iMac Desktop. But it is in my little Office/Studio, which does have a door if needed. Which right now, I do!!!