Monday, December 27, 2010

Thinking Of Everyone On The East Coast
Hey Ya'll,

Well, here I have been complaining about our weather here!  Like how cold it is, and talking about the snow we are expecting tomorrow.  But you have to remember that I am a California girl, born and bred!  In fact, I was a Southern California girl until my 35th year.  Then my family moved up to Northern California.  So Walt and I moved here to Carson City, Nevada, with the freezing cold winds and I complain.  But compared to the East Coast, I should be slapped!

The biggest thing that we have had to adjust to since moving here and living in the RV, is the temperature inside!  We will not be able to get our 100 gallon Propane Tank delivered until next week (maybe), so we are taking it easy on our Propane use.  Which by the way, is how we heat up the RV!  Which is why we went to Walmart last night, and bought a small Ceramic Heater to heat up whichever room that we are using.  At our house in California, we didn't even need a blanket, and was still using the Ceiling Fan on low, even during the night!!  So along with my having lost weight and a (blanket) of fat, which makes me colder, I am just not used to having to deal with these extreme temperatures!   

Today, we went to the local DMV Office to get our Truck and RV Registered with Nevada.  Unfortunately, we forgot to bring in the paperwork from the Dealer for the RV, so we couldn't register it yet.  We will have to go back in later in the week for it.  But we did get the Truck registered, and we were totally blown away when they gave us our new License Plates right then and there!!!  In California, they give you a piece of paper to tape up in your Vehicle, until your plates arrives a few weeks later in the mail! 

While we were there, I also started getting my Handicapped Placards/Plates.  In California, you have 2 choices, either a Handicap License Plate, or a plastic Handicap Placard that you can use in any vehicle you are in.  Here in Nevada, you can either choose 2 plastic Placards, or 2 Handicap License Plates, or 1 of each!!  So I am choosing one of each. :)  I could only get the plastic Placard today though, since the License Plate that we want is for the Motorcycle.  And we can't Register it until we can manage to drive it over the Sierra's as they have to visually inspect the VIN# of every vehicle Registered in Nevada.  Walt is hoping to get it here sometime in January though.  So once we get it here, I will request the Handicap License Plate for it, instead of the regular License Plate.  Whew!  Does it ever end???

We just watched the local weather report on the News and they are forecasting winds, with rain and snow tonight and tomorrow.  Then Wednesday to be the coldest day with snow.  So yes, I am complaining again!  And again, I really feel for all of you that live on the East Coast!  As bad as it is here, it is so much better here, than it is there!!  So stay warm and safe in your homes!!  Till next time....

Aloha My Friends  :)

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