Sunday, December 5, 2010

I'm So Stressed Out!!!

Hey Ya'll,

Well, my Dad was finally released from the Hospital on Friday.  He had been in the Hospital for a week.  They determined that he had had a "Minor Heart Attack".  Then on the day they were originally going to release him, they determined that he also has Atrial Fibrillation (A Fib).  So they went in and replaced two of his Stints for the Heart and did some "Procedure" (no one was able to be there at the time, so we are not sure what it was) to try to get his Heart rhythm back in sync.   And they kept him in the Hospital another day or two for observation.  

In the mean time, my Mom went in to her Doctor on Friday, for extreme Leg Pain again.  This time it was in the opposite Leg.  As soon as the Doctor examined her, he sent her over to get an Ultrasound of the Leg, to determine if she had Blood Clots again!  So I left my Dad (I had been with him in the Hospital waiting for the Doctor, to find out what Procedure they were doing and hear what he had to say).  At his request, I went to find my Mom, to find out what was going on with her.  And after a few hours, it was determined that she does have Blood Clots, but in the other Leg this time (6 months ago, she had Blood Clots in the opposite Leg).  So we took her to get one of those Shots in the Stomach to start thinning out the Blood.  She was really happy when they didn't check her into the Hospital too!!

I spoke with her today, and she said that the Doctor decided NOT to put her on Coumadin this time!!!  She has another visit with the Doctor this coming Friday, and we figure that he will probably do another Ultrasound to determine if the Blood Clot is shrinking and or moving.  I just hope that she doesn't have another Heart Attack or Heaven forbid, a Stroke!!!  And I read that people like my Dad that has A Fib, are 5 x's more likely to have a Debilitating Stroke!  So right now, there isn't anything we can do.  We know that they are both in really bad health and either could die at anytime!!  We truly don't expect them to live more than a 1-3 years maximum.

As for us, well.....we are both under a LOT of STRESS right now!!  LOL  We went up to Reno/Carson City Sunday through Tuesday of last week.  We managed to get our DL'S changed over to Nevada.  So we are now technically Nevada Residents!  We have a new Permanent Address in Carson City, but for another couple of weeks we will still be here in the House.

Tuesday the 7th, our friend Dan, is taking all of our Bedroom Furniture except for the Mattress set.  So Dan is loaning us his Metal Bed Frame so we can sleep off of the floor until we give the Mattress Set to Mom and Daddy.  And they can't wait to get it!!  So Walt will disassemble the Bed on Monday, which means that we will be sleeping on the floor for one night! 

Then on the 10th, Walt and Dan will load up all of the rest of our Furniture, that we are putting into Storage, or taking up to Walt's Mom, or to Carolyn (Walt's ex-wife).  Then on Saturday the 11th, they will drive it up to Nevada.  Which means that from Friday the 10th, until we move into the RV, there will be an extremely small amount of Furniture left in the House!!  All we will have is the Mattress Set, the Black Love Seat and Chair, our Office Desks, Office Chairs, and TV's.  That is about all in a 2200 Sq Ft house!!

Then on Friday the 17th, if Mark (or Daughter Christa's Husband) doesn't have to work that weekend, he and Walt will drive down to Mesa, AZ to pick up the RV and drive it up to our house, so we can load up the rest of the stuff from the house!  Then, once everything is packed up in the RV, and as soon as we have a clear day, we will drive it up to Carson City for who knows how long!!!???  So this means that if all goes as planned, we will be living up in Carson City by Christmas.

The reason that Mark is planning on going down with Walt to pick up the RV, is that Walt hasn't been able to get the rating yet to make him legal to pull it!  It's one of those catch 22 things.  He can't RENT a trailer to take the test because the DMV there in Nevada won't allow it, but he doesn't know anyone that has a trailer large enough, that he can borrow to take the test with.  So Mark can drive it up for us, since he has his Commercial License.  Once the RV is up, we can deal with Walt getting his rating to be able to tow it later.  He may go to one of those Schools to get his Commercial License, and he would be able use their equipment to do it.  So we basically just need to get it up here from Mesa, Arizona.

I have been sorting through all of our clothes and "STUFF", for it seems like FOREVER!!  We are seeing some progress, but it seems like we still have so much to pack!!  Will it ever end?  Or will I at least finish it in time???  Please say yes!!

So, I am totally stressed out!!!  I can't believe how fast time is going, and I feel like I am not accomplishing anything!!!  Right now I am on hold with Directv, because my remote has started causing problems.  So I wanted to see if I could get a replacement for it.   I told Walt this a few minutes ago before I called them.  Now, he just walked by my office door, saw me sitting here and said, "why aren't you packing?"  I had already told him I was calling Directv!  As if I wasn't under enough stress!

And yes, I am stress eating as well!  I can't wait until my next Fill appointment.  I need the tighter feeling to reign myself back in!  I know that I should be able to do it without the Fill, but right now, I just haven't been able to.  Yes, I know that I am weak willed!  I will admit it totally.  And I know that you all will help me to get back into it once I'm ready.  I just need to get past this move.  So a few more weeks and I can start to calm down and see the future!  So, till next time.....

Aloha My Friends  :)


~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Oh Mercy, Lady! I'm exhausted reading about all you need to do, all you ARE doing, and all the stress you're under! Whew! I'm taking a nap!!

Still keeping all of you in our prayers! Keep us posted on the move, the parents and most importantly about YOU!!

Bonnie said...

Sending positive thoughts your way that you hit some stress free days soon.

Debi said...

Thanks Lisa and Bonnie!!

I could use all the stress relief I can get, and I am seriously hoping that the stress level drops significantly after the move!!

Lonicera said...

Wow Debi, your life has gone crazy! Hope all will slot into place by Christmas as planned. Keep us posted? (Lapband is low priority at the moment, I would say)

Debi said...

Thanks Caroline, it is so nice to hear that others understand what I am feeling and going through. I will definitely keep you posted. And I too hope it is all over by Christmas!

amandakiska said...

Gee Whiz girl! No wonder you're stressed! How scary about BOTH of your parents. I hope things turn out okay. And moving and packing and not having a home is stressful too. Hang in there! It is almost over!

Nella said...

Sending you happy thoughts...

Debi said...

Thanks Amanda and Nella! I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Just a few more weeks and it will be mostly over! And if God is willing, my parents will last a while longer as well.