Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Here!!!!

Christmas Ornament-      Kissing Santa
Hey Ya'll,

Well, Walt and Mark (our SIL) finally made it back yesterday, about 11am from their trip to Mesa, AZ to pick up our RV.  Of course they were exhausted after a 41 hour turnaround!  They left about 6 pm on Friday night, and didn't layover at all.  Mark drove down, and Walt drove back.  This way it gave Walt practice towing the RV, while Mark gave him tips on how to tow it, and how to make turns, etc with such a long vehicle.  Mark drives Truck for ACE Hardware, so he is used to driving crazy long hours, in big long vehicles.  Once they got there, the Dealer had to put our furniture into the RV, and then instruct Walt on how to operate everything in the RV. 

According to Mark, Walt did great towing it.  Although he did have to stop at a Rest Area on the way home, so he could sleep a couple of hours.  He isn't used to being up so long, and even though he got a couple hours sleep, two different times during the ride down, it wasn't enough.  So I am glad that he made the smart decision to sleep for a while.  While they were gone, I didn't sleep much either, so we were both tired and exhausted.  And because of this, basically we both crashed at Noon yesterday, and slept until about 5:30 last night!  Then we took one of my sleeping pills to make sure that we slept last night too!

But the RV is here, and it is BIG!  Walt doesn't want to unhook it from the Truck, so with the Truck and RV attached, they take up almost the entire front of our house, including the driveway.  And today I got to go into the RV with the Slides out for the first time.  We loaded up all of our Clothes, and still have so-much-to-do.  Tomorrow I will need to get the Kitchen loaded up, while Walt continues the process of taking apart the Bedframe from the Double Bed in my Office/Studio, so he can try to get my Desk in there! 

Also, we figured out that we will be able to put my Digital Piano into the RV!  Of course it will be tight, but what would one of our homes be, without being tight and overfilled???  Did you notice the photos of our house in my prior posts???  We had 3 complete sets of Living Room Furniture for goodness sakes!!!  LOL

And....after all the trouble we went through to get our Washer/Dryer in time, so that they could be taken to Mesa to the Dealer to be installed, we found out that they had ordered us a 220v Dryer, instead of the 110v we were expecting!  We are not sure what we will do about it right now.  We will either have to return it in exchange for a different Dryer (assuming we can find one that will attach to the current Washer properly (if it isn't the same brand)), or return both units and start over, or spend another $400-$500 to get the RV wired so that we can use the 220v Dryer.  In which case, I won't be able to use both the Washer and the Dryer at the same time!  In either case, I will probably be using a Laundromat for at least a few weeks if not a month or more.  Oh well, sh** happens!  LOL

Tomorrow I will try to get a couple of photos of the RV to post.  At least of the exterior, if not the interior.  But I doubt I will take any of the interior as yet, as it is so unorganized right now while we are loading it up.  But I promise I will take some after it is arraigned the way we want it to be and settled.

The other problem is....Walt had said that once he brought up the RV, and parked it in front of the house, he would unhook the Truck for us to commute around town in.  Especially since we have been in a rainstorm, for oh.....I don't know how long.  So I didn't think too much, when I packed up my Motorcycle Helmet into its original box for protection.  Since just about everything that I could have sat it on, was packed up and given away, and the rest of our tables, etc was getting ready to be taken to Storage.  Well....Walt in his haste, to get as much packed up into Dan's Truck to take up to Storage, also packed up my Helmet.  I had not intended for him to take it to Storage!!!

Normally this wouldn't be a problem, since we have the Truck. is raining after all.  But Walt decided (without telling me), that he didn't want to disconnect the Truck from the RV after all!  Well, now I can't ride with him on the errands.  And he likes me to go on the errands with him!  So guess who he is upset at???  Me of course!  According to him, "I should have known better than to pack my Helmet up in the box"....MEN!  Gotta love them, or Kill Them sometimes!!  LOL
Christmas Ornament -     Surfboard Santa
And, as I said in a prior post, we have been watching the weather for sometime now, hoping to get a break in the storms, so we can drive the RV over the Sierra's between Snow Storms.  At first it showed Friday as a good day, then it changed to Monday of next week.  Now it is saying that possibly this Thursday or Friday for sure it will be ok to drive over.  So it looks like we will be in Carson City for Christmas after all.  My parents will not be happy about this at all.  But we need to get over the Sierra's and if we don't go now, it could be the Spring before we could make it over again with the RV! 

And since we won't be able to stay in the house that long.....we kind of need to get over.  So it appears that we will probably go over on Thursday, so we really need to get ourselves in gear and get it packed!!

Oh, and get this, as if our poor local Mall hasn't had enough problems this season!  Remember, just a few short weeks ago, it caught fire and had to be evacuated??  Well, they finally got about 60%-75% of the Mall reopened, then this happened tonight!!  Here is a link for any that wants to check it out!  But basically, a "Flash Mob" was there to perform.  Here is a bit of what was reported in case you don't want to check out the link. 

"Evacuations were ordered at the Westfield Galleria Mall at Roseville Monday night because a "Flash Mob" by the Sacramento Choral Society brought an overcrowding concern.  Fire officials said there were several thousand people in the mall.  Roseville Fire Battalion Chief Peter Mashnat said some people inside claimed the floor was shifting and moving and that they heard cracks and pops in the foundation."  Another source said that there was about 5000 people inside the Mall watching the show.  This poor Mall just doesn't have a chance this year it seems!!

Well, I better go for now, I've got lots to do and so little time...till next time...

Aloha My Friends  :)


~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

You're almost there Lady!! Ohhh, I am so happy they made it back safe and sound!!

And Men... you can't live with them and it's against the law to do them in - just means you gotta love 'em harder!!

Good luck to YOU!!

Debi said...

Thanks Lisa! And Amen to that!