Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stressed Doesn't Even Begin To Describe How I Feel!!

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Hey Ya'll,

Well, as usual Walt has left me only a minimal amount of time to pack up.  We knew this day was coming, and I had requested boxes a couple of Months ago knowing that it would take me forever.  Of course, Walt would get pissy with me, and say that he had it under control.  That he would get boxes when the time came.  Well, then he decided to change the dates of when things needed to be done!  Now I am expected to have the "WHOLE HOUSE" packed up by mid day Friday (as in THIS Friday!!!).  So I took the initiative and went to Walmart (at Midnight no less) to get boxes myself a couple of nights ago.

Even so, I am in so much Stress that I just want to curl up and stop functioning, or at the very least, run and hide.  When my stress level elevates, it causes my Fibromyalgia Symptoms to escalate.  And boy are they ever.  When I get this stressed, I just feel like nothing I am doing is making any difference.  There is so much to do, that I am not even making a dent in it, so I just get depressed and I feel hopeless.  Oh and by the way, stress always makes me eat more, and I haven't stepped on the scale in several weeks now, and I am sure that I will have a Heart Attack when I do!!  LOL

In fact, I have had even more trouble sleeping the past couple of nights than usual, normally I am in bed between 3-4 am but the night before last, it was after 7:30 am before I finally got to sleep.  Then Walt had to go and make several calls, which made it almost impossible to sleep!  He likes to talk with the speaker phone on, so he has to speak even louder than normal (or at least he thinks he needs to), and I can hear him throughout the entire house! 

I am supposed to have my whole Office, Studio, and Kitchen packed in Less Than 2 days!  Not to mention the terrifying Garage!  Plus I have to wash everything that needs to be washed in the same time period before they pack up my Washer and Dryer to take up to Carolyn (Walt's ex-wife).

I should have been able to start packing months ago when I requested the boxes.  But NO.....Walt wouldn't hear of it.  Am I the one being Pissy now??  You bet your sweet Bippy I am!!  Oh well, what can I do?  I'm afraid that even if I pull all nighter's tonight and tomorrow, plus work all day tomorrow and the half day Friday, that I still won't get it done!  So then I begin to feel like, why should I even try???  The only thing good about this is that it can't last forever, and it will end in a few short weeks.  Plus we have to go out tomorrow to purchase the materials that we need to properly wrap my Creme Love Seat and Chair for storage, and Bubble Wrap for the Kitchen items.  Which means that I will have even less time to pack!  Oh My!!

Oh and did I tell you that I received some bad news tonight from Walt???  He informed me that we won't be able to setup my Office in the RV until probably April or May.  As if moving wasn't stress enough, now I can't even get fully settled in until the Spring.  I feel like I will just be in limbo forever.  Well, I better go for now, this is all the time I can afford (and I can't really afford it) to lose from packing.  But I needed to vent for a few minutes.  Sometimes it helps, but I'm afraid it didn't help much this time.  So, till next time....
Aloha My Friends  :( :(


Amanda said...

oh dear! Take a few deep breaths! I bet you get it all done in no time!!

~Lisa~ (Mrs C) said...

Oh my heavens.. Yes, breathe in slowly and breathe out.... Just keep thinking about the beautiful home you're moving into - maybe that will help you through this stressful time.

Debi said...

Yes, I agree that I need to take a deep breath and don't worry about whether or not I will finish in time. What is the worst than can happen? We will have to take a second trip up with the balance of the items I guess. So I will do the best that I can and try not to stress out too much about what I can't accomplish. Thanks guys!

amandakiska said...

I wish I could come help! So sorry for all the stress. Moving is such a hassle and I know you've been in your house for a good long time. Long enough to accumulate a fair amount of stuff, I imagine.

Just do your best. No one can do more. If it isn't done by Friday, you'll have to change the plan. Simple as that.

And try not to kill your husband. I know he's stressed too and he's probably being an ass because he knows he should've gotten the boxes when you asked for them months ago. Everyone hates being wrong.

Debi said...

Thanks Amanda!! You're right! He hates to be proved wrong! But he also hates to admit it, so it is just always, as he says "my fault"!!

Kathy said...

I am sorry for your stressed out situation Debi. I agree you need to just take some deep breaths and focus on what you can do and not on what you can't. All you can do is do your best and don't worry if you don't finish. Is there anyone who can help you? Wish I could help.

Debi said...

Thanks Kathy! I wish that this was something others could help with too. But unfortunately, anyone else would just be constantly asking questions on what to pack, etc, so it is just easier to do it myself.

My Mother offered to help, but she can barely sit in a chair let alone bend over and lift things! Our oldest Daughter has her own family and responsibilities, Kat our middle child works and is on her feet most of the day, so I won't ask her, and our Son lives about 3-4 hrs away! So it is pretty much just Walt and I. :(

But I will do like you said. Take a deep breath, do what I can and not let what I can't get to be so worrisome.